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My Kids, Ugly Crying and a Movie called Wonder

A while back my twin daughters, age 9, came running towards the vehicle at full speed after school. I could tell by the looks on their faces as they sprinted with backpacks furiously bouncing that they had something very exciting to share with me. Truthfully, I had expected news of a coveted birthday invite or something of the like – yet to my surprise, their big news was that their favourite book was going to be a movie.

The book and thus movie in question, was Wonder.

Memories flooded back to them spending much time curled up in bed with this book in their little hands. The urging to read it was for school, yet I got more story updates over the dinner table than any other book read. It’s an award winning story that left many anticipating the big screen release, them most likely being the biggest little fans.

Well. Colour this Mommy happy because not only was I thrilled that my girls showed such great interest in a book  – but for the first time ever – their interest in a story was THAT DEEP, that it continued long after the last page was read.

Unlike the many other requests to see movies in the theatre, I was told that there was no question with this one, that they simply had to see this movie. Well, who was I to squash their first book-to-movie love affair? Of course we went, and honestly the wonder didn’t stop there.

wonder the movie dvd release canada

Let me tell you, I’ve never seen my 9 year old littles so enthralled with a movie before. Usually they can be seen watching movies slumped back and relaxed, munching on snacks with the occasional reaction to interrupt the viewing.

But Wonder? My girls were on the edge of their seats the entire time, leaned forward and soaking in every last second. What snacks? They were so into this movie, they forgot food was even there. They laughed, cheered, and ugly-cried like everyone else in that theatre. Let me clarify: not just cry, but ugly-fierce-bawling. Yet don’t let that deter you at all, because it’s also over joy and triumph with the story. The a hard slap of reality and goodness that most people need, gets you right in the feels.

Being witness to my daughters full emotions in sync with the story – moved me beyond words. There are so many moments in Wonder that made me reflect on parenting: time spent for just them, how life and situations affect them; and how they grow, learn, adapt and in turn – show us how to grow, learn and adapt. Yet to see them so emotionally connected to characters on the screen, and seeing that the important messages really hit home with them … Kids and parenting. It’s such a Wonder.

wonder the movie dvd release canada

I don’t want to give away the story of the film, yet the movie centres around Auggie, a kid with facial differences who starts middle school after being homeschooled all of his life. His character is what had my girls heart in this story, from book to movie he was the focus of many of their conversations.

Wonder is about tolerance, compassion, acceptance, kindness – so many good life lessons. One of my favourite things about Wonder is the different perspective changes throughout the film, illustrating different viewpoints on the same events. It reinforces that everyone has struggles and hardships on different levels, and how easy it is to get lost in your own.

I sat in that theatre on this particular day, watching what I’d consider simply one of the best movies and with my favourite people on this earth. As my twin girls said to me that initial day when they had massive news to share about the films release, and have since said to everyone they talk to since, I’ll say to all my readers as well – You simply must watch Wonder.

wonder the movie dvd release canada

Critics {including my own chaos} are raving about Wonder. Starring Julia Roberts, Jacob Tremblay and Owen Wilson; it’s a perfect film for the whole family. It’s on Digital HD and Blu-ray™ Feb 13th – and so worth buying to own.


Disclosure: Product and compensation was supplied to facilitate this post as part of my
affiliation with the brand, yet as always, all opinions are my own.


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  1. I haven’t seen this film yet and would love to watch it with my niece when she comes to visit.

  2. My son just finished reading this book at school, and is in love with it. He wanted me to take him to see it in theatre but I can’t handle tearjerkers in public. He loves it so much, he made me buy him the book to have at home. He would live to have a copy, I can see him watching this over and over again.

    1. Awe, love this! Same with my daughters – I just love that they were so moved by this story. It IS a must-see movie!

  3. I’d like to win this for my granddaughter and I to watch it sounds like a wonderful story !

  4. This is a movie about love and accepting differences and would be enjoyed by all families.

  5. I would love to win this! I read the book ‘Wonder’, but haven’t seen the movie yet.. thank you!

  6. I would love to win because I heard this movie is great and I love a good family movie night.

  7. I loved this movie in the theatres and would love to watch it again at home with my family!

  8. My son saw this on a school field trip. I haven’t seen it yet and would love to watch it together with my kids!

  9. I would love to win as I have not seen this movie but been hearing how good it is

  10. I’d love to see this movie. There are so many violent movies, filled with swearing, and while I am no prude, I just love a good family, feel good movie. Does the soul good. Thanks for the giveaway.

  11. I loved watching this movie! I also went through the emotions and I would love a copy to watch with my kiddos. Thanks for the chance.

  12. I’d love to win because my whole family loves this movie. Thanks for the great review and the giveaway!

  13. I would love to win because I have heard so many great reviews of Wonder from family, friends, media etc. and I would love to watch it with my husband and older daughter for a family movie night.

  14. We took our girls to see this movie and it really hit home for my hubby and I. Our oldest daughter has Selective Mutism and experiences teasing, bullying & being left out almost on a daily basis. Ironic that we saw many kids from her school at the theater that day and they still don’t #ChooseKind.

  15. I would love to win this movie, I love all the actors in it and the storyline is awesome, plus it’s going to be such a tearjerker!!

  16. Miss R has seen the movie and read the book twice so I would like to be able relate to her when she makes different references to the story!

  17. I would love to win as my daughter and I saw this movie and loved it so much. We would love to be able to watch it when ever we wanted.

  18. My little niece, Tiffany has been talking about the movie & had to see it in the store when we went to the mall on Sunday. Would win it for her to give as an Easter basket item instead of some sweets. TY for the chance.

  19. Mom of 4, gramma of 12, saw the movie Wonder last night on TV. First thing I did this morning was text my daughter about it. Told her to watch it alone at first (so she can grasp everything before viewing with her 3 kids & also so she can cry her heart out then she can be available to console her kids!) then make it a family movie-popcorn afternoon EVENT. Can’t be an evening because I know her and her 2 girls (9 and 12) will cry and talk about it for hours after the viewing. Her and I been trying to find the dvd on internet at a lower price than in stores, $15-20 way too expensive for a no-income single-parent family. A definite MUST SEE movie.

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