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Divas Request Colour in their Life

I recently read an article that Beyonce requests red toilet paper in her dressing rooms.

My first reaction was all, ‘Those celebs and their money – such divas!’. Yet after more thought, I wondered if red toilet paper was really that much of a big request? I mean, it’s not like she’s having someone sort through candies and taking out certain colours or anything {or does she?}. 

Is requesting red toilet paper that much different than voicing a preference for 2-ply?

This article came to mind when I was shopping in our local department store and I stumbled across, you guessed it, red toilet paper. The makers of the coloured paper products hitting Canadian stores are by the brand, Renova, a company that originates in Portugal and is known for providing “The sexiest paper on earth”. Oh la la!

This got me to thinking about my own lusts on all things pretty, colourful and matching each time summer hits. You know, those staged vibrant photos or displays of the hottest seasonal colour adorning all.the.dishware? If I did purchase separate ‘summertime dishware’ in one fail swoop on the old debit card, is that not more diva-like than a need for red toilet paper? 

Bey, you might be onto something.

Adding colour and flair to Canadian homes this summer is a great big line of coloured paper products that are just to sassy for me to pass up. A pop of yellow napkins adorning my utensil caddy for camping? Quoting Bey herself as I sing to the white napkins that used to be there, “The truth of the matter is replacing you is so easy”. 

renova coloured napkins canada

Also, I don’t think I’ve gotten compliments on my napkins before, but I am now! 

Anyone need a tissue? Renova’s got this covered with a huge array of beautiful shades as well. Yet these are doubled sided, white and coloured … AND scented! Say what?!

renova coloured paper products canada

I totally love the Renova line of tissues, as do my kids. Mango milkshake, Fresh Lavender, Spearmint gum? Blowing the nose isn’t a glamorous job, but it does make it a little more enjoyable I must say. For all you parents out there with kids that hate blowing their nose to the point of running in the other direction – this ones for you. I think my kids are making up boogers so they can use the Mango Milkshake tissues from Renova. Just sayin’. 

renova coloured scented tissues canada

At home, in the car, in the purse – these handy small tissue packets go with me everywhere. They are so incredibly soft and for those wondering, no, the colour does not come off on the skin and is non-toxic, and is under dermatological and gynecological control. As a side note, the tissue packets say they are made in France. Only the best for my nose!

renova tissues canada

Now, did I mention the tissues are 3-ply? I feel like a triple diva now with the colour, scent and thickness. I guess I’m making the shopping requests now, since these are already on my to-buy list!

Not stopping there, Renova also has printed paper towels for all seasons – so pretty and such huge rolls too! Having these on hand for your next BBQ is much more cost effective in getting that pop of colour, compared to getting that set of summertime dishware! Hey, and with Renova I can even switch out patterns for each event/season too!

renova summer flowers paper towel

Yet, Renova paper products are more versatile than you think, since my kids have also started a preference for using them when doing crafts and painting. Such little divas.

renova patterned paper towel crafts canada

Since Renova makes such vibrant and pretty colours, we also made dresses for their dolls. A simple wrap and tuck is all that’s needed for these fashionistas. Feel free to use the million and five looms and hair ties that are found all around your house too. 

renova coloured paper towel craft doll dress canada

Yet, back to red cause apparently that’s where it’s at. Bey, I see your red toilet paper and raise you red paper towel. That just happened. 

renova red paper towel beyonce

Renova manufactures some 700 products and is sold in more than 60 countries. Rockin’ paper products since 1939, check out the Renova Canada store locator. As well, keep up on the latest by following RENOVA’s Canadian Facebook Page. 


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of RENOVA. The opinions and text are all mine. Restrictions apply.


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