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Maximum Moisture for Men

After talking with friends and comparing experiences, I came to this conclusion: when it comes to men and personal care products, sometimes they need a gentle nudge in the right direction. 

Case and point – my own husband and his previous complaints about dry lips. I don’t believe he’s ever gone to the store with the intent on purchasing a lip moisturizer. Instead, he’d most likely buy some as a last minute decision if they were on display right beside the till. Better yet, he’d instead scour through my own drawers and car console, looking for one. Through the years I learned that if my lip moisturizer isn’t tinted with a lip colour, it’s fair game for the stealing. 

So when he recently started talking about how dry his skin was after the winter season, I rightfully assumed that action wouldn’t follow the complaints. Since the bulk of my washes and moisturizers are perfumed girly products, I knew he couldn’t hunt down a suitable solution from ‘The Market ‘O Tammi’

I do think his dry skin complaints were repetitive enough to make someone else’s ears perk up, because in perfect timing I was offered to receive the new Dial for Men Maximum Moisture – for my husband to test out. There’s that gentle nudge right there! 

dial for men maximum moisture

Maximum Moisture is a Ultra Hydrating Body Wash for Men which features a moisturizing vitamin complex with vitamin E and B5. Used as a cleanser during bathing, it lathers up very well so a little goes such a long way {I may have left a loofah in the shower on purpose, because I know he wouldn’t get one of his own, of course}.

While I could go on about the frugal benefits for days, my husband would instead focus on the fact that it cleans the skin well, especially after long days of work. As a side bonus {to him and me} dry skin complaints ceased! He also really likes the scent, which I’ve noticed lingers on the skin throughout the day – which is also a bonus to him and myself as well. It’s no secret that I covet wonderfully scented products! 

dial for men maximum moisture review

My husband is someone who’s always been more of a bar soap person {and the ‘not so gentle’ bar soap kind, which is part blame in the dry skin problem, I know}, so for him to reach for Dial for Men Maximum Moisture from now on – speaks volumes. He also claims that he’d consciously go to the store and buy more when he’s out of his current supply. Which really translates to, “Dial has products for the entire family, so when you’re out purchasing your own next time, get me some of this which is right next to yours. Thanks!“.

dial for men maximum moisture review giveaway

The new Dial for Men Maximum Moisture is a great body wash with moisturizer that works to hydrate the skin as it so needs. It may be something that the man you know needs, but may not physically seek out and purchase {that is, until he’s tried it already}.

Father’s Day Gift Idea: a just-for-him gift basket including Dial for Men Maximum Moisture, a loofah, lip moisturizer {and whatever else he might be stealing from your car console}. 


Disclosure: This is a compensated post for Dial Canada, yet as always, all opinions are my own.




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  1. With 3 smelly boys in my home #DialCanada is #1! Thank you for a great #contest!

  2. I’m going to look for this, Dial is great and my hubby needs something new to use!!

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