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Time Saving Beauty Tricks + #TimeForYou Contest

To say that I’m a busy gal in a house of chaos, is putting it mildly. Though, I don’t have to preach to the choir right? I know we all have hectic schedules and much on our plates. It’s a wonder we fit it all in! Or do we?

I have to admit, there are areas of my current life that do fall to the weigh-side thanks to everything else I’m juggling. I used to be the girl that wore make-up {almost} daily, stayed up-to-date on the fashion trends, and didn’t miss a beat when it came to getting my hair and nails done. Even before it was necessary. 

Now? My roots are evidence that it’s been far too long since I’ve taken the time to sit in a stylists chair. That sweatshirt from years and years ago? It’ll do just fine.

Fact is, some beauty routines just aren’t a priority anymore. For instance, I absolutely don’t need this seasons hottest lip colour, since it’s not my shade anyway {yeah, I can admit that} and besides, last years’ top colour looks better on me anyway.

Yet, there are beauty routines which I still very much want to follow through with to this day. If anything, because in the time of getting to know myself, I need them. Here are the routines I’m talking about and here the time saving beauty tricks I’ve learned – so that they fit into my schedule no matter what.

Time Saving Beauty Tricks

1. Get to Know Dry Shampoo – for those days when washing isn’t in the cards, dry shampoo gets rid of the scalp greasiness and makes it look like you had time to wash, condition, and blow dry. When I’m running behind in the morning, this is my saviour. 

2. Curl Those Lashes – I love the look of mascara and how it makes your eyes pop, yet I don’t wear it daily. Instead, I opt for a quick curl and it really helps to open the eyes and make it look like i’m not as tired as I am. Plus, you don’t need to take time in the evening to wash and pick it all off. Bonus! 

3. Drink Your Water – All the beauty creams in the world can’t do what water does to the skin. A lack of hydration will make your skin dry, tight and flaky. So make sure to hydrate and you’re skin will look naturally plumper, and the signs of aging are minimized.

4. Choose Outfits the Night Before – This is a rule set with the kids, to help ensure a seamless morning before rushing out the door. Guess what? This applies to us adults as well! Choosing your outfit the night before will save you time in front of the closet in the morning, and will prevent you from a bad decision grab-and-go if you are rushed. 

5. Organize Your Essentials – Most of us have way too much stuff and this applies to any and all kinds of beauty items. We all have that shimmery eyeshadow that is great for dinner parties – but do you want to root through all the extras when trying to find the everyday essentials? Instead, keep the most used items separate and at convenient reach. It’ll save time each and every time!

6. Embrace the Multipurpose Products – I like to use tinted moisturizer instead of foundation, it just feels better on my skin and saves time when compared to a perfect apply. Thing is, there are many multipurpose products that cut time in half and lessens the load on items to store. Another favourite is a face moisturizer with sunscreen, instead of using two separate products.

7. Multitask – Isn’t it nice when you can knock off two beauty routines in one fail swoop, without effort? Me too! For instance, it’s summer and my dry skin isn’t embracing the new season. I am one that needs the hydration and moisture of a good lotion. Yet I’m not good at taking the time to do the task. I either forget to apply it altogether, or it’s not dry when I get dressed so it all rubs off anyway. I so wish motion and myself were BFFs but the truth is, we’re not that compatible. 

Yet another multitasking hack is to lotion my skin, while in the shower. Not familiar? Let me explain. 

NIVEA In-Shower body lotion is a game-changer, friends. It’s a lotion that you apply while in the shower. Now you don’t need to take the extra time and steps to moisturize your body afterward! 

To use, simply wash and rinse your body as you normally would with your regular body wash or soap. Then apply NIVEA In-Shower body lotion, rinse and that’s it! There’s isn’t a need to leave it on for any length of time, you simply rinse it off right away and you’re done. Yet please do be careful in the shower, as it makes surfaces somewhat slippery. 

While this technically is an extra step in my shower routine, doing so only takes seconds. Plus, it’s a step that I actually remember to do, and the outcome is so totally worth it. There’s no drying-time as compared to usual body lotions, and since you’re in the shower, you don’t have to be so diligent on not dripping anywhere.

NIVEA In-Shower body lotion goes on like a thick conditioner and rinses off quickly. Afterward, my skin feels noticeably silky and smooth all day long. 

Request your FREE SAMPLE of NIVEA In-Shower body lotion today!

 It comes in three different formulas {hydrating, nourishing and smoothing} of skin-softening ingredients like mineral salt and shea butter. NIVEA In-Shower body lotion is found in the body lotion section of stores in Canada.

CONTEST: What are you going to do with the extra time you saved in the morning? Watch the video below and leave your answer in a video comment {here’s the link}, and you could win NIVEA In-Shower body lotion AND an iPad mini! {US residents only, ends on July 11, 2015}

Plus, the video is full of more tip saving beauty tips, enjoy the #TimeForYou!


This post is sponsored by NIVEA, but all ideas and opinions are my own


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  1. im going to go out and buy neutrogena products because this is a great giveaway !

  2. I tried the NIVEA In-Shower body lotion a few months back when they sent me a bottle and it’s terrific! The best thing I have tried in a lot of years!

  3. I love Nivea products. They are some of the best beauty products in the business. I really feel young again when I use them.

  4. My legs and feet are SO dry, I should try this! My beauty multitask is that I brush my teeth with a face mask on. Can’t open my mouth TOO much, but it works and I save a couple of minutes.

  5. Wait, it is lotion to be used in the shower? That is so super-cool… I am always up for ways to make my life easy… Thanks for sharing.

  6. I’m a lotion aficionado! I literally lotion my legs 5 times per day. It’s good to see a lotion that can be used in the shower, I must give this a try!

  7. I am all about the multi-purpose products! I love keeping clutter down but also making things go quickly too when I get ready each day!

  8. I love Nivea products! This is awesome that it’s a lotion that’s used in the shower. How awesome is that!?

  9. This is actually a really neat product if it works. I’m going to try it out myself because I’m skeptical. Not that I don’t believe you, but I want to try it myself.


  10. I should do more of these things for sure! I need to try out some Nivea stuff and see how I like it!

  11. I love multi purpose products. They make my life easier! Totally need to check out Nivea.

  12. As a mom, I’m all-too-familiar with having to cut a shower short if I’m needed! Any time-saving tips which help speed up the process are appreciated!

  13. I have never heard of dry shampoo. I like to pick out my outfit the day before. It really saves me time.

  14. These are great tips for saving time in the morning. I get my kids to pick out their clothes the night before so they have less to do in the morning.

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