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Back to School Lunches – Snack Pack EZO Lid Pudding #SnackPackEZO

Summer 2015 has been wonderfully good to us. We had lovely weather, and we packed in some great seasonal activities and trips – including a cross-Canada trip to New Brunswick! Yet here we are in the final stretch, with only a few days left of summer break. I find this time of year bittersweet, and I’m torn in my feelings about the transition. 

On one hand I love all things summer, yet I long for the more structured days and schedule. As busy as the school year is, routine calms the chaos. If only we had summer weather here year-round, that’s when I think I’d be a totally happy Tammi. 

These last couple of weeks have been spend on the balance of getting ready for the school year and making the most of the final dog days of summer. In between day trips and backyard play, I’ve been prepping for the school year as well. All the school supplies, clothing and footwear are labelled and ready, and I’ve even washed all the little storage containers waiting for their departure after a season of forget. 

I’ve also been mentally preparing myself for making school lunches again. It’s a duty that always comes with a sigh, the most mundane task of them all. This year I’ve made it my mission to mix things up more, beat the blahs and streamline the process. Hopefully then I won’t get so sick of the task even by late September, and the kids won’t frown at the usual each and every day.

My goal is to make little changes throughout the year {not buying the same bread week after week}, and to stock up on a wide array of snacks. Snacks is where it’s at!

My plan is to have a variety of snackable food groups on hand; mixing filling nutrition with options kids love. Through the entire year I’m a water pusher, so for the milk group I rely on those snacks. In this grouping is cheese strings, cottage cheese or a Snack Pack.

Back to School Lunches - Snack Pack EZO Lid Pudding SnackPackEZO

All Snack Pack pudding products are gluten free, made with skim milk, and contains no preservatives and no trans fat. 

Back to School Lunches - Snack Pack EZO Lid Pudding SnackPackEZO review

My girls favourites are Vanilla and Chocolate, of which I enjoy as well. Yet with so many Snack Pack flavours, it’s easy to switch out tastes to help beat the monotony of the school lunch. They even have sugar-free varieties!

One afternoon the twins asked for a snack, and immediately pointed out the Snack Pack in the fridge. “Mom, can you open this?” they said in unison. In the past they had difficulty opening them on their own, yet now Snack Pack has redesigned their lids making it easier to open.

Back to School Lunches - Snack Pack EZO Lid Pudding SnackPackEZO canada review

Thanks to the new EZO Lid they were able to open them on their own, and had a lot of pride in doing so. I bet teachers will be impressed as well this year, one less thing to help so many kids with during the short lunch period.

Snack Pack EZO Lid Pudding SnackPackEZO review

Snack Pack also a nice sweet treat for the girls, it makes me happy to know there’s a smile-producing item in their school lunch. I like knowing I’ve given them a smile in their day, even when I’m not there. 

Snack Pack EZO Lid Pudding SnackPackEZO canada review school lunch snack

When stocking up on your school lunch snacks, pick up some Snack Packs and try the new EZO lid for yourself! They are available at most grocery stores across Canada. 

Snack Pack EZO Lid Pudding SnackPackEZO canada review

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What is your favourite Snack Pack flavour?


Disclosure: I am part of the Snack Pack Blogger Campaign and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this campaign. The opinions on this blog are my own.


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  1. Cute pictures.
    I’m so glad they did this. They are hard to open. I’m sure my kids couldn’t get one open.
    I like Chocolate the best.

  2. I know this would also give my son a huge smile! I don’t even have to ask which flavor he’d like best, I already know it’s the chocolate!

  3. If there’s chocolate available, it’s always my go-to. But all of the flavors are so yummy, you really can’t go wrong!

  4. I like packing sanck packs for school for my kids, nice to see the lids are easier now for them to open especially for my youngest.

  5. Pudding cups are the tastiest, easiest snacks. I always send them with my husband’s lunch when he’s out on a job.

  6. Our family loves these! We don’t get them often so they stay as a special treat, but we love them! Your kiddos are adorable!

  7. First, they are adorable. Second, I love that they have this new lid! My son was used to having to wait for someone in the lunch room to help him.

  8. Easier to open, great, that means we will go through them twice as fast! These are actually my husband’s favourite treat, I sneak a pack in his car before work once a month.

  9. Pudding is always a good snack for kids and adults. I may not be as willing to share though!

  10. My favorite is chocolate. My twin sister favors vanilla ,since she has asthma and chocolate is one of the things she is allergic to. We along with our older sister love butterscotch,but it is not always available in our store.

  11. I send these in my husband’s lunch for him! I love that they have redone the lid so its easier to open, that would be hard to be at school unable to open your pudding.

  12. I hadn’t heard yet of the new lids, but that’s great that they’re easier for kids to open. I even have a hard time getting them open, haha. My favorite flavors are vanilla and butterscotch.

  13. I love Snack Packs! I use to eat them all the time when I was younger. I still love them too. I really like the chocolate ones. Those are my favorite.

  14. I didn’t know they redesigned their lids! That’s great! They’re even better for school lunches now.

  15. I love pudding cups! So great that the company listened and made them easier to open. I know that kids at school often had a hard time opening them and needed help. Plus the elderly eat these because you only open 1 portion at a time and I bet it was sometimes difficult to get open.

  16. Snack Pack pudding is a favorite lunch item in my house. I love the chocolate flavor with walnut pieces sprinkled in. They are great frozen as a treat as well.

  17. Great pictures of your girls! We always have these on hand, glad they have made them easier to open.

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