Shopkins Season 4 Collectibles now at SHOWCASE

At the top of my twins wish-list this year is Shopkins, and they aren’t the only ones crazy over these miniature grocery cuties. They are the biggest tiny toy in Canada right now, outselling even the Frozen products!

Yet, when shopping for Shopkins for them this year, I started drawing a blank looking over the selection. Do they already have this one? What about this one? Since they are collectables, I really wanted to get them ones which they didn’t have already. This is exactly how last-minute shopping starts, I know I’m not the only one still looking for a perfect gift out there.

You holiday shopping solution? Shopkins Season 4 Collectibles now at SHOWCASE! 

shopkins seaosn 4 at showcase canada

The newly launched Shopkins Season Four collectible toy series is hitting Showcase stores across Canada TODAY –  making them the perfect last-minute {and hot} children’s gift, and you’ll also have peace of mind knowing that it’s an original gift the recipient won’t yet have. 

shop shopkins toys showcase

Voted 2015 Toy of The Year, Shopkins’s Season Four Collection includes a furry addition to the family – Petkins. Each Shopkin’s character now has a unique, collectable and tradable pet that comes with a cute carrying case! With the introduction of the Petkins line, Shopville is expanding to include a new Pet Shop department for all of the Petkins’ needs.

Shopkins season 4 showcase

Shopkins Season 4 Collectibles include a whopping 140 characters, Petkins, Pet Shop Department and a Gardening Department. 

Why Showcase? This Canadian store and home of the hottest trends has the largest selection of Shopkins collectibles and accessories. Plus, with dozens of new characters, 10 departments and a big change in store for Shopville, Shopkins Season Four is one of the most anticipated new toy launches this year.

new shopkins season 4

“Shopkins is a worldwide phenomenon,” explains Showcase Founder Amin Jivraj. “At Showcase, we pride ourselves on identifying the biggest trends and bringing them to Canadian consumers first and in a fun way. Shopkins fits that mission perfectly!”.

new shopkins season four showcase canada

You can find a Showcase store near you using the Showcase store locator and follow them online @ShopAtShowcase. You can also buy single characters online at

Have you shopped at Showcase this holiday season?


Disclosure: I received product and was compensated for this post, all opinions are my own.



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  1. My niece loves Shopkins and will be getting several in her stocking! I think these are just the cutest toys!

  2. I enjoy browsing in that store. Ive seen them there and moms buying them for their kiddies

  3. Never heard of these before. I have all boys in my life so maybe that’s why! There’s a little girl that I watch the love these we have to get these were for Christmas.

  4. I wish I would have known this before. I had been searching for so long for Shopkins. I got my one daughter a few but I couldn’t find nearly what she wanted. I wish I would have thought to try Showcase!

  5. Not just the Shopkins, but I love this store, I can spend so much money in there, I’m a sucker when it comes to informercials!!

  6. I am not familiar with these toys, but they look cute. I am sure my nieces would love these.

  7. I have never heard of these before. Too bad that my daughter is so old now. I would have loved sitting and playing with these with her.

  8. The Shopkins toys are SO cute. I can’t wait until my daughter is a little older to play with them.

  9. My girls have seen the Shopkins toys in stores and seem so interested! We don’t have any yet but I can tell that they will be a popular toy this season.

  10. I shopped at Showcase for Shopkins but only after they lowered their price so they were in line with all other Retailers. My granddaughter is obsessed with them. It’s great that Moose toys decided to change up the baskets to have three different types of storage containers.

  11. No way! I have never heard of Showcase before. I need to search and see if there is one in our mall. My cousins daughter is obsessed with Shopkins

  12. Oh my gosh, these are the best. There are so many different shopkins. Collecting them must be a blast.

  13. I know a few little girls who have Shopkins on their wish list. I’ll have to send this post over to their mom.

  14. I shopped at showcase on Black Friday, but not for shopkins. They do have cool, different stuff.

  15. No I haven’t shopped there. I live in a small rural town lol. Do most of my shopping online and with two little ones it’s alms easier that way lol

  16. I have not been to Showcase yet this season but our girls sure love Shopkins I will have to check them out!! 🙂

  17. My niece is going to LOVE this! I am going to need pick up a few more gifts for her…

  18. Shopkins are definitely a hot item this year, my friend has been liking for some for her daughter and she’s having a hard time!

  19. Those Shopkins have to be the cutest thing out there,but i have not heard the kids here talking about them yet.

  20. Haven’t shopped at Showcase because every time I go, they have nothing on their shelves, and the manager is.. uhm.. Well, let’s say he needs to work on his customer service.

  21. My sisters are obsessed with shopkins! They are super cute and I just had to buy them more for Christmas this year.

  22. I enjoy browsing in that store. Ive seen them there and moms buying them for their kiddies

  23. I like checking out ShowCase. You never know what you may find in there. Sometimes the hot items are there and regular department stores are sold out.

  24. They are definitely a very popular toy right now, there are a couple kids in our family that are into Shopkins right now. But there is no way I am going to the mall today!

  25. I love to shop at Showcase! My mom bought my youngest son a Peppa Pig stuffed animal from there for Christmas.

  26. My kids are too old for Shopkins but I have a lot of friends who are searching for these for their kids! I think it’s so fun how each generation a big trend like this one comes along which send people into a panic to find them for Christmas, like Tamogochi, Beanie Babies, Cabbage Patch dolls, etc!

  27. I can’t say that I “get” the shopkins craze. My daughter is too young for these I guess.

  28. My daughter is really starting to get into these little things. They’re cute but I need to store them in a container or else they go all over the place.

  29. These are so cute, my 1 & 3 yr old grand daughters are still a little too small for them. Maybe next year I can start the older one collecting them.

  30. I think it’s incredible how quickly these have become so popular. I’d never even heard of them a few weeks ago.

  31. Yes, I was in Showcase recently marvelling over their selection. Like you, I get confused with which ones we already own. My kid, though, can remember every single one. The new Shopkins dolls are adorable- I look forward to picking them up for our collection.

  32. I gave my niece Maddie some Shopkins for Christmas, as she loves them. She is really trying to get the Mobile Mary Shopkin, and I feel so out of the loop.

  33. My niece adores Shopkins. I will definitely be buying the latest ones for her upcoming birthday.

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