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Explore. Play. Imagine. Create. #LeapFrogEpic

With my twin daughters age of 7, I’m finding it difficult to find the best device that suits both theirs and my needs. It seems some are too mature for them while others lack the challenge of education while still making it fun.

I was recently introduced to the new LeapFrog Epic, a one-of-a-kind Android based tablet for kids aged 3-9 and one that should be on your radar this upcoming holiday season. It lives up to its promise of Explore. Play. Imagine. Create.

Upon its arrival, my kids lunged for it, being tech-lovers like most kids are. This is where I appreciate the very easy and simple set-up, so there was little time between unboxing and passing it into their hands. It took only a few minutes to set timezone, country and parental account login, even with a needed update. 

It was during this set-up phase that I started to realize that the LeapFrog Epic was a tablet that would most certainly meet my needs as a parent. I illustrate why in my points below, along with some Parenting tips for kids in the digital age from Marc Saltzman.


Features of the LeapFrogEpic:


Time Controls – Have a kid that could play on devices until his or her fingers fell off? Me too! The LeapFrog Epic allows you to set parental controls on play time, child access and more. This is a great feature since sometimes we get busy and lose track of time spent on devices. This is one step to ensure limits are in place. 

leapfrog epic parental controls time limits

Kid-Safe Web – The world wide web is a great resource and offers so much knowledge for kids, but it’s also a space that contains information not suited to their ages. With the LeapFrog Epic, the web is a safe place where parents don’t have to worry about inappropriate information, sidebar ads or popups, which aren’t suited to them. 

TIP: Location, location, location: Rather than placing an computer in a child’s room, keep it in a central location in the home, such as a kitchen, family room or any other highly-trafficked area. Kids can feel independent while surfing online but not be “alone.”

kid safe web browsing leapfrog epic

Multi-Player Use – As a Mom of three, I need devices that work with all of my children. The LeapFrog Epic allows for three profiles which are unique for their grade and age with the LeapFrog Just For Me learning. This is tops for education and giving kids a sense of specialness to an otherwise shared device. It also grows with the child, prolonging the use and giving the best bang for the buck. 

seperate kid profiles leapfrog epic review canada

The Latest in Technology – The LeapFrog Epic has a generous sized 7”screen, quad‐core processor, 16GB memory, easily connects to Wifi and has a 2MP camera. 

Durability – Sturdy and made for little rough hands to use, the LeapFrog Epic is prepared for child use when others are not. It even has a protective rim which protects against drops that you know will happen, probably each time it’s picked up. 

leapfrog epic canada review

Education – With the LeapFrog Epic, you are able to access exclusive content: games, so many included apps, eBooks and more that draw 2600 skills, including creativity and problem solving. Just For Me learning technology personalizes games up to 10 different ways. It comes with 20+ apps, including games, eBooks, utilities and more- with the ability to purchase more.

TIP: The LeapFrog Epic tabletlets kids explore 1000+ educator-approved games, apps and the web. Parents have peace of mind that the child’s digital experience is designed specifically for them.

leapfrog epic games kids review


leapfrog epic tablet review

Fun – LeapFrog is a leader is mastering the fine line of education and fun – ensuring that each base is covered. The twins wasted no time in diving into the apps and trying out everything this tablet had to offer. Even the Disney Planes app {which you think would be all flying and fun}, finds a way to teach different cloud types.

leapfrog epic reciew fun education tablet

The LeapFrog Epic has become a favourite tablet with my twin girls, shown by the fact that they’ve picked it up before all others that we own. For all the reasons listed above, the LeapFrog Epic encompasses everything both they and myself require.

Check out this list of retailers to purchase LeapFrog Epic, for a regular price of $169.99. It’s sure to make one hot gift for 2015. 

Find out more on the LeapFrog website and connect with them on FacebookTwitter, and with the hashtag #LeapFrogEpic. 


Disclosure: I was compensated and received product to facilitate this post, all opinions are my own.



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  1. This is the coolest learning tablet. I love how it keeps the web access safe and I love how many apps, games and ebooks it gives the kids access to.

  2. I have always loved Leap pad! They have a great way of learning and fun all mixed in one. We have to get another leap pad for christmas. Thanks for the review this really helps!

  3. Leap Frog has always made excellent products for children. My children used their products when they were younger. I love that there is a time control on the Epic. Kids nowadays spend too much time in front of electronics and as parents we do tend to lose track of time at times.

  4. My daughter absolutely loves her LeapFrog Epic! They have such great products for kids to learn and have fun!

  5. I tell you, LeapFrog seems to always come out with the coolest things and upgrades. All three of my kids loved their LeapPads and I know they would have loved this one too…

  6. My kids would love this. I like that it has parental controls. It would be a great Christmas gift.

  7. We loved Leap Frog when our girls were young. They had so many great products. So I am not surprised that they continue to make fabulous things.

  8. Leap Frog has come up again and again as a staple for my friends. I’m glad to hear another story about it and look forward to grabbing one for my kids!

  9. Leap Frog really does have some fun and educational toys for kids. I especially think that parents of little ones will like the fact that you can limit the time your child spends on their device.

  10. I love LeapFrog, they really are an awesome brand that my kids grew up with. I love this version of their product too, will check it out for my niece!

  11. Huge fan of the time control. Sometimes I hand the tablet off to a child and then not notice how much time passes.

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