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Get into the Dark with Tim Hortons #TimsDark

I’m not seen very often without a coffee in hand, it’s a staple of mine which I talk about often here in this space. Yep, I do super-love my coffee – pausing for a sip right now, actually. 

When Tim Hortons introduced Dark Roast, I immediately had to try it and taste the difference it offered. I do very much like the full, robust flavour and aroma; many days it’s exactly what I need. 

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I’m not alone, Canadians love Tim Hortons Dark Roast coffee!

The launch of Tim Hortons Dark Roast coffee was the first time in Tim Hortons’ 50-year history that an alternate blend was made available in-restaurant in addition to Tim Hortons iconic Original premium blend. While Dark Roast didn’t replace anything, people as a general rule don’t adjust to change that well. 

It’s a – ‘don’t mess with my coffee’ sort of thing.

I get it.

Yet, we Canadians have pride and faith in our Tims, and if they carefully decide to add a blend after 50 years … well, there’s gotta be a reason.

That trust made many give it a try and … Tim Hortons Dark Roast coffee has outpaced expectations, selling 100 million cups across the country and gaining a loyal following of Dark Roast drinkers since its launch!

100 Million Cups of Tim Hortons Dark Roast Coffee Sold and Counting!!

Tims Dark roast


To celebrate fans who have embraced Dark Roast and made this blend an instant hit,
Tim Hortons will randomly surprise people with Tim Cards on social media – starting today until Tuesday, September 22.

All you have to do to be entered to win, is share your love for Dark Roast on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #TimsDark. So, the next time you are enjoying a dark roast, share your love, and you could be in for a great surprise! 



Disclosure: I receive special perks as a Tim Hortons #Timfluencer, all opinions are my own.



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  1. I have tried their dark roast coffee and really liked it. I don’t usually go for dark roasts, but this one changed my mind. Thank you for this opportunity!

  2. Yes, I’ve tried Tims Dark Roast. Everytime my family and I visit a Tim Horton’s we order Tims Dark Roast coffee, only and of course some timbits.

  3. I’ve tried it, and I prefer it, so long as it isn’t burnt. Nothing worse than getting a scorched cup of coffee from Tim’s!

  4. I have tried the dark roast and I really liked it. That is what I order now whenever we go.

  5. I haven’t tried the dark roast yet but I’ve heard lots of great things about it!

  6. Nope I haven’t tried it yet, I was somewhat worried because I find dark roasts too strong for my liking. But my sister has tried it & told me it was actually quite smooth & delicious, so I want to give it a go!

  7. Yes I have tried the dark roast coffee, and I love it! I prefer it over the original now.

  8. I tried…. it’s going to keep me warm as the fall and winter months start creeping in

  9. I haven’t tried the dark roast yet but I plan on trying it. I love the double, double.

  10. I haven’t tried it because I like my coffee mild, but my hubby has and he enjoyed it very much, but then he likes his coffee strong and very bold, he would love to win this!!

  11. I love Tim’s Dark Roast! I prefer it actually. I would love one now! 😀

  12. I drink Tims tea, but others in my family have tried Tims Dark Roast and they really like it!

  13. I just tried the dark roast this morning and really enjoyed it, although I do tend to like light coffee more often it is a nice change up 🙂

  14. I’ve tried Timmie’s Dark Roast and I love it! I only drink Dark Roast now!

  15. love this site, love Tim Horton’s would share with my family if I win since my sister worked for them as Health and Safety manager for many years 🙂

  16. No I have not yet tried the dark roast, I have stuck to the original but should maybe give the dark a try.

  17. Back to School
    A summer of rest, leisure and fun,
    Is suddenly over and school has begun.
    Parents buy children new clothes at the mall,
    Teachers go shopping for more Tylenol.
    Students buy crayons, pencils and glue,
    Teachers buy Tim Hortons Dark Roast coffee that’s new.
    To see school beginning parents are thrilled,
    Teachers are getting their coffee cups refilled.
    As for me I LOVE the delicious bean,
    I’m so happy but don’t want to make a scene!

  18. No I have not yet, our Tims was closed for reno’s only had a trailer out front and always too congested for me, the tourists are gone so I will venture into town once again and try it

  19. I quite enjoy it but I love all and any coffee and am not very fussy as long as it is hot and strong! Thanks for the contest!

  20. No I haven’t tried it yet. Though I would like to try it in a cafe mocha , the stark contrast of bitter and sweet would be great I think

  21. I’ve tried the dark roast and I really liked it! I tend to order the steeped tea but sometimes I just need coffee!

  22. I have tried it and I didn’t like it but I do wish they had a dark option for their iced coffee I think that would be so good!

  23. have not yet tried it but I’m falling asleep at my desk here today so maybe I’ll pick one up this afternoon

  24. Yes I have tried the Dark Roast and I love it. I order it all the time when at Tims.

  25. I have, I like it a lot better than the regular blend! Since I tried it I haven’t had regular 🙂

  26. I’ve tried Tims Dark Roast coffee. I only drink it with a pumpkin spice shot. The two are delicious together!

  27. I have tried the dark roast & I love it! I have always preferred darker, stronger coffee so this is wonderful!

  28. I have not tried the dark roast yet, but with the cold weather coming I will definitely be trying it soon.

  29. I’ve tried their dark roast and its not my favourite. I can drink it but I prefer their regular roast. My husband can’t seem to tell the difference between the two though.

  30. I have tried it and I think it is a great improvement. That’s all I order now.

  31. I love Tim’s dark roast especially when I first wake up. It inspires me to crawl out of bed

  32. I haven’t tried the dark roast yet because I’m worried it will be too strong for my tastes

  33. I haven’t tried it. I actually don’t like coffee 🙁 I know lots of people who are huge fans though!

  34. I havent tried it yet I guess I am a creature of habit and like the regular coffee but one of these days I will try it

  35. I’ve tried it and I LOVE it – such a good flavour! Rich without being overpowering or bitter!

  36. I have tried the Dark Roast and I was surprise that it was not as strong as i had expected it might be.

  37. No, have not tried the dark roast .
    Will give it a try next visit. Great swag gc giveaway too.

  38. Tims coffee has always been my favorite. Now I cant stand the regular one. Will ONLY drink the dark roast. mmmmmmm

  39. I’ve tried it and I didn’t rather it over their normal blend of coffee.

  40. I haven’t tried the dark roast yet because I just love the regular so much. I should give it a shot next time.

  41. Tim’s Dark coffee is actually pretty good! Love it in later part of a day to get me through since it has a little less caffeine.

  42. Haven’t tried it yet, due to limited budget (making coffee at home in travel mugs), but I intend on trying it next time I buy a coffee!

  43. i have tried the dark roast blend at Tim Hortons and i loved it a dark roast convert

  44. I would love to win this for my SO! I am not a coffee person so I have not tried the dark roast but he has and enjoyed it!

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  46. I have not tried it. I really enjoy dark roasted coffee though, so should make a trip over to Tim’s.

  47. To be honest My Timmy’s coffee habit probably cost more than most peoples smoking habit. I always get The same…Extra Large Double Double, doubled cup. I just recently tried the dark roast, because I wasn’t really thrilled about it…..I already had the perfect cup so why mess with perfection right? Plus I don’t like super strong coffee and that’s what I thought dark roast would be…..But I tried it and I loved it….wasn’t strong at all and it was so smooth….I will forever be a Timmie’s Junkie…lol

  48. Yes I have tried dark roast and found it was delicious and smooth tasting. Thanks for the chance to win some. I would love this

  49. I’m sure my girls have both tired the Dark Roast and I should order it the next time I’m there. Maybe with this card.

  50. I’ve tried Tim’s Dark Roast once, I continue to forget that this new option is available and order my regular!

  51. I have tried it and I do like it. I prefer the regular roast most times, but I do enjoy the rich taste of the dark roast and continue to drink it occassionally.

  52. I L❤️VE Tim Hortons Dark roast Xx Been drinking Tims since the early 70’s but just fell in love with the dark roast,flavour MUWH #TimsDarkRoast ????

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