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Finding Balance with Purgo Detox Tea

This summer has been great; yet I’ve certainly indulged in my fair share of barbecues, and summertime treats and snacks. This was following a winter season of hearty, rich comfort foods. As this season comes to an end, the start of the school year is like a new beginning. I feel this way every year, more-so than at the start of a calendar year.

This means, I have the urge to eat better and follow a healthier lifestyle. Actually, the general bloated and blah-feeling is screaming in my ears that things need to change. I do take thyroid replacement medication and I know that’s a major contributor, but quite honestly, somethings gotta give ’cause I can’t feel this sluggish for the rest of my life. I just can’t. 

I believe that before goodness is introduced into the body, you need flush out the bad. Like wiping the slate clean. This means that I need to drink way more water than I do, and I’ve been contemplating doing a detox. Truth is, I haven’t done one in many years {think of all that’s built up since then!}, and while I want to, the thought kinda scares me. If my memory is right, I think I took detox pills … or was it a drink? I’m guess I’m not entirely sure. What I do know, if that I needed something gentle yet effective. 

Then, an offer to try Purgo Tea {hailing from Victoria, BC} landed in my inbox and I headed to the website to do a little investigating. The Purgo Tea Story spoke to me, as if I was writing it myself. That constant tired feeling, and knowing that various symptoms that make you feel ‘not you’, needed to be squished. It’s a common sense approach that I needed to try, in the form of the 28-day detox. It’s not a fast and doesn’t require harsh laxatives, and I noticed that many with thyroid issues noticed big changes. So, it’s like I just had to try their teas. 

purgo 28 day teatox natural detox

Purgo teas are gluten-free and additive-free, containing high-quality, all-natural ingredients that come from a certified organic tea grower with a high turnover. They are also processed in a safe manner to ensure quality, and exceed quality standards. 

The Purgo Tea 28 Day Teatox is for those who want a complete body cleanse. Carefully chosen ingredients in each tea perform specific bodily functions.

  • Morning Detox Tea helps to boost your metabolism. This burns calories and gives you sustained energy through the day. The ingredients are: Sencha, Dandelion, Lemon Grass, Goji Berry, Hibiscus, Chamomile Flower, Acai Powder, and Ginseng Root}
  • Evening Cleanse Tea works with your digestive tract to help remove toxins and purge impurities leaving you in a more balanced and less bloated state. {*because we are all made differently, results may vary from person to person}. The ingredients are: Locust Plant, Sencha, Key Lime, Lotus Leaf, Cassia Seed, Pu’erh, Oolong, and Chamomile Flower.

I started one morning a few weeks back, drinking the morning detox tea right when I woke up. While I’m a coffee drinker, I do love tea as well, so this was an easy change in my routine. You can also re-steep the same tea for 5 minutes for another cup at lunch if you want. Then, I had an evening cleanse tea every other day.

With these teas you can add a bit of honey or syrup to adjust the flavour, yet I found them great on their own. I usually drink my tea black anyway, so I didn’t need to add anything to Purgo tea.

purgo teabox review

My results after a few weeks were positive, I certainly lost that daily bloated feeling and general tiredness all day long plus some pounds though I pay more attention to how clothes fit rather than the scale {yet I know that I’ve lost weight}. The introduction of the teas were like a great kickstart when the motor seemed to have stalled. I honestly feel that I needed this, and my body is thankful for that shift in energy and attitude.

I’m now more motivated to stay on track in making better choices from now on, as I know this ‘better more balanced feeling’ will only increase with each day – and that’s something I’m looking forward to and need. I’m very happy with the results of this tea, and plan on purchasing more when I’m done my supply

You can purchase Purgo Teatoxes right from the website, they have both 14 and 28 day detox packages. Right now everything is on sale, plus you get free shipping in both Canada and the US. Be sure to also check out the meal plan, tips and recipes right on the website, to aid your healthy living goals. 

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post, all opinions are my own.



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  1. I seem to run out of steam faster than I used to. Also have put on some extra weight this spring and summer.

  2. I would love to win this cuz i’m trying to be healthier and I think these teas would really be a great addition to my new lifetstyle.

  3. I’d like to win this for my wife. She is all about what is healthy and would live to introduce her to this tea

  4. I have been very tired lately, yawning and headachy. I think my body needs to be detoxed to feel better!

  5. Having low iron I’m always feeling sluggish, would love to win this and try and see if it will help me out

  6. Hey, Tammi and everyone!

    Thank you so much for your review. I am really happy that our 28 Day Program has had a positive effect on your overall well-being and I really hope it has inspired you to keep up those healthy habits that make your body more happy. Results like yours are why I started the company, and I hope I get to help many more people.

    Good luck, everyone!

  7. I would love to win because I have a lot of digestive issues, and I’m hoping this would really help

  8. with the junk i put in my body so far this summer, i need a detox and a feeling of aaah

  9. I love natural products and this tea sounds incredible…would love to see how it helps me

  10. I’d love to try this tea. Sounds like a great way to start and end the day. Feeling less bloated with a bit more energy would be nice too. Thanks for your review and of course the contest.

  11. I feel run down and tired most days and would love to cleanse my body to see if that would help me!

  12. I’ve been partying a bit too hard on the weekends this summer, I’d like to get my body back to normal!

  13. i have a very sedentary desk job and i’m turning the big 4-0 at the beginning of september. this would be a great start to a new decade 🙂

  14. this tea sounds just what I need! Would be a great products to try! Thank you for the review!

  15. Like to snag this useful prize because I just love tea.
    The pack seems to have products to give one more energy.

  16. This would be nice to win, since I started WW for some reason, I have been bloated and gassy I just feel like I need something to give me a little boost and detox my insides

  17. I would love to try this product, to do something for myself that can hopefully make me feel better, more energetic and light without worrying about ingredients.

  18. i’m always trying to lose those “last 10 pounds” especially since i’ve come back to work from maternity leave a few months ago and i think a tea would help me!

  19. I’m always tired, I know I need to do a detox and well I’m trying to be more healthy

  20. After a summer of eating horrible I need to get back to eating healthy and restart my system by detoxing!

  21. This year I have committed to getting healthy. I quit smoking and started eating better. I could really use a detox tea to help.

  22. Im always curious abut these teas! I wouldn’t mind losing a few lbs! =) Thanks for the chance!

  23. I’d like to win this because I have felt awful this summer & would love to try these teas.

  24. I’d love to win this for my boyfriend and I who are both trying to lose weight and become healthier

  25. We already drink tea on a daily basis so this would be an easy switch for us for a few weeks. I like that the tea offers a form of detox in such a healthy way!

  26. I have seen this around for awhile. Would love to try it out. Especially with fall around the corner. It will be good to do a detox.

  27. I’ve gained over 60lbs in the past year, due to stress eating after my dad died. I could use some help getting rid of it.

  28. I’m looking for something that could be helpful to me as I try to get motivated to get in shape and improve my eating habits. I’ve heard a lot about tea and detoxing/cleansing lately and I’d love to see how it works.

  29. Would love to start off the new school year a little more energized to keep up with the kiddos…..

  30. I need to get my health back on track! And this would be the perfect way to start it. That’s why I’d like to win. I’ve been under huge amounts of stress for years, and have been eating poorly and need a fresh start.

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