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Bacon-Wrapped Pizza and Only for a Limited Time

I was going to write this post about pizza being a staple for those busy back-to-school days. Yet, summer break and pizza go together so well too. It’s a nice well-loved meal for get-togethers, deck parties, or to stop and pick up when coming home from the lake too late to even think about cooking … truth is, there really is no excuse to have a pizza night.

It’s just a delicious dinner saviour all year round. 

little caesars bacon wrapped deep dish pizza canada

That being said, there are excuses and reasons for getting particular types of pizza. 

For instance, I strongly hold true in my belief that all things are made better with bacon. Bacon-wrap all the things!

 Little Caesars has extended their exclusive Bacon Wrapped Deep!Deep! Dish Pizza offer until September, and it’s so worth trying one if you haven’t already. 

little caesars deep dish bacon wrapped pizza

The new Bacon Wrapped Crust DEEP!DEEP! Dish pizza is an 8-corner deep dish pizza wrapped in decadent whole strips of thick-cut, crispy bacon, and then topped with pepperoni and even more chewy pieces of savoury bacon goodness. This new limited-time pizza offering is an extension of Little Caesars popular DEEP!DEEP!™ Dish product – an  8-corner, large pizza featuring a crunchy crust with caramelized cheese edges and topped with pepperoni and cheese.

little caesars bacon wrapped pizza review

I’m a fan of deep dish pizza, because – crust. I also love pepperoni and bacon toppings, as well as the sauce … and then they complete this gorgeous package with 3.5 feet of bacon wrapped around the edge. That’s a lot of loving on one pizza, but I can’t help it, I really like the taste of it! 

savour the sizzle little caesars bacon wrapped pizza

With only a few more weeks of great weather to enjoy, and only 567,000 feet of bacon left to savour, Little Caesars is encouraging Canadians to #SavourTheSizzle before the Bacon Wrapped Deep!Deep! Dish Pizza is off the menu after Labour Day.

little caesars canada savourthesizzle bacon wrapped pizza

So if you got a short-list of a few must-do’s before summer is over {like one last trip camping}, add trying the Little Caesars Bacon Wrapped Pizza to the top of your list. Because, bacon. 



Disclosure: I was compensated for this post, all opinions are my own.



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  1. We are making it sizzle by spending it camping and being outdoors as much as possible!

  2. one more little road trip to pick up our daughter from her summer job in Alberta… woo hoo, i love going on trips, even short ones.

  3. School is already back in, so our sizzle has turned to fizzle. We did take a trip to the zoo in Omaha before school went back in.

  4. Mother Nature is making these last days of summer sizzle for us with a huge storm! Trees are down everywhere, branches are flying through the air, its a mess, but its definitely sizzling!

  5. I’m spending ever minute I can with my loved ones!…BEST SUMMER EVER!…now add a bacon wrapped pizza to that…2 things off my bucket list 😀 Thanks for the review…it looks as tasty as on the commercials…I’ve been meaning to try it…now I know it’s as good as I’d hoped…time to get a bacon wrapped pizza…pizza being hugged by bacon….could pizza get any better than that!

  6. We are making it sizzle by going to our annual RibFest day in a couple of weeks – YUM!

  7. We are going to be going canoeing one my time this year. We are going to pack a picnic and make a day of it.

  8. We have been spending time at the park and will be going to my brothers cabin next weekend

  9. We’re taking the kids to the CNE this week and going to a Toronto Blue Jay game.

  10. we are making the last of our summer sizzle by doing some fun activities for our final week before school begins. Out to the movies, trip into Toronto, laser tag etc

  11. We are getting in as much BBQing as we can and enjoying the rest of this lovely weather!!

  12. I should be getting the NEW Southside Johnny & The Asbury JUkes CD in the mail, and I plan on playing it all Labor Day Weekend

  13. My family is making the last of summer sizzle by spending as much time at the beach, as we can.

  14. BBQ’s, bonfires & camping…our final campsite reservation is for the last weekend of September – it will be time to say goodbye to summer and welcome the beauty of autumn!

  15. I’m making the most of the last of summer by taking local day trips and enjoying BBQ’s.

  16. We are making Summer sizzle by enjoying fun activities outside whenever we can. Going for hikes, swimming, etc.

  17. Well it’s supposed to rain every day here in BC for the next week so we have been getting school supplies and school clothes shopping and organizing done.

  18. We have been spending lots of time outside, enjoying the sizzling heat by the wading pool. Hoping to get to the beach & go camping one last time before school starts too! Thanks for the chance to win. It’s 10:30 on Saturday night & I am seriously considering ordering this pizza now, it looks so good! LOL

  19. We are going to be making the last of summer, sizzle by enjoying as much BBQ’s as possible and enjoying the outdoors! 🙂

  20. I’m going to spend as much time outdoors enjoying summer activities while it’s still nice and warm out!

  21. We took our holidays at the end of summer so we’re making it sizzle as family right now! Hitting the beach and hiking.

  22. Summer is basically over and unfortunately we’ve been under air advisories all week with Calgary covered in smoke from the forest fires. One of my son’s is super sensitive to the smoke, so we’ve been stuck at home. School starts in a couple days. 🙂

  23. We are making the last days of summer sizzle by going on bike rides, picnicking by the beach (we are lucky enough to live close enough to walk to a great beach) and canoe rides. Love August days. Warm days and cool nights.

  24. I’m getting out and visiting people I didn’t get a chance to visit this summer.

  25. Being by the pool as much as possible (when I’m not working on my daughter’s wedding)

  26. We are having a blast right in the backyard, our kids spend a lot of time in our pool, Friends are always coming and going, soaking in every warm day we can 🙂

  27. I am leaving the inside housework and spending as much time on my patio and having campfires at night

  28. Our last days of summer include going to an outdoor pool with lots of swimming, visiting with family, shopping, & 1 final sleepover for the kids with their friends.

  29. It’s been a child free week so lots of catch up date nights including movies, festivals and coffee.

  30. Camping the last two weekends. We didnt get enough of it in this summer, so we’re jamming in 2 at the end. Campfires and s’mores!

  31. Going to Eastpark this week and Green Averies zoo…finally got a week off of work

  32. Our reno’s have been put on hold until the fall so that we can get out for a long walk every day

  33. I have been out of town at the lake – girls weekend away to enjoy the last of the summer!

  34. We try to make the most of the good weather as the summer winds down by getting out on the water as much as we can.

  35. Enjoying the last of summer by spending as much time outdoors as I can. Love to watch the leaves slowly turn.

  36. We are outdoors as much as possible enjoying the warm days. We still have some day trips planned too.

  37. One more trip into the city! I’d also like to make it sizzle with that delicious pizza! Your photos look even more delicious than the actual advertised photos! Haha.

  38. I am making the last days of summer sizzle by spending as much time outside as possible and spending time with my grandchildren before they go back to school.

  39. Spending time outdoors at the park or beach, just a scooter ride in the neighborhood. I would love to get to the drive in before school starts just to end things off.


  41. We’ve been taking advantage of the last of summer to do lots of BBQing – we just got a BBQ this year and we have been loving it! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  42. i would love to pile a bit more fun into our sumer, maybe another camping trip or another fun day trip

  43. We’re still playing outside a lot, and going for lots of walks. We had a BBQ last night.

  44. We are trying to make it sizzle by getting one last camping adventure in and enjoying the outdoors as much as possible

  45. we are moving into our new house!!! 🙂 very excited over here and we will definitely have a huge gathering of friends and fam with lots of pizza from Little Caesars

  46. We’re making it sizzle by having company over every weekend until it gets too cold! Gotta enjoy this weather. Pizza would really come in handy!

  47. A few more outdoor bike rides. A few quick jaunts to our local provincial park “BirdsHill”, always a fun day there with a picnic & enjoying the beach, and dog walking. Always still lots to do around the city by visiting tourist places we normally don’t see.

  48. We’ll be having a few more campfires in the yard and enjoying the warm sunsine before it’s time for school to start.

  49. We’re out of town for a wedding and making the most of the week away before we head home to a neighbourhood water fight!

  50. Our condo pool was broken and they only opened it at the beginning f august so we ate taking advantage of all the nice high weather we are going to get this week

  51. having a big family BBq on the weekend to send off the kids to university and high school

  52. We are making the rest of summer sizzle by spending all the time we can outdoors before school starts.

  53. We’re making the most of the days by going to sleep early and squeezing in one more trip to an amusement park.

  54. I am making the last of my summer sizzle by spending as much of it as possible with family.

  55. We will be doing a big BBQ with friends and family with a movie outside enjoying a back yard fire.

  56. I am trying to cram as much more excitement and fun for the grandson before he heads back to Calgary and school with fun in the sun

  57. I am trying to spend as much time with the kids and plan on going to the cottage for the long weekend. 🙂

  58. Trying to wrap everything up to have it ready to start this new school year! Btw your picture made me drool

  59. We are still containing to go to the beach, love that it is still hot and sunny out into the beginning of September.

  60. Last weekend we spent at a friends cottage and this weekend we’re heading to the CNE.

  61. We have been spending lots of time in the back garden with the kids running through sprinklers or the wading pool having lots of fun 🙂

  62. I’m making the end of summer sizzle by doing lots of barbequeing, & going on day trips around the province.

  63. I’m going to the CNE with my husband tomorrow & with my mom on Monday to watch the airshow & eat fried food & then we are going to a family BBQ to celebrate two September birthdays!

  64. I’ve been making the most of the remaining bits of summer by hanging out with friends more often

  65. With difficulty really since it is rather chilly and it’s been raining a lot, our landscapers had to break off work but at least they now have a nice long weekend. 🙂

  66. Making the last of the summer sizzle by letting the kids play with their friends as much as they can and using the BBQ.

  67. We are doing everything we can to travel, stay outdoors, use more sunscreen while we can..:-) and enjoy this time with family and friends…oh and we not shopping for a snow blower (yet) and we are eating as much Pizza as we can from Little Caesars but have to go out of town to get one…:-( but that’s another chance for a sunny summer drive.. 🙂

  68. Trying to soak up the rays by walking in the
    great outdoors. Also, having a bbq. and watching
    the food “sizzle” on the grill. Good times in the sun.

  69. We are going to go to our cabin and have a huge fire and sit and roast hotdogs and marshmallows with the family…always a good time.

  70. We are empty nesters so we are planning some outings once the kids are back to school. Just day trips

  71. All I gotta say is BACON … YUM YUM would love to treat my family to an awesome supper..thank you so much for an awesome prize xoxoxo

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