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GreenStrike Mosquito Preventer Giveaway – $299 Value

The warmer months are finally here, and while we love outdoor living, often times we are unable to enjoy it as much because of pesky mosquitoes. I’m one of those kind of people that seem to attract mosquitos, hence I am the one that’s always covered in bites.

We are a family that camps a lot during the summer months, and the mosquitos out camping are horrid! We have tried so many ways to combat mosquitoes, from the zappers to bug sprays and nothing seems to be the saviour that I’d like them to be.



Green Strike Mosquito Preventer

In 2004/2005 we underwent a West Nile virus scare here in Ontario. At that time, researchers began to run with the idea of creating a holistic, non-toxic artificial pond for mosquitoes to lay their eggs in. They were determined to reduce the 2nd generation of mosquitoes, not just kill the 1st.

Just 1 mosquito can quickly multiply up to 30,000 mosquitoes in 21 days!! GreenStrike’s Mosquito Preventer STOPS mosquito population growth BEFORE it starts. It lures in the female mosquitoes using patented, non-toxic lures and replicates a natural pond where females love to lay their eggs. They are drawn into the unit where they lay their eggs and leave behind a natural pheromone, which signals to other mosquitoes that it’s a prime location for egg-laying.

After a few days, the Mosquito Preventer flushes the eggs through a filter, trapping the eggs before they have a chance to hatch. Best of all, it targets the types of mosquitoes that can carry West Nile Virus, Dengue Fever, Yellow Fever and Chikungunya Virus.


Thorough in-field studies prove that the Mosquito Preventer destroys approximately 20,000 eggs in 30 days resulting in approximately a 70% reduction of mosquito populations.

What’s different about GreenStrike’s Mosquito Preventer? It eliminates mosquitoes at the source! Other methods attempt to trap or catch the millions of mosquitoes that can be in your backyard but the Mosquito Preventer eliminates the hundreds of eggs laid by each of those mosquitoes.

GreenStrike’s Mosquito Preventer is available to purchase exclusively at Home Hardware, you can also keep up with them on Twitter or Facebook.



Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.


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  1. We would be able to set out on the deck an have BBQS and run around with the Grand Kids without being eaten alive by those darn Mosquitos , wow that would be amazing , woohoo amazing giveaway thanks for the chance 🙂

  2. It would do great not only for us but or guests that stay in our Bed & Breakfast.

  3. After all the bites we’ve already got this early in the season…this would be sweet relief!

  4. We have a family cottage in Northern NB where we spend a few weeks each summer… the mosquitoes are big enough to carry you away! This would make sitting outside and visiting with family so much more enjoyable and bearable!

  5. I hate the smell of any repellent on my skin so this would let us enjoy our new deck

  6. We live in a fully wooded area, so the mosquitos are out in full force around 7. I hate having to drag the kids inside because I don’t want them to be bitten or have to spray them down with gross bug spray. This would be wonderful & much appreciated!

  7. I would set it up in the backyard. Ive been noticing mass amounts of mosquitos lately when ive been out there

  8. I hate trying to sit outside when the mosquitos are really bad. This would be a great help.

  9. The mosquitos are really bad this year! We can barely go out to our patio without bug spray on. The GreenStrike Mosquito Preventer would help make our backyard a more enjoyable place to be!

  10. we rarely sit outside because of the crazy amount of mosquitoes….
    I can’t be outside in the sun so evening and night time if the only ‘safe’ time to be out but because of the mosquitoes we don’t go out for more than a couple mins, this would be awesome!

  11. We are currently renovating an RV that we purchased and are planning on doing a lot of camping this summer. We know the mosquitos are going to be really bad already because they are relentlessly bothering us while we work. It would sure make camping more enjoyable with this device!

  12. I attract mosquitos so in the early evening when they come out I head back into the house instead of sitting around the firepit enjoying the friends and family that are over,

  13. I don’t get bitten by bugs, but it would sure help the rest of my family and we could stay outside later at night!

  14. We spend a lot of time in our back yard and mosquitoes are a constant nuisance. This would be a preferable remedy over sprays.

  15. I would give it to my Dad, he’s 93 and still puts in a garden and fixes chainsaws, lawnmowers, etc. It would be great for him to not be bothered by mosquitoes when he’s outside so much

  16. Plenty of mosquitoes here and in a no fog zone, so this would be great for the backyard.

  17. Mosquito Preventer would be perfect for when out in the garden to have it near when working on the little veggie patch and sitting outside in the evening.

  18. I like the idea of a mosquito reducer that does not use chemicals. My family appreciates this feature of The GreenStrike Mosquito Preventer the most

  19. I have eczema and find that the spray repellent sometimes stings my skin. so this would help. I would have this in my backyard where the Mosquitos are vicious! Thanks for the chance!

  20. A couple of my granddaughters get alot of mosquito bites during the summer months..for some reason, they attract them big time and their entire bodies are just covered in bites. This would be wonderful to have. They might actually be able to enjoy a bonfire and other activities if we had a Green Strike Mosquito Preventer

  21. This would be great as we don’t have any screened in options in our backyard and the bugs can get nasty! This would help us enjoy more time outdoors, especially in the early evening when they mosquitoes get worse!

  22. We camp all summer long so it would really help us. Right now the mosquito’s are terrible. We have tried zappers, candles, coils etc and none of them seem to help. Right now they can chase us inside the trailer at night they are so bad.

  23. Im thinking this machine would help us, we just built and huge gazbo/outdoor kitchen and we spend a lot of time out there

  24. this would be great for any bbq’s in the back yard as we all hate getting chewed up by bugs and those sprays never work well just make your skin feel greasy or sticky

  25. We would be able to go outside and enjoy our time together, without worrying about the pesky things buzzing and biting

  26. Mosquitos!!! ACK!!! Using the Greenstrike Mosquito Preventer would mean my 2 girlies could enjoy more time outside in the cool of the evening.

  27. We would truly be able to enjoy being outdoors in the evenings and not have to worry about being bitten!

  28. I would love this as my daughter gets eaten alive and then has a bad allergic type reaction to her bites. They swell up like a bee sting! This would be great!!

  29. We have a pond behind our house so there are alot of mosquitoes every year. It would be nice to be able to be outside without constantly swatting them off or having to use bug spray!

  30. This would be great on our deck so when we are sitting around with friends and family we will not be eaten by mosquitos. It would make our summer months much more enjoyable.

  31. GreenStrike Mosquito Preventer would change everything! My family likes to eat and play outside, but I stay inside as I don’t like mosquitoes. It’s bad enough the ones that get inside! The more mosquitoes, the harder it is for my boys to want to go outside. 🙁

  32. Going to my Mom and Dad you cannot walk in the grass..doesn’t matter what time of day it is we have to sit on the concrete slab away from the lawn..this would be great to finally be able to sit together on the grass and let the children play lawn games

  33. We could finally have a nice BBQ outside in our backyard without all the mosquitos eating us alive!!

  34. We live in the country & love to eat on our back porch but sometimes the number of mosquitos make it unpleasant. This would be fantastic!

  35. we spend alot of time outside playing board games etc. this would help us eat our meals and not get eaten our selves

  36. I am the beacon that all mosquitos come to when sitting outside. This may save me from having red, bumpy skin all summer long.

  37. I live in a swampy area, the mosquitoes make it impossible to enjoy the outdoors. The GreenStrike would enable us go back outside!

  38. This would help out alot we would not have to hurry up outside and can enjoy ourselves and relax outdoors

  39. I seem to be a mosquito magnet so this would help so much out on the deck to keep the pesky things away from us!

  40. we live a very rural area near the water, we just do not go outside from the early evening until the sun is up the next morning without protection of thick clothes and mosquito net hat unless covered in deep woods Off this would allow us to enjoy our yard!

  41. The mosquitos in our back yard get pretty thick sometimes. This would be perfect to put in our gazebo!

  42. We could definitely enjoy gardening and grilling out more if we had one. I also would be more confident that I could let my dog run outside more. I hate mosquitos. They can carry heart worms.

  43. I love sitting outside with the family but I hate getting eaten alive by Mosquitos! This would help keep the Mosquitos away so we can enjoy our patio

  44. I got bit under the eye last week by a mosquito. Looked like a walked into a door. Very swollen for a few days. This would be wonderful for me and my family.

  45. I don’t like to put on repellent, especially if I am only going to be outside long enough to water the plants. The GreenStrike Mosquito Preventer sounds like the answer to my mosquito problem. What a great idea!

  46. we live in the country in manitoba and have tons of mosquito’s, this would be amazing to have! I really dislike them!

  47. I would sit out on the back deck in the evening with my husband, like I know he wants to, without the fear of being eaten alive!

  48. It would go with us to the lake. would be nice to sit outside in the evening and not get eaten by misquitos

  49. I Do not like to use bug spray. But when we Do we wash it off before bed.I Do not like the chemicals on our skin especially over night. This green strike would give us the freedom to enjoy our yard more. Thank You for this chance to win it.

  50. GreenStrike Mosquito Preventer can help my family enjoy the outdoors because we live on the forest line and there are days we cant go out.

  51. We’d be able to sit on our deck in evenings and enjoy dinner without worries of West Nile or encephalitis.

  52. This would be so nice to win, our backyard is a swamp and bush area, so we can’t enjoy sitting out without getting eaten alive by the little buggers

  53. This could help us enjoy the outdoors because with the GreenStrike we don’t need to worry about the mosquitos biting us.

  54. I so need this for my yard, its very shady and dark and a breading ground for mosquitos.

  55. For some reason, our backyard and our neighbours always have massive amounts of mosquitos. Sure would be nice to sit outdoors without putting on a ton of repellant!

  56. We would be able to spend time on the deck without worrying about bites and won’t have to wear smelly bug repellant.

  57. Our backyard is surrounded by our garden and sometimes the mosquitos are so bad that we can’t sit outside and enjoy the flowers! This would solve that problem and give us our yard back!

  58. It would mean our family is less reliant on repellants that can be a pain to apply and reapply.

  59. The mosquitoes are getting really bad here as soon as the sun starts to set. I would love to enjoy our patio a bit later into the evening.

  60. We like to sit on the back patio but the mosquitos sometimes make that very hard. this ould help

  61. Our family enjoys being outside.We BBQ and swim and we love sitting around a bonfire and chatting at night.The GreenStrike Mosquito Preventer would be a blessing to have.Thanks for this opportunity to win one.

  62. Id love to win as we spend a lot of time outside and at the lake – this would be perfect to allow us a bug free time out there 🙂

  63. This would be awesome in our back yard! We love to have outdoor suppers at the patio table but the mosquitos make it quite difficult!

  64. It would be great top sit outside with the family without having the discomfort of getting ate with flies!

  65. Mosquitoes must love my blood type and are the bain of my summer life! No matter where I am, they find me …. winning this prize would be ohhhhh so sweet!

  66. This would be wonderful to keep us and our guests free from mosquito bites when we have cookouts in the back yard.

  67. This would be perfect I would love to win for my big sister , her and the all the kids can play outside without getting eaten alive ! Perfect for the summer 🙂

  68. We are really pestered my mosquitoes at the lake! I cam home this weekend with about 15 bites. It really would be fantastic to have this, especially for the grandchildren!

  69. We spend a lot of time in my parents back yard enjoying the bbq with friends and family and this would make it that much more enjoyable. Less pesky bugs is always a good thing.

  70. we have a new place with lots of trees, the mosquitos are aweful, this would help keep down the population

  71. This would allow me to cook outside more often. I got ate alive last summer while I was cooking on the BBQ.

  72. We just finished our back patio but we are overrun with mosquitoes! We’d love to be able to enjoy our new space 🙂


  73. This would be so wonderful. We love sitting outside on the patio, but unfortunately often have to go in the house because of the bugs. I would love it if we could sit outside for as long as we want without getting eaten alive by mosquitos.

  74. My daughter is getting married outside this year and no mosquitos means longer partying!

  75. At our cottage there can be huge amount of mosquitoes when the wind dies down, this could allow us a lot more time for fun without so many bites!

  76. unfortunately our backyard gets much standing water, when it rains the back of the yards turns into a marsh of sorts, its terrible. This would really help make the backyard much more enjoyable.

  77. We just moved from a larger city to a smaller one and our home is two streets away from a forest area.
    We look forward to enjoying time in our back yard and with Green Strike, that would be possible.

  78. The GREENSTRIKE MOSQUITO PREVENTER would be so great for an outdoor family wedding at the cottage this summer. Help!

  79. This would be so helpful at my daughter’s upcoming pig roast. They live near the lake and mosquitoes are so bad.

  80. We love to be outdoors, but with a baby, a toddler and a 7 year old, there is so much sensitive skin and they are too little to know that itching the bites only makes them worse. This would be wonderful to have!

  81. Would be awesome to be able to enjoy the yard in the evening without being doused in bug spray

  82. I hate using insect repellent spray…don’t trust them and makes you smell awful. What a wonderful option this would be. We would most certainly take advantage of the warm summer nights

  83. My life would change if I had this mosquito preventer. I do not sit in my beautiful back yard because of all the mosquitos. I could actual enjoy my backyard if I had this.

  84. We go camping for a week or so at a time, and always in the most farthest places we can go! the mosquito’s can be horrible and can ruin fun campfires with the kids.. this would be amazing!

  85. Up at the cottage were right by the river and we all know how the bugs are bad in the humidity by the water , would be awesome to be able make our nights more comfortable !

  86. This would make camping so much better , we would we able to sit out without covering ourselves with bug spray.

  87. I hate mosquitos! Its so hard to enjoy sitting outside with the kids and constantly swatting mosquitos or being covered in sticky bug spray… this would be awesome!

  88. It would help us because my fiancé and myself are both sensitive to bug bites and it would be nice to get out and not get eaten up!

  89. The kids would be able to enjoy the outdoors more as my son does not like going outside because he gets bitten often so it would help my family live in a mosquito free zone

  90. we live out in the country surrounded by farmers fields and once the evening hits the mosquitos are insane so we miss being able to have meals on the deck or even just enjoying the sunset. So this would help to enjoy the outdoors for us.

  91. Definitely would put this in the back yard and try to keep population down down down.

  92. this would really help with the bugs this year as we have had a lot and I mean a lot off rain in the past month, the black flies, mosquitos and the June bugs are horrible.

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