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Dinner Help to #EndMomGuilt from Marie Callender’s

Thanks to the start of school and the overflowing activities schedule, some days of the week literally leave no time to make a full dinner. We rush in the house and have only minutes to grab the gear, and head back out. If I made dinner after our return, we’d be eating at bedtime. While it’s not a common occurrence, when it does happen, the Mom guilt hits me hard. Always rushing, sometimes frantic, it’s not always a smooth process – the stress! 

Fact is, the struggle to manage all of life’s chaos with charismatic ease, is a tough battle. The struggle is very real, and I know I’m not the only one that feel that guilt on a daily basis. If you need a reminder that you are not alone, check out this great video.


A new ConAgra Foods survey found that 94% of Moms are eager to give their kids the highest quality meals possible yet 7 out of 10 wish they could spend less time preparing meals. Since 77% relate the food they give kids as an expression of their love and affection for them, when we fail in providing that meal – that’s where the guilt shows its ugly face.

Marie Callender’s knows the burden of guilt and has made it a mission to let families everywhere know that it’s common, natural and that we are oftentimes way too hard on ourselves. If you check out the #EndMomGuilt on social, you’ll find some amazing videos with stories from others, and inspiration that will most definitely make you feel better about your own circumstances. We are a village, and we are not alone!

Part of Marie Callender’s #EndMomGuilt campaign is to encourage moms to take some of the pressure off themselves and make simpler choices, especially in the kitchen. We all know that less pressure to do daily tasks means that has a whole, we are under less stress and thus, less guilt when trying to balance it all.


While it’s impossible to solve all mom guilt, Marie Callender’s can help take some away with dinner help. By serving their high quality meals, it frees up time for the family, without having to compromise on their desire to do what’s best for them.


I recently tried some of Marie Callender’s meal solutions, on a busy night when I felt stretched to my limits. Prepared in the microwave or oven, Marie Callender’s frozen entrées provide a delicious homemade taste in just 15 minutes.


While our already prepared entrées were cooking, I was able to tackle the school agendas, make school lunches and clean up the kitchen. Then, the girls and I sat down to a meal and relaxed. We chatted, laughed and shared news about our day. It was so nice!

I’m very impressed with the quality and taste of the Marie Callender’s entrées that we’ve tried, especially because the sauce is so flavourful and there’s no scrimping on ingredients. I tend to shy away from frozen entrées, yet these are absolutely delicious! No guilt there!


Here’s the Marie Callender’s six savoury frozen entrées which are perfect for busy families. We all need tasty food on our plates, and less guilt!

  • Three Meat Lasagna
  • Chicken Lasagna
  • Creamy Chicken Alfredo
  • Scalloped Potatoes in a Creamy Cheese Sauce with Ham
  • Creamy White Mac
  • Hearty Three‐Meat Marinara

Share your stories and help #EndMomGuilt!


Disclosure: This is a compensated post, yet as always, all opinions are my own.



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  1. This is the time of year where my schedule gets hectic. I find we end up eating out more than preparing meals at home. I will have to try these.

  2. I used to go to this restaurant, it was one of our favorite places to eat! I have not tried their frozen meals but I really want to! They look so good!

  3. Marie Callender’s always has yummy food. I’ve tried several of their dishes and they’ve all been great. I’ll give these ones a try.

  4. I feel that mom guilt on the days we’re away from home from morning till night. I love that it’s so easy to relieve some of the pressure to have a warm & hearty meal with Marie Callender.

  5. Guilt of any kind can be difficult to deal with. I have yet to try Marie Callender’s products and want to. Thank you for the information.

  6. I am all for incorporating any products and ideas that will help make my life as a mom easier and make me feel less guilty and there is nothing that relieves my guilt more than serving my kids DELISH food that is less work for me to prepare. It’s a win win!

  7. Ahhh….. Mom Guilt. I’ve been known to take one of those delicious Marie Callender’s entrées and bake it in my own pan. I may end up with mom guilt but the family never nows! 😉

  8. Marie Callender’s is a great go to meal for busy nights. I always have a few in the freezer. My kids love them.

  9. I will have to pick up some Marie Callender’s meals. We have a busy week and these will be perfect.

  10. I love Marie Callender’s Lasagna. We are having it for dinner this week. It is great with a salad and bread.

  11. Wow, Marie Callenders makes some tasty looking meals! Who would have thought there were such appealing options!

  12. Marie Callenders is awesome and we use their lasagna quite often. Mom guilt is a real thing but it definitely shouldnt be.

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