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Take Control and Own the Throne

In my ‘younger‘ years, there were topics that I never gave a second thought to; nor would even talk about – let alone publicly. This was due to a combination of embarrassment and the attitude that it will never pertain to myself. I laugh at my younger, naive and silly self.

Then, younger self had kids.

At this point, everything you think you know about life changes, and pretty soon you’re freely talking about all sorts of body parts and bodily functions. I even yelled out the backdoor to the kids in the yard just yesterday, asking if the dog had a poop – along with secondary questions if they did too.

Hey, a Mom’s gotta keep track of this kind of stuff, it just comes with the job. ‘Cause if you or anyone for that matter, doesn’t ‘go’ – it leads to a whole mess of problems. This I know as fact, since well, I have children, and this sort of thing goes hand in hand with giving birth. It’s life.

“Take Control and Own the Throne” is a current Dulcolax® Laxatives campaign that aims to raise awareness about the importance of bowel health; informing consumers about the effectiveness of Dulcolax® Laxatives and their predictable, overnight relief to help you take control and “own the throne.”

After all, 1 in 4 Canadians suffer from symptoms of constipation – defined by infrequent or difficult bowel movements as compared to their regular patterns. In fact, the constipation rates for women in all age groups are almost twice as high as men in Canada. Which is why the ‘own the throne’ campaign encourages women to take back the control of something many view as out of their control. 

own the throne

It’s a problem that often impacts Canadians’ quality of life, as it can cause physical pain, discomfort and in some cases, the feeling of isolation. In addition, it can interfere with productivity at work and social plans. Meaning, 1 in 4 avoid bathroom situations in the office, and 3/4 of Canadians avoid going in public places altogether – that makes for many long and uncomfortable days! 

It’s time this topic and predictable relief solutions be discussed with the bathroom doors open {figuratively, of course}. May is digestive health month, so what a perfect time for Canadians to take control of their bowel health issues and feel empowered to take control and own the throne.


The following three steps can help Canadians maintain regular bowel movements so they can own the throne:

  • Open Up:

Canadians need to speak up when it comes to bowel movements because not only is it something we all experience, but it can be a good indicator for overall health.

  • Healthy Lifestyle Choices:

1 in 6 Canadians feels their bowel movements are inconsistent and 1 in 9 feel their bowel movements are uncomfortable. When you are constipated, you may feel bloated and not like yourself. To promote good bowel health, it’s important to get regular exercise, have plenty of water and caffeine-free fluids – and always drink alcohol and caffeine in moderation. In addition, eating a diet rich in fibre is helpful.

  • Don’t Delay Relief:

Treatment options exist – but you need to make the right choice to get the relief you need. For example, for occasional constipation, a product like Dulcolax® Laxative tablets can be taken at bedtime and will produce a bowel movement the next morning in the comfort of your own home. It provides gentle, predictable relief, something the vast majority of Canadians are looking for.



When it comes to healthy and regular bowel movements Canadians can take control and “Own The Throne” with three simple steps:

  • Observe your bowel movements on a regular basis and notice if they are infrequent or
  • Speak to your Doctor or pharmacist about your treatment options if you notice a change
  • Visit for more information about bowel health and treatment options.


** Watch for an upcoming Twitter Party sponsored by Dulcolax & Best Health on June 18th – more details and RSVP to come! 



WIN IT: Enter to Win a ‘Own the Throne’ Prize Pack, arv $100 and will include the following items:

ducolax giveaway

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  • Basket Box – Large – Each prize pack will be placed in a solid colour box.

To ENTER: Fill in the form below with your qualifying entires. Good luck! 


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  1. the form links me to a already completed contest, Jennifer L is the winner?

    1. And it works now! I’m ok with talking Bowel Health. I use a diff brand when issues arise. Thanks for chance

  2. I’m comfortable talking about it. Drink lots of water, and green veggies!

  3. I have had several issues related to my bowel health so I am okay with talking about it.

  4. I’m comfortable talking about it. I try to eat lots of vegetables and drink lots of water.

  5. I have no trouble talking about it…everyone poops LOL! I have been drinking more water to try and help in this department.

  6. I’m comfortable talking about it. Muesli in the morning is a great help.

  7. I never talked so much about my bowel health until after having children. Things certainly change once we started a family! lol

  8. I am comfortable talking about bowel health. I use a fibre supplement daily to help stay regular as I have irritable bowel syndrome.

  9. Im comfortable with talking about my bowel habits, I try to eat lots of fruits and veggies, water is also key

  10. I’m comfortable talking about it. I take a fiber supplement every day

  11. Not very, although it is a topic in our family. Siblings, cousins, nieces, nephews all suffer from either chron’s or colitis, and my mother had bowel cancer.

  12. I’m getting more comfortable. Lots of fresh fruit and veggies help keep things working well in this area.

  13. I am comfortable talking about bowel health. I use medication for immediate relief when problems arise and make dietary changes for more long term relief.

  14. Being a nurse, it’s a daily question. Bowel health is important to overall health. Of course I am comfortable. My daily diet consists of high fibre. Lots of salad and veggies.

  15. Im good with talking Bowel Health. I have used diff brand when issues arise

  16. not really comfortable talking about bowl health, but sometimes we have to have those embarassing convos.

  17. I have no problems talking about bowel health and I try to work naturally with keeping everything moving as well as possible.

  18. I don’t really talk about bowel health. I add more fiber into my diet to gain control.

  19. We can talk about bowel health in our house. It is pretty important, and miserable feeling when it doesn’t work!

  20. I am comfortable talking about bowel health due to MS I have had a few problems over the years,I find a tsp of Cayenne mixed in a glass of milk everyday keeps me happy.

  21. I am comfortable talking about it and I eat food in high fibre, lots of fruits and veggies and on occasion some prunes

  22. I’m very comfortable talking about it. Fibrous cereal and lots of veggies and water helps me.

  23. I have not problem talking about it. I find eating all three meals a day and drinking water keeps me on track.

  24. I’m very comfortable talking about bowel issues and I found fibrous cereals and veggies and water does the trick for me.

  25. I’m comfortable talking about bowel health. I usually try drinking lots of water and since I don’t mind the taste of it, I’ll drink prune juice. That usually works.

  26. It’s not a regular topic of conversation but I’m okay with it. Lots of fibre and lots of exercise helps to keep me regular!

  27. I am comfortable talking about bowel health. Once I had a child all I did was talk about bowel movements! I try to drink lots of water to stay regular.

  28. Good health is important and bowel health is just one area we need to take care of. It is nothing to be embarrassed about. Eating lots of fibre and drinking water are a couple ways to take care of bowel health.

  29. I am comfortable. I try to stay regular with lots of water.

  30. I’ve been eating more whole grains and fibrous foods to help me out. Have to remember to drink more water, though, throughout the day!

  31. I have loads of problems I have a prolapse so it’s very hard for me to go gotta get it soft lolol

  32. I have no problem talking about it!! I drink lots of water to help

  33. It depends who is around, I am comfortable talking about it with most people. I try to stay on track by drinking plenty of water and consuming food with lots of fiber.

  34. Stuff like this use to embarrass me, but now that I am a mom, nothing seems to.

  35. I am comfortable talking about it. I drink lots of water and other fluids,eat lots of fruit and veggies.

  36. I don’t mind talking about it but not when I’m eating. I use chia seeds in my morning shake and they help me stay reg.

  37. i am uncomfortable talking about bowel health, not sure why. I don’t usually take anything… drink lots of water, and fruits and vegetables

  38. I am comfortable talking about it, I have a boyfriend with Chrons. I drink lots of water and eat lots of fruits and veggies

  39. I have no problem talking about it – I have some issues I am trying to control so this would greatly help!

  40. I’m somewhat comfortable talking about it. I do my own research online.

  41. I am very comfortable talking about it. A pink grapefruit everyday @ 3:00 keeps me on track 😉

  42. I’m totally ok with talking about bowel health. In fact, my mother and I have bowel issues. Not bad, just constipation. Stuff that Dulcolax can help with.

  43. I’m mostly ok with talking about bowel health. We try to be preventative by eating enough fibre and plenty of yogurt.

  44. Not comfortable talking about bowel health. I drink water and eat yogurt and foods high in fiber to gain back control.

  45. Im more than comfortable talking about it. Its a family problem. I drink lots of water everyday to help with it.

  46. I am comfortable talking about it but just not to everyone I meet .LOL I like to start my day off with a bran cereal or bran buds in yogurt and I drink lots of water.I have bought this brand before and like how gentle it is.Would be nice to win some!

  47. we talk poop all the time – i find exercise it the best, and lots of water. i also take a probiotic each night.

  48. Not uncomfortable at all. As with most things, much easier dealing with “issues” when you can find someone who shares the same problem.

  49. I’m comfortable about talking about it for sure. I have IBS so it’s something I have to think about and talk about on a regular basis. Drinking a ton of water and avoiding “clogging” type foods like pizza and perogies are what help keep me on track.

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