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2 Simple Steps for Big Summer Fun #TropicanaBottledSummer

Can we all give a loud hooray for the arrival of summer? It’s ok, whoop it up, I’ll wait until you’re done. 

Today is the last day of school for my girls, so by the time you read this – summer has officially begun! Each year we try to make the most of our sunshine season, and that means much balancing of the calendar, to fit in all the fun things we want to see and do.

While I do have some fun trips planned for the upcoming months, the majority of our summer isn’t spent running around at amusement parks, but rather ‘just playing’. Whether out camping or at home, it’s a time to go outside and play, as simple as it is. 

Summer is when the girls can roam and have fun, without a countdown until we run out the door for school or to activities. In fact, if the weather cooperates, my girls can be found in the backyard from sun up until sun down most days. A true sign of a great summer, is laundry piles of nothing but bathing suits and towels. 

We all know taking in a family trip or event over the summer requires much planning in order for it to happen. The beauty of simply going outside to play, is that it can be done on a whim without any planning at all. Plus, it comes at a fraction of the cost.

There’s only 2 simple steps to have the ultimate in summer fun – right in your own backyard! 

1) A Few Classic Activities

Unlike a toy room which bursts at the seams most days {do they reproduce?}, summer backyard play doesn’t require a ton of toys. Actually, you only need a few essentials and kids have a way of filling in the blanks with their imagination and creativity. 

I’d say you need only a few classic outdoor games and toys like a sprinkler, sidewalk chalk, a game and perhaps a ball or two. The rest is optional, but really, these are the basics to keep the boredom at bay. 

2 Steps to Simple Summer Fun #TropicanaBottledSummer

I call summer the ‘season of the sprinkler’ – dual purpose really, since it keeps my lawn and flowers alive AND entertains the kids for hours. Some summer days my kids change from pyjamas right into their swimsuits! 

summer fun tropicanabottledsummer


summer fun Tropicana Watermelon and Lemonade with Tangerine tropicanabottledsummer


2) Hydration, Hydration

During the summer months, hydration is key. The heat of the sun can deplenish our bodies so quickly, and having a beverage at reach at all times is is must-have. I’m a pretty big water pusher parent, yet even I can’t survive a summer on water alone. Summer and fruit are synonymous and there’s nothing better than sitting on the deck on a hot day, with a fruity drink in hand. 

Tropicana has bottled summer this year with two new flavours to join their classic lemonade drink {which itself has recently been rebranded} – meet, Watermelon and Lemonade with Tangerine!

Found in the refrigerated aisle of your grocer, these new beverages are the ultimate in quenching that thirst. 

Tropicana Watermelon and Lemonade with Tangerine

Truth be told, we are a household that doesn’t purchase a whole lot of juice, as most are too sweet for our liking. Yet, I have to give kudos to Tropicana for these dynamic duos – the taste is light and so refreshing. Actually, I wish someone caught a video of my first taste as I’m sure I had quite the look on my face – pleasantly surprised!

I love that Tropicana Watermelon and Lemonade with Tangerine are both made with real fruit juice and contains no artificial preservatives, flavours or colours. This means that I have no hesitations in choosing this beverage for my family.

Tropicana Watermelon and Lemonade with Tangerine review

Yet the true test is in how long a bottle lasts in our house, and ours had disappeared very quickly. Needless to say Tropicana Watermelon and Lemonade with Tangerine have since been added to our grocery list, I’m thinking it’ll be a regular purchase. 

In between outdoor play my girls stop for a slurp of cool hydration, and let’s not forget the frozen treats – a summertime staple! I poured Tropicana Watermelon and Lemonade with Tangerine into ice pop molds, as is, and they made the best frozen pops ever!

summer fun with Tropicana Watermelon and Lemonade with Tangerine

Again, not too sweet at all, just light and refreshing – and so much better for them versus store-bought pops that are loaded with artificial flavours and sugar. 

summer fun Tropicana Watermelon and Lemonade with Tangerine ice pops tropicanabottledsummer

Join me in raising a glass to the beginning of summer and days spent simply playing outside. For the simplicity and for the fun! What are your favourite ways to beat the heat in the summertime?

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I was compensated for this post, yet opinions are always my own


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    1. I will be working this summer but plan to spend evenings and weekends with family taking in all the great festivals and outdoor events such as the Fringe Festival, Folk Festival, Ballet in the Park, Folklorama, the Zoo, etc etc…….

  1. Plan on going biking, swimming, camping and taking long walks. Lots of quality time with family.

  2. I plan on trying to keep the kids busy all summer with lots of outdoor/water activities and going to the beach!

  3. Hopefully, we will be heading to visit grandparents in Montreal as well as making a few trips to the beach.

  4. going to the beach, taking my niece to the fair, enjoying the hot weather outside, having picnics outside and bonfires

  5. We are heading the to the Taylor Swift concert in Ottawa, followed by a waterpark. Then horseback riding, having family visit, horse camp, family camping trips, lots of swimming and biking and a trip to Medieval Times. Whew! Not going to have much down time – and we will love it! 🙂

  6. I plan on spending as many days as possible at the beach! It’s already so hot out and it’s still early!

  7. We’ve made up a calendar of, at least, one local activity per week that is free or minimal cost, we’ll be filling up the pool in the back yard, I have a box of crafts for the kids to do and we’ll be going to our local park and beach.

  8. I have a wedding and family coming to town for a couple of weeks. So that will keep us busy. After that just relaxing and enjoying the summer days.

  9. We are going to spend our summer doing some home renovation but we will also take time for a trip to the amusement park, beaches, and other fun activities.

  10. Hopefully most of my summer will be spent in the garden as this is the first year that we’re supposed to have one. Builder has closed our file after 2 1/2 yrs, despite not having completed the garden component nor rectified problems with the house.

  11. going to keep the kids all summer by swimming, camping,biking and being with friends and family and enjoying a nice cup of watermelon tropicana..:-)..thanks for the chance

  12. Camping, boating, & swimming! Plus the kids are both going to other camps for children for horseback riding, kayaking, & more!

  13. Just moved in our first house last week and honestly, we are gonna enjoy it a lot this summer !!!! I used to live in second and third floor appartment… So i’ll chill in MY yard 😉

  14. i plan on having a bunch of barbeques, watchign hubby at the driving range, and playing with my niece and nephew

  15. We are staying close to home this summer. We plan on being tourists in our own city

  16. outside with my girls as much as possible also my husband and I are going away for the weekend so that we can go to Wonderland and the zoo 🙂

  17. We’re not doing much, mostly spending time at the city pool and at the beach on the weekends! Thanks for the chance to win this awesome prize pack!

  18. Plan to spend our summer in search of fun. Kids only little once. Our hit list will include lots of sun, water and the quest to check off local adventures from our bucket list

  19. I will be looking for work as I was laid off a few months ago. I’m also spending time with my two beautiful granddaughter. We maybe do a road trip to BC, Jasper Banff.

  20. At the beach , taking day trips , hopefully a night to Niagara , lots of fun with the family 🙂

  21. I’m spending the summer with my family and we keep the kids busy at the pool…soon we will be going camping!

  22. We do not have any plans to go away this summer so we will enjoy sitting outside in the yard and having bbqs.

  23. We have a few small road trips planned and a week long canoe trip. Hope the weathers good 🙂

  24. I will be working most of it as we are short staffed, but what vacation I do have will be spent with friends and family, and maybe a trip to PEI

  25. I plan on doing a couple road trips to the U.S. and visiting family at my parents’ cottage.

  26. sitting around the fire pit on calm evenings, some weiner roasts/S’Mores making, day trip to the park a couple hours away.

  27. I’m working, but I love walking in this weather and I hope to take some day trips! 🙂

  28. We will be spending our summer at all the local outdoor parks – playgrounds, spray parks, swimming pools, etc, plus doing some local hikes, camping and maybe a little road trip down to Washington and Oregon.

  29. Waiting for our babykens to be born in July.
    Having family bbq’s. Enjoying the hot weather.

  30. How I plan on spending my Summer is spending time with my daughter at concerts, Canada Day with friends, cirque du soleil show and camping for our holidays in the States with my family and puppy dog. Gonna do some fishing and campfire Smores *yum*. Enjoying the beautiful weather. Busy but a rememberble Summer.

  31. We will be growing vegetables, going to day camp, swimming, going to the beach, and hopefully some sleeping in.

  32. We leave for GERMANY in two weeks for two weeks and then relaxing, going to the beach and playing with the kids once we are back! So excited!!

  33. Going to the beach, spending as much time outdoors as possible and camping!! 🙂

  34. I hope to spend it relaxing but I will be driving the kids to swimming and other places.

  35. We plan on Camping , and spending a lot of time at the cottage , swimming bbqing and enjoy family time together 🙂

  36. I hope to get to the beaches this year. Only happend once last summer! Will have lots of family time.

  37. I will be spending this summer enjoying the outdoors with my three beautiful girls!

  38. We are just staying home. My husband and I plan on going to a couple concerts, we will be taking the kids to Calaway Park in July plus we will be taking visits to the zoo, heritage park and the science centre. Hoping to take a day trip to Drumheller as the kids have never been there before. Just enjoying Calgary 🙂

  39. Relaxing in the air-conditioner with lots of books and magazines. Those Tropicana drinks look delicious. Love your girls having a fun time under the sprinkler. They are adorable.

  40. We have lots of day trips planned, to the Aquarium, the zoo, Butterfly Conservatory etc.

  41. My husband & I will be spending time close to home this summer, hopefully we’ll be able to spend a bit of time away at the family cottage!

  42. We will be spending our summer settling into our new town, going on road trips and hosting some visitors

  43. I plan on spending time with my son and grandson, then later this summer I will get to welcome a new grand baby into our family. So excited! I will also be camping and spending sunny days and warm evening on the patio with hubby. Happy summertime!

  44. We plan on spending the summer going to the lake and farm and working. The grandchildren will join us and they would love this prize pack – thank you!

  45. Such great photos! They scream summer! I love being able to finally get outside and enjoy the nice weather with my little guy. He was born in November so we were cooped up in the house for the first few months with all the cold weather. We love walks to the park, swimming and are venturing out on our first camping trip later this month. Thank you for a super fun prize pack 🙂

  46. I planning to do some exploring around my city as well as attending lots of festivals around town.

  47. I plan on spending my summer with my kids and hubby doing a lot of outdoor activities.

  48. I plan on spending a lot of time in my backyard, lounging on the deck or working in my garden.

  49. We are just taking a couple of short weekend trips to visit family and then just hanging around the house.

  50. I plan on spending my summer swimming, relaxing outside, BBQing, at the cottage, and gardening.

  51. I plan on spending my summer in my garden, in my back yard as much as possible.

  52. I’ll be working through the majority of the summer. We’re going on a nature walk tomorrow and we’re planning to get some camping in at the end of the summer.

  53. Going to hubby’s family reunion and then heading out to the lake to spend a few days with my family. Family time is always great!

  54. We’re sticking close to home. After the fire in May, we are still waiting for the rebuild.

  55. Camping, renovating, working and relaxing. You name it we’re probably doing it this summer.

  56. My 3yr old wants to go camping and fishing so those are on our agenda. Also plan on going to amusement/water. Teaching my lil one to swim. Cook outs with family and friends. Sitting by bomb fire at night and making s’mores … Yummy Yum Yum… Have a great summer all.

  57. I’m hoping to get as much outdoors time as possible – hiking, canoeing, camping, swimming, whatever just as long as it’s outside!

  58. Most of our plans involve staying around home too. Lots of playing in the yard and trips to the playground and nearby beaches. We’re planning on a couple camping trips in the area too.

  59. Plan on enjoying my summer bike riding and lazy days by the pool and helping out my with my daughter’s wedding

  60. We will go swimming, biking, beach trips, doing BBQ’s(a lot), and long walks. Plus anything else that interests us.

  61. We plan on going to the zoo, the aquarium, spending time with friends & finally going to Florida!

  62. I just moved in my first house so i’m really happy to chill in my new backyard…. Not gonna go far this year 😉

  63. we just got back from a family vacation so the remainder will be hanging out in the backyard! This would come in handy!

  64. I have a pass for the conservation areas in Ontario so I plan on going camping, hiking and spending a lot of time at Black Creek Pioneer Village. We are also going to go to Canada’s Wonderland and the CNE. This is going to be both fun and educational for the entire family.

  65. We’re planning on spending as much time as possible outside! Some day trip and a camping trip, the beach, and pool time too! We love the summer!

  66. We spend a lot of time in the backyard playing soccer, tennis, bowling and many other games.

  67. spending as much time outside as possible. I am going camping for 4 days with friends. Doing day trips to places outside the city.

    Christine T

  68. I plan on enjoying every minute of this summer by taking care of my husband, entertaining my adult children and grandchildren who visit, reading and taking care of and enjoying my many flowers.

  69. I don’t have any plans to get away this summer, but hope to spend some quality (bug-free) time outdoors with family and friends, and plan for many trips out picking wild blueberries.

  70. I plan on spending it at the cottage as often as possible or in air conditioned comfort somewhere

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