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Mattel Games – Make Time To Reconnect


With the kids out of school for the summer months, we’ve been spending ample amounts of time together as a family. Whether we are off on our travels or at home, there isn’t a lot of time which we aren’t together. As busy as we are with fun activities, there is lag time in there and being so used to ‘go, go, go’ – the ‘I’m bored’ statement sets in from time to time.

mattel board games review

While to don’t designate actual ‘board game nights’ together, we do break out the games from time to time – evening in the mornings. We’ve been playing them most out at our summer creek property when camping. It’s a nice way to spend the time together, surrounded by nature, when tech items are absent. I guess you could say we disconnect to reconnect. The girls are known to have an intense game of UNO by the campfire, right before we break out the s’mores. 

Here are some game night tips from Mattel:

Prepare your space – Transform your everyday living room into the ultimate game room! This can be as easy as ensuring there are enough crazy seats for everyone who is playing, turning on background music that is upbeat but not distracting and setting up a variety of delicious snacks. These small changes will show your little ones that you’re taking the game night, and family time, seriously.

Play a variety of games –  While some people have a preference for particular games, others may want to change it up. Designate a set amount of time that you will play each game to ensure you’re keeping everyone entertained and allowing people to try their hand at something new. Starting with UNOTM then moving on to Apples to Apples before Pictionarywill keep everyone entertained while giving them the opportunity to win at a new game!

Disconnect to connect –  While it may be difficult, make a rule that no one is allowed to have any technology during the few hours you have together. This includes no television or cell phones as they may take away from the moments you’re sharing with your loved ones. By disconnecting from technology, you will be able to better connect with your family members.




Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.



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  1. My daughter is very good about getting the family together as her home is big enough for everyone to fit in. She has a dinner or BBQ at her home for all the family once a month or more. Aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and great grandparents are all invited. In between I make it a point of going to visit my grandchildren whenever I can. One of our favourite things to do is crafts or board games. Everyone likes to join in.

  2. We spend lots of time with each other at the beach and having bbqs for the whole family!

  3. We do board games and story telling after bath time before bedtime. One of us would start the story and the rest would take turn telling another part of the story.

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  5. We love to travel together, I find that’s a great way to connect with each other. At home we play board games and watch movies together.

  6. We connect by spending lots of time camping, going biking or swimming together, talking around campfires and playing games.

  7. we go camping, we fish and we play games like board games or even play games like hide and seek or tag

  8. We make as many trips to the cottage together as possible, there we are forced to interact!

  9. I have 7 children and 7 grandchildren scattered across 3 continents. We are a close knit family and communicate every day on What’s app with messages, videos, photos and voice messages too.

  10. This summer has been all about different challenges. So using marshmallows and toothpicks – divide the family in half and who can make the highest structure. Or with a glue gun and popsicle sticks who can build a boat to sail across the pool. Stuff like that. It’s been fun.

  11. We usually have someone visit or go and visit family that don’t live around here, otherwise we plan family BBQs for the ones that live close!

  12. I connect with my family during the summer months by gardening, hiking, swimming, BBQing, going to a cottage and playing board games together.

  13. We spend lots of time fishing and jumping on the trampoline. Most evenings after supper, we play a board game.

  14. We find it way easier to connect in the summer – our schedules are pretty wide open, we are not tied down to classes etc, and we have later meal times and bed times which gives us more time together in the day. We get outside a lot to the local parks, go for walks, read, ride bikes, hike etc.

  15. Summer is the best time to connect with my family swimming, biking, camping and BBQ’S every weekend! #summerfun

  16. We connect by spending time outdoors when it is nice out and watching movies when the weather isn’t so great!

  17. We go for a lot of walks, and kids tend to open up when there are no screens 🙂

  18. We like to go on road trips together so we can all unplug and spend some time together

  19. We connect outside normally! Beach days, hiking and camping! And I find bringing board games camping is a great way to connect!

  20. I will enjoy the visits of my adult children, grandchildren and even great grand children. I will tend my flowers and catch up on my reading-activities that i enjoy immensely.

  21. we connect while camping , we have family night in the camper and chat about the day play games and send quality time together 🙂 thanks for the chance 🙂

  22. We spend a lot of time camping, swimming, biking and going on family vacations.

  23. Picnics in the park, go to the movies. Make forts and count stars… sparklers at night… and chalk on the pavement drawings during the day. Baking and colouring.

  24. we spend time outdoors as a family..camping, hiking, playing sports ..but we love our game nights

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