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Don’t Miss the #WarmWishes Twitter Party with Tim Hortons

If you pause the holiday craze for a moment, you’ll notice that there’s so much giving all around you. I know what you are thinking – ‘Tammi, of course there’s giving. I spend a fortune on gifts‘!

Yet, that’s not what I mean here. Let me clarify …

This season: Give smiles. Give warmth. Give your time. Give great company. Give laughter. Give good deeds. Give love.

Give tokens that mean so much.

Fact is, there are so many opportunities to give small tokens of cheer, so let’s make this year one for the record books. Let’s raise Canada’s temperature with warm wishes!


Each year I strive to not spend, spend, spend. Instead, I think about the recipient, and present them with something that will make their everyday lives more enjoyable. Something they want, need, and definitely something which will put an immediate smile on their face.

It’s the intended thought that counts!

Let’s use myself as an example. I’m a Mom who works from home. Everyday after dropping the kids off at school, I go through a Tim Hortons drive thru before going home to start my work day. One perfect gift for me is a Tim Hortons Digital TimCard, a usable and needed item which I’d appreciate each and every single day {ok, maybe twice a day}.

I am a fangirl of giving and receiving gift cards, not only does the recent get to choose their own gift – it’ll probably be used for something they wanted to buy for themselves anyway, so you’re really adding more money into their pocketbook. It’s a win-win!

tim hortons personalized gift cards

Are you familiar with all the Digital TimCard options? There is more than the usual tangible branded card you know!

Digital TimCards and warm wishes during the holiday season is the topic of an upcoming Twitter Party that you won’t want to miss. Join in the conversation on December 22nd at 12pm EST and get some great gift ideas from everyones favourite iconic Canadian restaurant!

Come to the Tim Hortons #WarmWishes Twitter Party on Tuesday December 22nd at 12pm EST!!

  • Date: Tuesday December 22nd at 12pm EST
  • Hashtag: #WarmWishes
  • Hosts: @TimHortons & @MyChaos
  • Moderators: @Gingermommy & @chancesmommy
  • Prizes: 8 x $25 Digital TimCard AND One $150 grand prize {one $75 Digital TimCard for the winner & one $75 Digital TimCard that the winner can give to brighten that person’s day}
  • Prize Eligibility: Canadians only, excluding Quebec
  • Official Rules

**Please RSVP {just once} below with your ‘Name’ being your Twitter Handle {@you} and the ‘URL’ being your Twitter URL {}.

Please RT the party announcement above and don’t forget to follow the hosts and moderators on Twitter and mark the party down in your calendar. Chat with you then!



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