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Building Fall Family Memories with Mattel Games

There’s no denying fall is a busy season, it’s speeding by so fast! Yet, among all the hustle and bustle of the season, are you remembering to press pause and connect with your family?

It’s easy to get lost in the many activities happening right now, without really slowing down to embrace the season and have some fall-family bonding time. With cooler weather settling in, we spend more time indoors, and that means making a concentrated effort to unplug and connect.


Mattel Games has tips to help you spend quality time with your family this fall season:


Start Traditions

It’s never too late to create new family traditions this fall season. One of the best ways to create a tradition that ensures your family is spending quality time together, rather than just being in the same room together, is to play a game everyone will enjoy. Fun and interactive games like Card N Go Seek and Bounce-Off {we love this game!} offer an exciting and engaging game that your family will be excited to play. Try breaking out the same game, or dedicating a game “time” at your next fall family gathering and make it a tradition for the years to come!

Take Photos

Your family is growing so quickly sometimes its hard to even see the differences right in front of you. This fall season make sure you take plenty of photos from Thanksgiving to Halloween. Capture your family at these various points to not only take a photo, but also capture the memory for years to come. Also starting the tradition of taking family photos on special occasions like Halloween and Thanksgiving will create happy memories that your family will be keen to capture year in and out. It’s a great time to start your Month in Photos if you haven’t already!

Plan Ahead

Just like the beautiful fall colours, the season will be gone before you know it! Try planning ahead this fall season to squeeze in all your family’s favourite fall activities. Check pumpkin and apple picking seasons in advance to ensure your local patch or orchard are open and for how long.

One to One

While spending time together as a family is important to build memories, one to one time is equally important. Make sure you take time to bond with your little ones individually. From baking a pie for Thankgiving dinner, to throwing the ball in the backyard your little ones (and you!) will have precious memories of the quality time spent together.

Keep it Manageable

While it can be tempting to totally overload yourself this fall season from creating the perfect homemade Halloween costumes to making everything for Thanksgiving dinner from scratch, try not to take on too much. Too many on you to-do list will leave you feeling stressed, rather than focussing on family time. Don’t be afraid to lighten the load to ensure your spending quality time with your family, and building memories for years to come!

No matter how you decide to bond with your family this fall season, don’t forget that taking the time to build memories now, will bring your entire family happiness in the future, regardless of where life takes you!



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  1. My Fall memories are back to school pictures and seeing the grandkids dressed up in their halloween outfits

  2. When my children were young it was mainly the leaves that made the memories. Raking them into piles – this is when the kids always groaned – and then jumping into the pile, then raking them up again and using them to stuff big, black, Halloween decorated plastic bags. We all enjoyed ourselves and still got the necessary work done 🙂

  3. I help make fun fall memories for my grandchildren by walking through the leaves with them and piling and hiding them in them. We also make fun food for Halloween and love to bake together.

  4. We do crafts each year using materials that we find outside like leaves or pinecones.

  5. My husband makes a mountain out of all the leaves in the backyard for when the grandkids come over, they all have a blast!

  6. Halloween always bring back fall memories for me. One where we had visited Edmonton a few years back and took the grandchildren out with snow on the ground and it was cold.

  7. Playing in the leaves!! Going to the pool. This game would be great expecting a little bundle of joy in a couple days. Would be great to bond with my older son 🙂

  8. A visit to the pumpkin patch to choose a few pumpkins to decorate, raking the leaves into piles for my grandson to jump in, trips to the parks to enjoy the beautiful fall foliage.

  9. We make fall memories by going out and doing lots of things like hiking, visiting pumpkin patches and having crafting days with friends.

  10. Try to make memories by going to apple orchards, pumpkin patches, fall walks and by doing fun activities for Halloween.

  11. We like to go to Lester’s Farm to get pumpkins to carve and to feed the animals. We have gone every year since Sophie was born.

  12. We carve the pumpkin together, bake together, and play card and board games when the weather is not so nice

  13. my son and I would rack up a big pile of leaves and we would jump in it while I or him take pictures of each other

  14. We love visiting the corn maze, rakinmg and jumping in leaves and decorating for Halloween!

  15. We always go Apple picking in the fall. Great outdoor family fun and fantastic memories.

  16. We go to our local pumpkin patch as a family and explore, play games and pick out our Halloween pumpkin.

  17. Can go to provincial park to do some hiking and see some Fall colours. Can also bring kids to different parks with their bike so that while riding their bike, can pick some different colour leaves to make some crafts and take some photos

  18. We like to go Apple picking and decorating our yard for halloween while we rake the leaves

  19. Each year we make a convo of cars with all our family and go for a drive to see the fall colors. We stop for a picnic along the way 🙂

  20. Every year we take the kids to the local corn maze for the afternoon then have a wiener roast around a bonfire!

  21. We make fall memories playing in the leaves at the park (just did that this morning, got some great photos too!), having Halloween parties, baking muffins, having movie nights and visiting the pumpkin patch (did that yesterday!).

  22. we rake leaves to put in pumpkin bags and we decorate the yard for spooky halloween trick or treaters and we go to the corn maze , its so much fun

  23. Lots of outside play befpre ot gets too cold, playing in leaves, pumpkin patches, tons of family time!!

  24. We go to the corn maze, hay rides, and the haunted spook barn with grandkids..taking lots of pics and vids

  25. Some of my favorite ways to make memories in the fall with my family is trips to the pumpkin farm and leaf raking (jumping in too)!

  26. We go for walks in the woods, feeling the leaves crunch under our feet. we also go apple and pumpkin picking and each of us carves/paints a small pumpkin together.

  27. We’ve been having our daughter’s birthday parties at the orchard in recent years. What a gorgeous setting for family photos!

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