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Easy Garlic Parsley Salmon – Just cook the bag!

Now that school and routine is back in full swing, I’m again feeling the huge time crunch to make healthy dinners for my family. Many evenings each week are filled with activities, which leaves very little time to cook. Yet, ‘cook‘ is said in a very broad sense since we all know it’s not a simple act. Making a meal also involves the tasks of shopping, measuring, prep, cooking, and clean-up. 

Recently I made Garlic Parsley Salmon, and it took just over 2 minutes without many of the associated tasks. I simply shopped and cooked, and the only clean-up was one cook-safe bag.

garlic parsley salmon


Let me introduce you to Simple Seafood Cooking, thanks to Sobeys and their mission for #BetterFoodForAll. It’s their new Seafood Steamer meal solution which takes the mess and guesswork out of preparing seafood and fish.

The Seafood Steamer is a convenient, new take on the classic French cooking method en papillote, where fish is steamed in a parchment paper pouch. 

Soberys Seafood Steamer

You simply visit the seafood counter at your local Sobeys grocer and choose your favourite seafood or fish package, already prepared with seasoned butter inside. Each package has detailed instructions on the back, and options to either bake or microwave. That’s right – this ready-to-cook bag is oven-safe. Just shop and pop!

sobeys seafood steamer fish meals

I recently went shopping for Seafood Steamers at Sobeys and I couldn’t choose just one, so I got a variety of choices in both fish and seasoned butter. I noticed the price was the same if not lower than similar fish, so impressive!

The plan was to make them all and have a sampling meal with my family – so we could try many of the flavours at once. Yet before that happened … I got hungry. It was lunchtime and the girls were at a friends house, and I needed to eat but didn’t want to go through a lot of hassle for a solo meal. Then I remembered the Seafood Steamers waiting to cooked that evening. 

The Garlic Parsley Salmon called my name – and very loudly I may add, since it was in the fridge. 

garlic parsley salmon easy dinner

I read the cooking directions on the reverse side of the package, and weighed my options for oven or microwave. I’d never cooked fish in the microwave before and considering how hangry I was, it was the perfect reason to give it a try. 

I heated up some leftover rice and green beans and then put the Garlic Parsley Salmon in the microwave. In just over 2 minutes, I had a meal. One delicious and healthy meal! 

sobeys seafood steamer garlic parsley salmon

That evening my family enjoyed the other Seafood Steamer varieties that I had purchased, and despite lots of sampling, I can’t pick a favourite. Whether you microwave or bake in the oven, they all cook to perfection and taste so good. 

Sobeys Seafood Steamers are great for those whom:

  • aren’t sure how to cook fish and seafood
  • want to add more fish and seafood into their diet
  • are confused by seasoning pairings and need expert help
  • want a healthy meal in minutes – at home, school; or work
  • had a chaotic day and need a meal on the fly
  • are plagued by fierce hunger and want to eat now

Sobeys Seafood Steamers

Varieties include salmon, trout, barramundi, mackerel, herring, whiting, snapper, shrimp, mussels and more {with Salted, Lemon & Dill, or Garlic & Parsley}!

Visit your local Sobeys to see what’s available at a location near you and don’t forget to check out the Seafood Steamer recipes for some delicious inspiration.



Disclosure: I was compensated for this post, all opinions are my own.


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  1. I look forward to trying the Lemon & Dill flavour of Sobeys Seafood Steamers the most.

  2. A tough choice really but I think my absolute favourite would probably be Garlic & Parsley I presume you can get that with trout too, though I do love salmon, such a difficult choice to have to make. Let’s just go with the salmon, parsley and garlic.

  3. I’d love to try the garlic-parsley haddock. Such a great idea! Thank you for sharing and hosting a great giveaway! Good luck all!

  4. I want to try the Salmon with Lemon and Dill butter first and it won’t be the last.

  5. I’m like you and would have a hard time deciding which one I would like to try first, but I do want to try the salmon, trout, snapper, shrimp, they all sound wonderful!!

  6. I would love to try the Garlic Parsley Salmon, I am not a big fish person but I think these would be worth trying out.

  7. I would like to try the Garlic Parsley Salmon. I have fish allergies so I have never really cooked much fish but my hubby enjoys salmon so this would be nice for him.

  8. lemon dill for me please! as I scrolled through reading this post, hubby glanced over at the screen & said “that looks sooo good!”

  9. The only seafood/fish that I eat is salmon so I most want to try the Garlic Parsley Salmon

  10. Id love to try the garlic parsley salmon because we catch a lot of salmon and im a garlic lover.

  11. Garlic and Parsley is the one I am most excited to try but they all sound good to me going to have to give them all a try.

  12. I would love to try the Lemon Dill Salmon. We love salmon so this would be great. We don’t have a Sobey’s so would have to cook it when visiting my daughter.

  13. I don’t like any kind of fish but my sister would like to try the Lemon & Dill flavour of Sobeys Seafood Steamers.

  14. The garlic parsley salmon that you made looks incredible. That’s the one I want to try most!

  15. The salmon with garlic & parsley looks really good , i love salmon so i cant wait to try this one

  16. The Garlic Parsley Salmon would be my choice! And this is one awesome idea from Sobey’s.

  17. The Sobeys Seafood Steamer I look forward to trying the most is the Garlic Parsley Salmon. I am a seafood lover so will want to try them all. Great way to prepare a healthy, quick & easy meal!

  18. I would love to try any of garlic and parsley trout. It is wonderful to see a non-dill option for those of us who hate dill.

  19. I most look forward to the salmon with Lemon & Dill, and the shrimp with Parsley and Garlic.

  20. Being a pickle, relish, bread & butter pickles, Chow fan – must say looking forward to the Lemon Dill.

  21. I’d love to try the lemon and dill with the trout – love fish! I haven’t seen these yet, I need to go check out my Sobeys. It’s a great way to incorporate more fish into our diets

  22. My family loves all fish and seafood and this card would help us make a fabulous dinner for 4 and they would be so excited thanks to you..awesome giveaway this would be helpful for sure in our house..fingers crossed

  23. The lemon dill would be my choice – sounds so easy & delicious! Thanks for the chance to win!

  24. Wow! I cannot wait to try these! I am looking forward to the Garlic Parsley Salmon

  25. wow – these sound great – i am one of those who don’t know how to cook fish – these would be perfect for us! I think the lemon and dill salmon sounds really good!

  26. Like to try the tasty sounding garlic parsley salmon.
    Also, the French way of cooking en papillote, does seem
    the same as cooking in the microwave. How convenient

  27. I would like try the Garlic parsley one, not really a fish fan, but this my be the answer

  28. My son was just telling me about this as he just saw this in Sobey’s two days ago! He would the garlic and parsley!

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