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More Than Nicknames

  Is it ever More Than Nicknames? Since the day that the twins learned to talk, they called their oldest sister ‘Ella’. Easiest to say for the twins, ‘Ella’ quickly became the name that everyone called her as well. Online is the only place I consciously say ‘Isabelle’ or “Belle’, just so I don’t confuse….

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Princess Twins

Of course my twincesses have plenty of costumes and clothing, but chances are they wear a mix of everything at once. Or, all at once! Mittens in the house, mismatched slippers and necklaces as headbands. Colorful, bold and fun – their choice on clothes match their personalities exactly! . {Please leave me a comment and…

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The Sweet Life

It’s not even midway into January and I’ve learned a lot already about the sweet life. File this one under ‘Good to Know’ – I’m allergic to 2 pain medications given to me at the hospital. The reactions I endured since my {mocking} gallbladder removal taught me so. Surgery, coupled with the inability to venture…