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Beach Love – Captured

When choosing photos to display in my home, winners are the ones that bring on certain emotions. The end-goal is to look each and every time and simply, smile. The best photos to frame are those that pause life at just the right moment, at a time that you could re-live each day if you had the choice. 

Like this one. 

beach love posterjack

This photo is of our latest family trip to Mexico, one time when we were spending time at the beach {not a huge shocker}. I was watching my girls play and take in their surroundings and captured this photo, when they were all watching for something in the water.

The ocean, sand, matted hair, sun-kissed glows, and nothing on the agenda but taking in the scene to remember always. If you look closely at the photo you can hear the waves, feel the warmth and smell the intoxicating scents of the salty water and tropical flowers. I can. 

This moment of my three girls, captured, brings me peace. Calm. Love. Happiness. 

For this beloved shot, I created a gallery frame at Posterjack. I seem to gravitate toward the classic black frames for the main room of my home, though there are more choices in colour.

beach love

With this photo, I almost chose to print in vivid colour – deep blues, iconic sand and pops of neon from their suits. Yet I thought the essence of beach life was brought out more, when in black and white.

This way the feeling was more intense than the actual coloured photo. My family and I are the happiest at any beach, at any time – and I wanted to convey that in this framed art for my home. Success!

Do you have a photo that brings out a strong emotion?

 12printsproject posterjack


Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.



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  1. Great photo Tammi, i totally love that you printed the picture in black and white as opposed to colour.

  2. I love black and white photos for the beach. This turned out really nice – I’ll have to check them out for doing some of my frames.

  3. So much beach info now that summer is around the corner. This Florida girl is loving it

  4. I have lots of photos like that, that bring out strong emotion, ones from my wedding, ones from when my kids were little, they day my grandmother died, shots of my mom who recently passed. I agree this is a fantastic way to decorate.

  5. What a beautiful moment at the beach. I have some photos I would love to display like this of my children.

  6. What a sweet photo. I love how it is in black and white. Definitely captures a lovely time.

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