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Celebrating Life’s Moments – #TDThanksYou Twitter Party

Nostalgia hits us at the most unexpected of times. Just last week I was looking for swimming goggles in our storage area, when I stumbled upon a box of old photos. My search was immediately abandoned and instead I sat for a couple hours, taking many trips down memory lane. A simple question from the girls can turn into a many stories shared of times past, and a wrong turn can bring back recollection of time spent in the area.

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Looking back gives us a sense of perspective, a way of seeing how far we’ve come and celebrating the moments that made the journey special. We’ve all lived through big milestones like that first house, or first car – and it’s those memories that shape our then and now. 

TD Canada has been the silent partner through some of life’s biggest moments from a first mortgage, all the way to retirement. To say thank you, they’ve launched an innovative campaign called #TDThanksYou. To illustrate, watch the following video where TD turned an ordinary visit to the bank, to the ultimate throw back for their customers {tip: grab a tissue first}

With the #TDThanksYou campaign, they want to thank their customers for letting them be a part of their lives – from then to now. It’s a subject that is close to our hearts. 

Join @TD_Canada this Thursday, August 20th at 9pm EST for the #TDThanksYou Twitter Party, to talk about the importance of looking back on those#ThenAndNow moments, and celebrating those special times in life.


We’ll discuss creating and capturing those memories, and teaching kids how to gain perspective. It’ll be a chat filled with stories and much gratitude.


#TDThanksYou Twitter Party Details:


Don’t forget to follow the the sponsor and hosts on Twitter, and mark the party down in your calendar.

Chat with you then!


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