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The Health Benefits of Having Pets #PetHappy

For years my husband and kids begged to bring a dog into the family. As much as I loved pets, I wasn’t sold on the idea like they were. In fact, I was the one that held strong in our pet-free stance, and literally put my foot down on the idea altogether. This was for work and commitment reasons, which were at the time, valid reasons.

Then after years of them wearing on me, I started to sway to the pet-owner side. The kids were at school all day, and they were older and had shown they were capable of the responsibility in caring for a pet. Once I was open to the idea, we started looking and ….

cavalier king charles myorganizedchaos

This is Charlie, and I cannot stop gushing about him. He’s a Cavalier King Charles and he’s not just our pet – he’s part of the family. He has a distinct personality, routine, and is as individual as every one of us. Also – I love him.

Shortly after we welcomed Charlie into our home, I was snuggling with Charlie on the couch and talking to him. My husband walked into the room and commented, ‘you are SUCH a dog person now”.

new puppy charlie cavalier king charles

It’s true! And while I held strong for years, I can’t imagine not having him with us each day now. He’s a happy dog that clearly loves us, and likewise, we are so happy to have him with us too.

I’ve noticed a change in us all since Charlie came into our lives. For instance – Before when I woke the girls up for school in the morning, I had to deal with much grumbling and resistance. It wasn’t a pleasant start to the day. Now, Charlie wakes them up with snuggles and kisses – and they are happy and excited to start their day.

kind katie barbie princess power superhero

That’s just one {of so many} ways that having a pet made us happier people. Actually, 98% of Canadians feel pets improve their general well-being. Many studies have indicated that owning and interacting with pets can improve physical and mental health, increase self-esteem and reduce stress.

There’s a lot of #PetHappy in Canada!


Some health benefits of having pets:


Loneliness be gone – One of the biggest health benefits of having a pet is that it fills the loneliness when others aren’t around. This ties in with all of the below too, battling depression and helping stress levels.

Depression – Having a pet can reduce the chances of suffering from depression.

Relaxation – When you play with pets, the dopamine and serotonin levels in your brain, elevate. This makes you stay relaxed and calm.

Stressbusters – When you are feeling stressed, play with your pet and notice the difference it makes. It’s that calming, levels back to normal benefit working again!

Fitness – Those with pets tend to move and exercise more often, through walks or just play. This improves your health since over time, your fitness leveles increase.

Blood Pressure – While pets can’t cure high blood pressure, having them around helps to keep the levels in check. That being said, having your blood pressure in a usual state without so many highs and lows, is one way to prevent having blood pressure problems.

Cholesterol – Studies have shown that pet owners generally have healthy cholesterol levels compared to those who donโ€™t own pets.

Heart – According to studies, those with pets and heart problems – have fewer issues when compared to those who donโ€™t have pets.



How does your pet make you happy?

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  1. They’re part of the family. They’re so affectionate that they can make a bad day turn around.

  2. My cat makes me happy,he is always there to snuggle and be petted,,and he don`t argue back ๐Ÿ™‚ A pet is a big stress reliever ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. they are like family, each has it’s own character and quirks, they constantly entertain us and love to cuddle and be around us!

  4. Our three cats make a happy home because we’re always laughing at their antics.

  5. My dog is always close to me. He is always their for me, with a doggie kiss or a wagging tail. I can always count on him being happy to see me no matter what. Sam just makes me happy. He is a beautiful 2 year old Norwegian Elkhound, who is soft like a teddy bear.

  6. We love our furry family members. We have Bramble and Thornly – dogs, Bacon, Mushroom, and Waffle – cats, and Hermes and Apollo – chinchillas. All were adopted from the Edmonton Humane Society. They can be so goofy you can’t help but smile..even when goofy= trouble. They just give so much love. =)

  7. My dog makes me happy, he loves to cuddle and always happy, never aggressive..just so cute..a real gentleman is what I call him.

  8. My two cats make me happy in so many ways! I love the way the both like to snuggle up with me on the couch. My one cat talks to me and I think it is pretty darn cool! The purrs and the rolling over on their backs so you can rub their tummies. My life is fuller having these two wonderful companions in my life

  9. I love cat cuddles in the morning, and my cat sleeps on my hip at night, keeping me warm.

  10. My 2 cats and dog are a big part of our family. They provide unconditional love and make us smile.

  11. Our dog makes us happy because he’s always wagging his tail and greeting us when we arrive home every single day.

  12. My cat makes me happy by being a faithful cuddler – there is just something so nice about having him curled up purring and cuddling. I love it even more when he does this with our kids – makes me so happy to see pets and kids so happy together.

  13. My dog makes me happy everyday ! No matter how I’m feeling my dog is there is make me happy , his birthday is in a few weeks , June 1 he will be 7 ! Time goes so fast !

  14. Our pug, Dexter, is my sweet furbaby. He practically pops with joy when I come home and he loves to snuggle in and sleep with me. He is such a joy.

  15. my pet gives me unconditional love and is always happy to see me and vice versa, they know when your sad or sick too and stay by your side

  16. My dog is there when I get home and is so happy to see me and she loves to cuddle.

  17. My cats and pup are always there for me and are always happy to see me. They can be so silly and make me laugh too

  18. We have two cats, one just lazes around all day, but the other cat has so much energy. She literally does somersaults at our house. She’s so full of energy.

  19. I don’t own a Pet. My daughter has a dog who I enjoy when I visit her. I have nieces who have cats who they dearly love.

  20. My cat Lily seems to know when I am not well or feeling blue. She will curl up beside; something she does not regularly do, and stare at me and purr very loudly. She is the best nurse.

  21. I’m incredibly #PetHappy to be chosen by our beautiful little boy we named Louie. The winter 2 years ago was so bitter cold and we had a very scared, stray cat living under the tarp in our backyard. He wouldn’t let us approach him but we began earning his trust by building him a warm and insulated cat house. One evening we kept the backdoor open and coaxed him in with food. This is when we noticed blood on his face. Someone shot him. With this discovery, we knew it was crucial to make him healthy and safe as soon as possible. He started learning what “it’s ok” means and it worked with everything, including the vet. After coming home healthy, fixed and safe, he started showing more happiness than fear everyday. Now our Louie is extremely affectionate and playful, but every now and then, he still needs to hear, it’s ok.

  22. My cats make me laugh every day. I love watching them play and run around the house.

  23. We have 2 cats & 2 poodles so lots of pets in this house. They make me happy because they are doing silly things and love to cuddle. They all have their own personalities and even though at times 4 of them is a lot of work we couldn’t imagine life without them.

  24. My Dogs are my life , they are so sweet and love me so much , they make my day everyday by , giving puppy kisses and sitting with me on he Couch and snuggling with me , i love them to pieces ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. my cats loves to snuggle with me and hearing them purr and know they love me just like I love them

  26. we have two dogs; they make me smile and laugh when they play and wrestle and cavort. They are cute, and huggable, and loyal family pets

  27. My girl (Husky/German Shepard Mix) welcomes me with so much excitement every morning I wake up! She lays by my feet whenever I work from home, and we go for the best walks. She’s my favourite road trip companion too. Now that she’s in my life, I can’t imagine being without her!

  28. My cat makes me happy wth his interesting and quirky personality, how silly he is when playing, and just how affectionate he is.

  29. My dogs are like my children, who have flown the nest. They are such good company, keep me sane, make me laugh and hold me responsible for their well being and care.

  30. My English Bulldog has so much character…he is both silly and stubborn, but oh my goodness he is hilarious. I can never be in a sour mood when I am around him. He cheers me up so much….

  31. I can always depend on our cats to want a cuddle during the day and that always makes me happy!

  32. Always greets me with a beautiful smile, always happy to see me in the morning (lifts my mood!), always there when I need to cuddle… Just a best friend ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Princess is always so happy to see me ….even if I am out of her sight for a short time…..makes me feel lovedโ˜บ

  34. We have 5 cats and they all have their own personalities! Some like to snuggle to my stomach and purr to the baby, others will come to us when the toddler is crying. We love them all!

  35. Our cats make us happy because they are always there with a cuddle, and watching them chase each other is hilarious.

  36. This article is so true! I have two cats and they are considered my babies. They definitely help with the loneliness throughout the day! My husband and I are now looking into expanding our family and are thinking about getting our first puppy together ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. Our cat Donny makes our whole family happy !! Donny was my our first cat that my hubby and I adopted from the humane society so he was our first “kid” before kids. Our youngest daughter (8months) especially loves him so much and he lays down with her on the mat and she pets him and he head butts her lol. its the cutest thing

  38. Had a dog called Casper for way too short a time but my heart break was mended by the arrival of the cat called Tinkerbell. Could not imagine being without her now.

  39. We have two cats and I so enjoy watching them. They have their own personalities are are funny.

  40. My 3 dogs are always happy to see and greet me at the front door when I come home. It’s the highlight of my day!

  41. laying down next to a cat and feeling them purr = instant relaxation & happiness. My 2 cats keep me happy with their magical stress-reducing powers.

  42. my dog is always at the door waiting for me and it makes my day when i come home for work.

  43. Funny how they know when things are going your way or something is wrong they are always there for you to put that smile on. When I come home from a long day or day of running he is always there greeting me as I walk through the door!

  44. Lila and Lewis(cats) make me happy by always being around to comfort me when I need it. I like to think that I do the same for them.

  45. My pet makes me happy in so many ways! She is sweet, loving and very playful. I don’t think a day has gone by that she hasn’t done something silly and made me laugh.

  46. My shihtzus seem to read my moods and love me extra when I am sad. I love my furbabies Castro and Havana , we currently have eight healthy almost three week old pups too! Extra love!!!

  47. My shih pooh Kashmir is the most loving girlie, I love her to the moon and I know she feels the same. My heart just melts at the way she looks at me sometimes, I wouldn’t trade her for the world!

  48. My pooches make me happy because they know when I’m down or not feeling myself, and they always know how to cheer me up, plus they help with guarding and protecting my property from thieves!!

  49. I have four dogs. They are always happy to see me when I get home. Each one is always willing to go for a walk and they are great for a cuddle when my DD’s aren’t home! They are great company in the car and never try to change my radio station!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. My two cats are not graceful or refined at all! They are always falling off the bed or being clumsy and making me laugh!

  51. One of the things that I love about Merli is that he makes MANY people happy including myself.
    All the neighbourhood children always want to pet him and as we go walking people smile and ask questions about him. He is goofy and mischevious but he brings joy to many.

  52. Not one thing bout my cats makes me happy – they just give me a wonderful sense of family, in everything they do!

  53. My cat makes me happy because she is such a snuggle and always purring. My dog makes me happy because she is such a goofy newfie and has a great personality. Love both my girls ๐Ÿ™‚

  54. Our family has 3cats with 3 very distinct personalities – from an old fuddiedud to one scared of her shadow to a very cuddly one. They are all very loving in their own special way. One of them always wakes me up in the morning. e is very persistent about his food. I love them all and will miss them when the time comes – even the old grumpy one.

  55. Our cat makes my kids happy and that makes me happy!! always count on purring cuddles from her.

  56. I have 6 cats, one dog, and one bunny what makes them and me happy is when I treat each one like they are only ones in the house!

  57. My 2 cats make me happy by cuddling up with me every night. It’s nice to have the company when you’re alone.

  58. Just watching Gizmo run like the wind, so happily and carefree makes me SO happy!!!! Snuggles are great too ๐Ÿ™‚

  59. i have three cats and they love to snuggle – they are always happy to see me, and make me smile

  60. My dog makes me happy, just by being there. He loves to be by my side whether I garden, or read a book. He destresses me. :o)

  61. My cat makes me happy because of the bond we share, and I always say that he takes care of me, not the other way around.

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  63. We had always adopted older dogs but last year we adopted a rescue puppy. He has been an incredible joy to our family and has taught our children how to be more gentle and compassionate. He is very loving and loyal and very playful.

  64. My baby girl, Penny, makes me happy by providing me with lots of laughs everyday. She loves to run around the house and play tug of war with her doggie toys.

  65. it’s like they know what to do at any time to make us laugh. they are always there for you. thanks

  66. My two dogs make me happy, by being there for me after a hard day to cuddle with, and their unconditional love.

  67. My pup makes em happy because she’s always so happy to see me and that’s a nice feeling.

  68. I call my little dogs my joy and “medicine”. Living with chronic illness is lonely and they help with being awesome company. I love them beyond…

  69. Just by keeping me company and being low stress, that’s what I’ve loved about all my cats over the years

  70. I love how he snuggles up against me when I’m sitting on the couch. I wuv him!!

  71. For years we were not able to have a dog despite my kids (and husband) wanting one as our rental did not allow it. So we have had fish, frogs, rabbits during that time. When we bought a house I was still a little reluctant to get a dog for all the reasons you mentioned. Plus with our allergies/asthma we had to find a breed that would work for us. In addition, dealing with my anxiety issues over not being a real dog person and having been attacked by one when pregnant with my son. Well, needless to say we found that breed – labradoodle and our “Rascal” will be turning a year old this month. And me, the non dog lover, well of course he loves me, chooses my feet to curl up to and is most excited when I get home.

  72. he is super funny and thats my favourite thing about him. he also seems to know when im not feeling well and follows me around to keep his eye on me. i love that he will nap with me even if its a lot of hours when im sick.

  73. Diego and Messi have a sixth sense when Mommy is having a bad day and no matter what shenanigans these 2 brothers get into, all is excused with their unconditional love!! I can happily say I have 7 children!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  74. My dogs Diego and Messi have a sixth sense when Mommy is having a bad day, and no matter what shenanigans these 2 brothers get into, it is excused because of their unconditional love and friendship. I can happily say that I have 7 children! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  75. We have two border collies and they keep us healthy and active because of their energy level

  76. Our dog Ginger is so loving. She loves to hug and cuddle. She also makes us laugh a lot because she does a lot of f
    cat-like and human-like things! ๐Ÿ™‚

  77. My dogs are my family. I couldn’t be without them. When my workday is over and I come home to them there is nothing better than their happy faces greeting me and the stress of my day instantly disappears.

  78. The tail wag when I walk in the door puts a smile on my face, no matter how bad my day was.

  79. My dog makes me happy because even though he is tall he often acts just like a tiny puppy!

  80. My puppy is always so energetic and happy. She instinctively knows exactly what to do whenever I’m feeling down or excited. Just being around her makes me happy

  81. Mostly, he makes me laugh…and also makes me smile! He’s 2 yrs. old and couple months, and he is still very much a puppy. ๐Ÿ™‚ He loves to play!

  82. Newton gets me out even when I don’t want to for a walk. Always improves my mood to see him goof around outside and get exercise myself.

  83. I love my cat that I adopted at the pound.She makes me laugh when she does this “drop and roll” thing at my feet and lays there on her back with her big white belly waiting for me to scratch it.This gets me giggling every time I see it. LOL

  84. I’d have to say my pets make me happy by being happy themselves. It’s impossible to be upset or angry around them, the way they carry on like love-stuffed goofballs…LOL.

  85. Katie likes to snuggle and she is chatty. She actually answers me. I love her to bits.

  86. My two dogs and bird make me very happy, as I hope I make them. They keep me active, make me feel safe, give me unending attention, and so so much more!

  87. I can be writing all day on how my cat makes me happy. Even when he is being a little jerk (constantly knocking his water dish over) he is still my #1 .. he cuddles me … he taunts me with his cold wet nose when I am sleeping. He always seems to know when I need him to come up and rub up on my leg !

  88. I have 3 cats – 2 siamese (one of which is 24 years old!) and a hairless sphynx. The snuggles I get from them when I am feeling down is the only therapy I need. I love my 3 girls :).

  89. Dogs really make my day, when I come in from being out they are always so happy to see me. <3

  90. My two keep me smiling from the moment I wake up to the time I go to sleep! The joy the bring is tremendous! Just took them for their vaccinations yesterday, and heartworm pills, and the little one has to go back for a dental cleaning June 9th. Have to keep them as happy and healthy as they keep me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  91. He is my baby and he makes me happy everyday. He likes to lay next to me and turn on his back so I pet is belly. When I say kisses he licks my ear.

  92. The unconditional love they all are so willing to give. We currently have three dogs & two cats. Obviously we love our animals. They rule the house. They each have their own personality. They each give us a smile or cuddle each day. Life is so much better with a pet in it.

  93. Our 3 cats bring so much joy to our house. They have such different personalities, and bring a smile to my face every day. They’re a huge part of our family!

  94. Our pets bring so much companionship and joy. We enjoy their loyal friendship and playtime. Cuddles and snuggling are always welcome. We love our walks with our dog, and she does too. I have always had pets and I always want to have pets, they bring so much happiness to our lives.

  95. My dog loves to lay with me on the couch, he gives me these weird looks when I say certain things to him which is hilarious, great around the grandkids.

  96. My cat makes me happy every day! Especially our morning and evening cuddles! I love her ๐Ÿ™‚

  97. My conure may be small, but he’s full of mischief. His antics make me laugh every day.

  98. My pet makes me happy with how bonded to my kids she is. Right now my daughter (15 months) is hugging her.

  99. I love how her snuggles and my boys love her so much. Cael is a wonderful cat.

  100. I have 5 Chow Chows ! They are the best dogs ever, they always know how to cheer me up !!

  101. They are cuddly and cute. Watching them do their own little unique things makes me happy. One of them gets really hyper and jumps around and does all kinds of cute things.

  102. love it when every time I cuddle up in a blanket she always right behind me to cuddle up with mommy..:-)

  103. I have two rescue cats, Milo and Daisy. They make me happy by greeting me at the door, and playing like crazy loons. They’re beautiful and snuggly, and truly happy pussycats, which makes me happy that they love their home with me.

  104. We have a huge fenced yard and the dogs love spending time out there, following me around as I garden.

  105. My beagle makes me happy by his hearing his crazy howl. Our Husky/Shepherd cross makesme happy with his big smile and 120lb oversized cuddles!

  106. My Rosie shows me love each day she is always at the door greeting when I get home love her ๐Ÿ™‚

  107. My dog makes me happy with his goofiness that makes me smile everyday and with his unconditional love.

  108. I have been absent for a while…but ‘Hello’…Sara named our cat, Audrey Hepburn…she is as adorable as the real thing was on the screen!

  109. Buster is always there for me and the kids. Pets are wonderful in the fact that they will always be there to show you unconditional love. Even when he’s being the biggest stinker butt I couldn’t imagine my life without him!

  110. I have a one and a half year old min pin Chihuahua, her name is Chevy and she is always full of energy I can always count on coming home to a million kisses And her little wiggly butt everything about her makes me HAPPY

  111. We don’t have a pet anymore as we had to give our dog away. (She was getting old and cranky and was no longer good with kids so we gave her to an older couple whose dog (same breed!) had just passed away.) My sisters each have a son of our old dog though and we love playing with them. They are so much fun on hikes and they love to snuggle up to us too. My sisters are both single so having a dog really makes a difference to their lives! I’d love to win this prize for my sisters’ dogs. Their (the dogs) birthdays are on August 17th!

  112. my dogs are not dogs to me. for they are my kids. they are everything to me. they make me happy when I am sad. they sleep in bed with me. they make me feel safe when I am scared. my dogs are my everything.

  113. are puppy makes us very happy when she is playing with us when we take her for a walk. she also has been a grate help to us as well.

  114. my pet makes me happy all the time when she purrs when im alone she will come to comfort me she is so sweet i love her

  115. Our dog acts like a part of our family. She will lay her head down on the pillow and lay out like a human. Always putting a smile on our face!

  116. Nothing like the rascal beagle to beg for tummy rubs all day long and the little schoodle who loves to give sweet kisses. They brighten up each day just by being our furbabies… โ™ฅ โ™ฅ

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