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The Beauty and Simplicity of the Summer BBQ #TigerClean

Summer is here and so is everything that goes with it. I love being surrounded by the sounds of lawn mowers, birds singing you out of slumber in the mornings, and giggling kids running through sprinklers. The entire scene makes me want to break out the BBQ and raise a glass to warmer weather!

Unlike the other seasons which call for more formal plates and cutlery (with dining at the kitchen table), summer is a time when we are often found balancing a smaller plate on our laps while sitting in lawn chairs or at a picnic table.

In summer we enjoy more fresh salads and in-season fruits. After shopping, I wash my fruit, let a super absorbent Tiger Towel catch the water drippings, and it’s not long thereafter that the tray is empty. We go through a lot of fruit in our household, especially the berries!

summer bbq fresh fruit tiger towels

It is the time of year that the oven gets used less, and the grill more. Some of my favourite hot foods to make during the summer months are kabobs and skewers, juicy burgers, grilled ribs, and saucy wings.


In other words, bring on the finger foods!

From prep work, to cooking, and then to cleanup – there’s less dishes to do when making summertime meals. Yet, diving into finger foods and the more relaxed meal setting means that messes are more likely to happen. This is especially true when you throw kids into the mix. Pretty soon that wing sauce is literally all over the place!

tiger towels messy wings

Yet, that’s the beauty of the season. You simply have Royale® Tiger Towel™ paper towel on hand (at all times), and, when the eating is done, the garden hose is just a few feet away and another section of paper towel is there to help dry off. Why not, right? It’s the season of all things enjoyed outdoors.

summer bbq messy wings tiger towels

I’d say my summer BBQ must-haves are meat, sauce, Royale® Tiger Towels™ paper towels, and a summer-loving smile. I’m all for the ease of cooking and less cleanup. Always.

We even have Royale® Tiger Towel™ paper towel rolls stocked in our trailer, at our summer property at the creek. There, we get our grill on at least twice a day. BBQing out camping is a must, and we often have company join us as well.

tiger towels camping
That being said, I’m looking for easy camping/grill recipes so if you have a favourite, please share!


Tackle anything life throws your way with ROYALE Tiger Towel, the only paper towel that is tiger strong – you’ll be amazed by how it stands up against your toughest messes.

Minor spills? That sounds like a job for a handy half-sheet, standard in all packs of ROYALE Tiger Towel so you can use less.

Keep rolls handy throughout your home for fast and easy cleanups wherever they might happen. Learn more at


Disclosure: This post was brought to you by ROYALE Tiger Towel via Mode Media Canada. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Irving Consumer Products Ltd.


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  1. Finger foods are less fattening, because they’re little, right? RIGHT? I’ve never heard of these paper towels but would like to give them a try..I always have trouble finding the perfect towels. Not too thin, not too thick, durable, strong, absorbent — it’s a challenge!

  2. I love a quality paper towel that holds up to messes! Those finger foods look mighty good too!

  3. Royal Tiger looks like a great brand. I haven’t seen it in my store yet, but I’ll have to keep an eye out.

  4. We always seem to go all out when it comes to outdoor BBQ’s. Everything you can imagine gets cooked and we all get very messy. Good paper towels are a must, otherwise we have to hose down our hands and fingers before going back inside.

  5. Oh, I need some of these paper towels. Mine are always falling apart on me. Then there is an even bigger mess.

  6. I adore finger foods in the summer! And yes, that means we go through paper towels a lot more in the summer months because of it.

  7. My favorite finger food is boneless barbecue wings, fresh fruits and veggies. Good finger foods make you want to lick your fingers.

  8. Cooking and eating without the mess? Yes please! Nothing makes me happier than quality products that make everyday life easier.

  9. I’ve actually never used this brand of paper towels. Sounds like my house could certainly use them though!

  10. I’ll have to check to see if Tiger paper towels are sold in my store. Paper towels are essential in my house.

  11. Tiger Towels are so strong. I always buy them. I like to put chopped onion, butter, garlic, green beans and salt and pepper in a foil packet on the BBQ.

  12. I have never used that brand before, but will have to give them a try! Those kabobs look yummy!

  13. That is some yummy looking food. It looks like something I would end up wearing across my face though. I would definitely need those towels by the time I was done.

  14. If a paper towel can clean up after eating chicken wings, you know you have a quality one!

  15. With summer, you sure can get pretty messy with all those picnic foods. Thee paper towels would be great, especially with kids in the house.

  16. Such an interesting brand. I don’t think I’ve seen this packaging before – gotta check them out

  17. We definitely go through way more paper towels in the summer. I’m just glad we can eat all of those messy foods outside!

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