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Saving Money on Weekly Purchases with Flipp

 I really admire those that are dedicated to scouring flyers and websites for coupons and sales, there really is amazing deals out there to be had. Myself? I don’t have time for that. I wish I could devote multiple hours per week for couponing and sale hunting, yet it’s just not in the cards and I’m sure many others think the same. So, I clip and use coupons, but I know that I’m not using them in the smartest way possible. 

Recently I was introduced to a money savings app called Flipp. After diving into it’s features and using it myself, Now I’m looking at savings in a whole new light. Bottom line? It’s so easy, you can have your frugal shopping – and your life too. 

While there are many other free digital flyers apps out there, Flipp has some incredible features that raise the bar – and make saving money a breeze. 

Key Features of Flipp


  • This free smartphone app allows you to browse flyers from all across Canada. You can flip through current flyers, or search for specific ones by name or category.
  • When browsing flyers, clip items you want to purchase with a simple tap on the screen. Later, you can easily go through all of your clipped items when shopping. 
  • With Flipp you can make your shopping list right there on the app. Yet, there’s one aspect I love: say you write ‘eggs’ – Flipp will tell you which store has the best prices on eggs right now PLUS tell you if there’s a current coupon for eggs that you can use. When using both the sale and the coupon – that’s called ‘MatchUps’ and it’s awesome! {read more about that below}
  • Now more searching multiple places for coupons, you can do it with Flipp. Choose the ones you want and send them to your email for printing.


Using Flipp


I was challenged by Flipp to use their app for my weekly shopping, and to see for myself how much money I could save by using Flipp. Game on! I love a good frugal challenge and jumped right into the #FlippCouponChallenge!

flipp app saving money canada

I had an idea of the stores I wanted to shop at for the week, getting both groceries and household items. So, I browsed through Flipp and clipped some items which we needed with taps on the screen.

saving money weekly shop flipp app


flipp app saving money price matching

With each flyer you browse, make sure to tap the ‘coupons’ at the bottom right of the screen. this is where you can easily see which coupons are available based on that flyer. I saved a few coupons and moved onto the next store flyer and clipped more coupons. 

price matching matchups flipp app

After printing the coupons, I double-checked Flipp to see which store I should use them at, and was surprised at the difference. I used to think that using a coupon saved me money, but the biggest factor is WHERE you use it. By combining coupons and sales, you know you are saving all that you can! 

price matching matchups flipp app easy savings

Another thing that Flipp opened my eyes to, is their % button on the lower left side of any open flyer. This percentage slider bar shows the savings to be had. For instance, it’ll highlight which featured items in that flyer are 10% off, or 20% etc. I went from flyer to flyer just to see how ‘good’ sales were, and was shocked that one big-box store which I frequent often, actually had very little savings for their ‘huge anniversary sale’. In actuality, the max savings was 3 items at 13% off. While other flyers had multiple items at over 50% off. 

For my weekly shop using Flipp, I saved way more on my usual purchases, than I had in a long time. I used about 11 coupons and 5 Matchups {combining sales items with coupons} between two stores. For my Shoppers Drug Mart shop alone, I spent just over $57 and saved $57! From my Real Canadian Superstore shop, I don’t know my exact savings, yet I’d say I saved at least 35% on my shopping trip between the sale items and coupons used.

saving money on weekly purchases using flipp app

At Real Canadian Superstore, I was able to even double-dip coupons on some items, and get bottles of shampoo for just under $2. Plus, Flipp told me that much of my produce that I needed, was the cheapest at this store on my city, at that time.

#FlippCouponChallenge Thoughts

I very like the Flipp app and have used it multiple times since the first try. It’s very simple to use, and it gives assurance that you are wisely spending that hard earned buck. Not only is it easier and more convenient than frantically flipping through paper flyers – yet it does much of the ‘extreme coupling’ for you. I definitely feel like I’m more of a conscious shopper now, thanks to Flipp I know I’m buying at the best possible price!

Download Flipp for free on iTunes or Google Play and get ready to save yourself some money on your purchases!

Have you tried using the Flipp app yet?


Disclosure: I was compensated for my participation in the #FlippCouponChallenge, yet all opinions are my own.



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  1. Flipp sounds great! I don’t use coupons, but only because they’re so darn hard to find and keep track of. I’ll be using this.

  2. This sounds like an awesome app. I am all about saving money and I will be downloading this !

  3. I do not have time for all that extreme couponing stuff. This is such a better option for me!

  4. This is an awesome app. I would totally use this if I could! I am not a huge coupons, but I do try to save money when I can!

  5. We use Flipp- it saves a lot of clutter in my purse and car. It’s great to be able to walk into a store so impromptu and still be able to find the best deals.

  6. I have no time for gathering newspapers, sorting, and clipping. This looks like a great app to save money in an easier way!

  7. I love this! I’m always up for saving money any way I can. I’m going to be checking this out right away.

  8. I’m an avid couponer and it is definitely very time consuming, but it’s necessary for my family to live on our budget. This app looks amazing though. It would save me some time, so I’ll have to check it out.

  9. I love finding and using apps that can help save money each week! Looks like this app will do the same. It makes the process so much easier and convenient!

  10. Ugh, with a family of 8, saving money is super-important, so this is great. Thanks so much for the info. I will totally be looking into it. Thanks,

  11. I wish I lived in Canada just so I couldn’t use this app! I can’t imagine how much time this saves you when shopping.

  12. Heres the part I like best : That you can download the app and save all the coupons and such, then use in the store.

  13. I’ve used Flipp for a while now just to search and clip sale items, but Ii wasn’t even aware of a “coupon ” aspect of it. I’ll definitely use that in the future.

  14. It tells you the best price AND lets you know if there’s a coupon. Why wouldn’t anyone use it?

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