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Take the LISTERINE Challenge and Win!

It wasn’t until adulthood that I started to really step up my oral care. You know, around the time that age creeps up and the teeth start showing signs of my coffee addiction love?

It was then that I realized just how precious teeth and gums are … ok and maybe parenthood taught me a little something about dental bills and how crucial it is to take care of the teeth and gums.

So, everyone in my family brushes their teeth at least twice per day, faithfully. We try and floss daily yet realistically, it’s more like every second day. Yet just in the last few months I’ve been flossing more and more, since as my dentist put it, ‘aging and teeth means more will get caught in there and you’ll have to floss more often‘. Ugh, there’s that ‘aging’ word again.

Speaking of the dentist, we also never miss our yearly visits either and if I had it my way {if I won a million dollars}, I’d go a lot more often than the minimum once per year. I am one that loves going to the dentist, there’s nothing better than a freshly polished mouth. There, that’s my honest confession for the week.

My name is Tammi and I love going to the dentist. 

One thing I’ve never gotten in the habit of, though, is mouth rinse. Truth be told, I always thought it was only needed as a breath freshener, perhaps for those that didn’t like mints or gum. I always assumed that if I didn’t need that mint-zap now and then, I could do without. Slap a huge #fail on that train of thought, since apparently mouthwash is an important step to proper oral hygiene, and I’ve totally been missing out.

I also used to think that bleeding gums was a result of brushing too hard, but it’s actually a sign of early gum disease that can be reversed with LISTERINE® in just two weeks*.

Yikes! OK, I obviously need to learn a thing or two, and I’m sure there’s lots of people out there that could use the reminder as well.

Listerine Blogger canada

I’m taking the LISTERINE® Challenge! — For education, health and to save money in the long-haul!

To arm myself with the best gear for this challenge, LISTERINE® sent me some of their products to use and test along the way. I now have the latest flavours of dental floss {Mmm!}, and some LISTERINE® Total Care Antiseptic Mouthwash, which I’m eager to start adding into my daily oral routine.

Not only does LISTERINE® Total Care Antiseptic Mouthwash refresh the entire mouth but it also kills 99.9% of germs that cause early gum disease, prevents cavities, strengthens teeth, and restores minerals to the enamel. I’ll be using this daily for the next couple of weeks as part of the challenge. 


Will you take the LISTERINE® Challenge with me?

Simply register on the site. Then, rinse with LISTERINE® twice a day for 14 days. Check into the site during the challenge {even everyday after you rinse}, and be entered for a chance to win daily prizes and earn entries into the grand prize draw, which is a chance to take home $20,000!

… plus that healthier mouth. Double win!

The LISTERINE® Challenge runs from now until July 15, 2015 and is open to Canadians. No purchase necessary, please see full contest rules and regulations for details.

listerine challenge canada


*Disclosure: This post was generously sponsored by Johnson & Johnson Inc., the makers of LISTERINE® the opinions and thoughts are my own.

*with twice daily brushing. Consult with dentist if gingivitis symptoms persist or worsen. Always read and follow label. No purchase necessary, please see full contest rules and regulations for details. 

**If you have any comments, concerns or questions about LISTERINE®, please click here to contact Johnson & Johnson Inc.

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  1. We use listerine a lot, but I didn’t realize that there were all of those other products!

  2. I’ve always been a once a day teethbrusher (and have fillings to prove it). We are trying to get the kids into the habit of better hygiene and this will be a good addition.

  3. I love Listerine. It makes my mouth feel super clean. I just don’t like eating after using. It makes everything taste gross for a while.

  4. listerine is the brand we always use. It’s also the brand our dentist recommends to us the most, so that is what we use. I love the feel afterwards because it always makes my mouth feel so much cleaner.

  5. Oh they have cool heat now, is that like cinnamon? I so need to try this – we love Listerine products in our home.

  6. LOL. I love going to the dentist too! I love listenine products but I don’t use the total care rinse, I’ll make a point to pick some up next time I’m in the store. I’d love to see if it makes a difference at my next checkup!

  7. I’ve been using another brand of mouthwash for a while. I always found that Listerine burned! But, I haven’t used it in a while. Did you experience any of that?

  8. We use Listerine in our house. I have actually been using it since I was a teen. The stuff is awesome and makes my mouth feel minty fresh.

  9. I love the way Listerine Mouthwash make my mouth feel so fresh. I definitely want to take the challenge.

  10. I like Listerine a lot and I always stick with the classic flavor. I have to check out some of there portable items.

  11. While I do not share your abundant love for the dentist, I do love a clean mouth. We love Listerine in my house

  12. This is so great! I’ve been using Listerine since I was in high school. It’s really great!

  13. I took the listerine challenge and it did make me pay attention to my health/ mouth more!

  14. I took the Listerine Challenge. My husband has used Listerine for years but not me. I am a user now.

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