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What Will Happen in Your Chair this Year?

The 2015-2016 school year is a big one in our house, and our office chair will see us through it all.

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My oldest starts {gulp} middle school this year, a milestone which she couldn’t be more excited about. A change of schools, more than one teacher, and a locker all of her own. Until she walks through that front door, it remains unknown territory since we don’t have a class or teacher list. So, we’re as prepared as we can be through the purchased school supplies, everything checked off the list and ready to go. Every year up until now we’ve bypassed the locker section at Staples, I was happy with their selection of everything from organizers to magnetic mirrors. My hope as a parent is that even on a bad day, she’ll look at herself in that mirror and smile. Yep, big milestones indeed. 

The twins start Grade 2 this year, and the biggest question is ‘will they be in different or the same class?’. I left it up to the teachers this year, and either route – we are all totally prepared. Their supplies are ready and waiting also, there’s something beautiful about new and freshly sharpened pencils and markers waiting to tell a story.

New beginnings, new friends, and the first time my kids will be in separate schools. Actually, they’ll never be at the same school ever again. 

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My office chair will see schedules coordinated, homework mastered, and creativity flow. For my kids and myself, as we have two home businesses. Our new Executive Eco Leather Chair will no doubt see frustration, but also success and determination.

There will be moments of drive and focus, but also times of silliness and spins on the chair. Each day of the 2015-2016 school season will see new chaos, and our chair will be there through it all. 

What is happening in your chair this year?


Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this post, all opinions are my own.



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  1. This is the first year that my son is in school, so my chair will see a new me. I’ll be the mom of a kindergarten student and soccer players. I’m looking forward to it!

  2. My last chair died a very untimely death. I recently got another one, at Staples just like you. Hopefully it won’t see me falling on the floor.

  3. My youngest is starting nursery school this year!! Sounds like a fun year in your house as well, I have never thought of all the things our office chair sees.

  4. This year my chair is in storage. After being my homeschooling/work chair earlier this year, it is now boxed up in a large crate somewhere until we find a place of our own to buy.

  5. This year I have my oldest that started college! I also have one that started junior high.

  6. Wow! Middle school.. That will be an adjustment – but also some great new adventures I am sure 🙂

  7. I need to reclaim my comfy office chair from the basement corner. I use mine when sitting downstairs while boys home school. Good luck on the transition to middle school for your daughter. My eldest just started college which is a huge transition and my third born entered middle school. So far, its going okay.

    1. Thank you, you didn’t say anything bad or sad, so that’s reassuring to me! Yet home school? That chair will see a ton!

  8. My chair will see the birth of my second child in October. I’m thankful for my chair, I’m so tired and it’s comfortable!

  9. My oldest son is off to college, so I completely understand. It’s going to be a big year for us. My chair has already seen some tears.

  10. I need a new chair, mine has been attacked by the dog, it’s a mess. A lot does happen in the chair, you have me thinking. Plus, mines an eyesore. I do need to get another.

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