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Tim Hortons Collector’s Series NHL Trading Cards

For Canadian hockey fans, card collecting was once a big part of growing up with Canada’s game. I even collected them as a kid, and we still have both mine and my husbands! Now, fans can re-live the fun and nostalgia of building a collection with Tim Hortons Collector’s Series NHL Trading Cards!

tim hortons nhl collector trading cards

The introduction was kicked off with a release of NHL stars Sidney Crosby and Nathan MacKinnon surprising guests in a drive thru. The video is on YouTube to view, and most certainly worth a watch. And, in addition to the now-available drive thru videos, both Crosby and fellow Nova Scotia native, MacKinnon, will star in the television commercial for the new collection.

The new trading cards are available in three-card packs while supplies last at restaurants for $1 plus tax, with each beverage purchased {$1.99 without purchase}. The Tim Hortons Collector’s Series NHL Upper Deck Trading Cards highlight 99 of today’s NHL superstars in the base card set plus a Tim Horton player card {#001 in the set}.


Collectors can also watch out for a variety of insert and redemption cards including NHL Jersey Relic Cards that feature a piece of an actual game-worn jersey from one of 17 NHL players. You could even open your pack and find a signed card! 

The trading fun also extends online, as each physical pack of trading cards contains a unique PIN that unlocks digital trading cards online. Register at, and automatically receive a digital five-card starter pack. Fans can collect and trade digital Tim Hortons Collector’s Series NHL Trading Cards with fans across the country for a chance to win 1 of 5 VIP trips to the 2016 NHL® All-Star Weekend, as well as one of 100 EA Sports NHL ’16 PlayStation 4 Prize Packs and other great prizes.

Tim Hortons is bringing card collection back, and in a big way! It’s officially hockey season, Canadians!


Disclosure: I am apart of the Tim Hortons #Timfluencer program and receive special perks with the program, all opinions are my own.



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  1. I did collect them as a kid! It was the greatest joy when my parents gave me change to get some! I have some but not all. I am so excited for hockey to start tonight! Go Habs Go!

  2. I collected hockey cards as a kid. I have a few of them but not very many any more. My kids don’t really collect hockey cards.

  3. Oh yes, I collected hockey cards, actually I collected hockey, baseball, and football. I still have them all.

  4. I do still have my hockey card collection although it wasn’t very extensive, I gave it to my son. He has a huge collection. My husband also had a decent sized collection

  5. Yes,I did collect hockey cards as a kid,,I have a HUGE box full of them,some worth a lot of money, My son now has them and has a huge pile of his own as well.

  6. I don’t collect them, and my kids don’t yet, but I know someone who would like to.

  7. I collected hockey and basketball cards as a kid. I still have them and now my kids have my cards. They currently don’t collect their own yet.

  8. I didn’t, but my brother did…wish he still had them, since they’d be worth a fortune!

  9. I didn’t collect and neither do my kids but I think my sons would be interested in starting

  10. I did collect cards as a kid, and I still have them somewhere, my kids have no intrest in collecting.

  11. I never collected any sort of cards growing up but my brother did and my husband still does. They’re both loving the new NHL cards from Tim Hortons. My husband bought my brother and himself a binder and dividers so that they can keep the cards in great condition! They’re trading and selling already! I have a feeling this is going to cost a fortune! Incredible giveaway! Good luck all!

  12. No I didn’t, I lived in England and hockey wasn’t played there then. Two of my sons learnt to play hockey in MB when they were young and one has collected cards ever since 🙂

  13. When I was a kid we would throw the hockey cards against the wall. Some silly game, whoever’s landed closest to the wall, kept the stack of cards, all with bent corners of course. Never kept any of the cards. Didn’t think about ‘collecting them’. But they had gum in the packaging back then…that’s why we bought them. Haha

  14. When I was in public school I must of had about 2000 cards, we used to shoot them to win other cards

  15. I never collected any cards but my brother collected them when he was small, and yes he still has them. My kids never did.

  16. I didn’t but my brother did. Truth be told I didn’t even know they were around still? :O One thing I do know is that I love Tim Hortons Coffee!

  17. My dad and my brothers collected and my SO still does collect cards! This would be a great prize!

  18. Use to get cards and line them up along a wall and try and shoot them down with other cards

  19. I collected hockey cards for a short time – and I still have them somewhere in the basement….

  20. I did but only for a small period of time because the cards I collected came from a similar promotion to this Tim’s one. I was so into it, I even bought pockets for all of them! Good times. i actually bought my first pack of Tim’s cards yesterday… I just can’t resist the element of surprise and the shiny nice cards with your favourite players on them!

  21. No. I never collected hockey cards as a kid, I preferred collecting Pokemon cards.

  22. I collected a bit when younger, but its expensive. Don’t have them anymore. Gave them away.

  23. I did collect them as a kid, I loved when bubblegum was in the packaged. No I do not still have them though. Both my boys love hockey cards, hubby too.

  24. No I didn’t really collect hockey cards, I only had a few. I still have a couple Eric Lindros cards kicking around. My 21 year old has quite a large collection, with a focus on Calgary Flames.

  25. i still have unopened packs of cards from when i was a kid. every so often i will pick up a pack

  26. I didn’t collect Hockey Cards as a kid, but my brother did. Although he has passed away, I still have his childhood collection. I plan on giving it to either my son when the time is right.

  27. I didn’t collect hockey cards when I was younger as I grew up in the UK but my Grandchildren are nuts about hockey!

  28. I didn’t collect hockey cards but my brother did and he is now in his late 30’s and still has them,

  29. My brother collected hockey cards when we were kids. I used to help him organize them. He got rid of them when he got older but he wishes he had kept them now for his son.

  30. Yes me and my brother collected hockey cards when we were kids , i still have them till this day 🙂

  31. I did collect cards when I was a kid and still have a lot of them today. My sons started collecting as well.

  32. I had a small hockey card collection in elementary school because I sometimes played with the boys at lunch time, and because a lot of my neighbours were boys. I do still have one card, because the player had my last name. But I was more into collecting stickers, and I still have my sticker books!

  33. I didn’t collect them but all 3 of my boys do collect Hockey Cards. No baseball or football.

  34. I collected a few cards as a kid. My daughter hasn’t collected any yet but she enjoys card collecting in general.

  35. I never collected hockey cards, I did used to collect baseball cards. I still have many of those.

  36. I did not collect hockey cards as a kid but my husband did. He doesn’t have them anymore and he doest know what he did with them.

  37. i never collected cards as a kid but i totally am collecting all of the tim hortons ones!

  38. As a kid I collected hockey cards that were stickers and had their own collectors book you could put them all in. I don’t have them any more though!

  39. As a kid I did collect hockey cards and the sticker books. Still have some of the cards but not most of them.
    My son just turned 3 and he will be collecting soon 🙂

  40. I’ve amassed a large collection of hockey cards and I do still collect, although not as regularly with how expensive packs can be. But I still enjoy the thrill of opening up new packs, finding a collectible or just completing my set.

  41. I collected hockey cards for a little while and still have a few of them. My little guy is interested in hockey cards too.

  42. Hockey cards are among things I used to collect as a child and now, I continue to do so with our family. It’s fun to share this experience together.

  43. My son collected cards when he was younger. I wouldn’t be surprised if he still had them.

  44. No, did not collect cards.
    But the Hockey swag would be great
    for my Hockey fan daughter in law,
    to give to our grandson.
    Love the Tim Hortons’s coffee.

  45. My brother collected hockey cards, so we gave all of ours to him for his collection.
    Unfortunately, he passed the cards down to our younger cousins when he got older.

  46. i didn’t collect them, but my cousins did, and i do have some here actually, just a couple of old ones.

  47. I do not collect hockey cards, and I didn’t when I was a kid. No one in our house collects hockey cards.

  48. No, I didn’t collect any cards, they weren’t available where I grew up. and my kids are still too young for that 🙂

  49. I have never collected hockey cards. My son collected them and still has his. Many of them are autographed by some of his favourite Flames players who are now retired and he is happy to have those.

  50. I did not collect hockey cards, but I had a great penny collection, all organized with dates etc.

  51. I did not, but my Husband did and he and my son dig them out and go through them all the time 🙂

  52. I remember the joy of collecting hockey cards and trading them. My children have not done that yet, but what a great legacy to pass on.

  53. I didn’t collect cards as a kid, but my kids do! The Tim Horton’s cards are already on the radar as we buy a pack each time we go!

  54. I did collect hockey cards, and still have a lot of them. Hmmm….wonder if they might be worth anything.

  55. No not when I was a kid. I collected backstreet boys stickers and got enough to full a while book. I am said to say I still have it

  56. My husband still collects hockey cards, as does my 16 year old. My husband has literally thousands of hockey cards and in fact, he has already started buying the new Tim Hortons hockey cards.

  57. I did for a little while. Even had a Gretzky rookie card that my mom threw away!
    My oldest has Pokémon and Magic cards.
    The olny card I have left is a Jordan rookie card.

  58. My son collects: We have a bin full Apparently we are keeping them “forever” 🙂

  59. I didn’t collect hockey cards. I collected stickers for Panini sticker albums ad Kinder egg series.

  60. My hubby collected hockey cards as a kid. I would love to win this for him plus the desktop hockey game. The Tim’s gift card along with hot chocolate is for me : )

  61. I did collect hockey cards for a bit when I was a kid. Do not have them anymore though unfortunately.

  62. i havent , but when i had my sons i tried collecting for them but they weren’t interested

  63. My husband still has a lot of his hockey cards from when he was a kid. Our kids aren’t really interested in them but our nephews sure are.

  64. I collected cards since I was 8 and passed my collection on to my son and he is so excited with each new pack he gets!

  65. i never collected them when i was a kid. My older brother collected them though! I’ve seen a ton!

  66. I didn’t collect them but I always envied the other kids who did! My son would LOVE to start a collection 😉

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