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Instant Warmth and Comfort

Sauntering into the kitchen at at such an early hour that it should be outlawed – this is how my day starts.

While making coffee, I usually glance out the window and breathe a sigh of relief when it hasn’t snowed while I slept. Still dark, a chill in the air – this is the time when I most need some warmth and comfort {this is the part where coffee come in}. 

In our everyday surroundings, we need to be enveloped in little reminders of the good things in life, especially when early mornings and the winter season tried to sway you to the grumpy side. For me, these reminders of bliss come in the form of photos – captures enduring smiles and exactly the warmth and comfort I mentioned. 

mexico travel blogger canada

My mornings have a new ray of sunshine, quite literally, with the addition on one massive gallery frame print from Posterjack {a whopping 32 x 44 inch frame} which calls my kitchen home. The photo is one that I took while recently in Mexico on vacation.

Toes in the sand, palms swaying – the sun rose with the promise of a new day of vacation in paradise. The colours were outstanding, well worth getting up way too early for. It was a moment of perfection – forever etched in my mind and now, in photo. Pardon the glare from my other windows in my photo, I assure you it’s an exact replica of the original above. Again, perfection. 

comfort warmth mexico photography

The snow might fall tomorrow, bed might be calling me to come back, and the coffee might be taking too long to drip – but I have a large-sized piece of paradise to gaze upon while I run through reasons in my mind to not just hide under the covers. We need that morning smile and motivation.


Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.



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