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Gifts for the Master Chef Mom from Showcase

One way to choose the perfect gift for Mothers Day is to find something that makes what they always do – easier. And, speaking from a Moms point of view, I do spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

Therefore, my ears perk when I see the latest great gadget, device or kitchen tool. There are some neat ones on the market right now – you just have to love how technology and ideas advance!

For those Moms that are master chefs {bowing down}, it’s having the latest and greatest that makes them smile. For those that don’t particularly like their cooking duties but push through it – finding something that saves them time and hassle, is most welcome. Either way – kitchen gifts are a win!

When browsing at Showcase, the kitchen products tab is one of the first I skim through. Likewise, when shopping at one of their 101 stores across Canada, the kitchen tools section is where I can be found.

Since my whole family loves our daily smoothies, I know we’ll want them this summer when camping as well. I have my eye on the NutriBullet Pro 900 Series to keep out at our seasonal lot so I don’t have to take ours from home each time we go. I’m giddy over the thought of enjoying a morning smoothie while breathing in the peace of nature and the song of birds. See? Now that would be a Mothers Day gift that is good for the soul and for health!


Top Gifts for the Master Chef Mom!


  • Harvest Cookware Pressure Pro

Relieve the pressure of cooking a gourmet meal, just press a button to create moist and delicious tasting meals 10x faster!


  • Veggetti

Create delicious spaghetti in seconds that is actually healthy for you. With 12 ultra-sharp stainless steel blades, Veggetti cuts your favourite veggies into thin spaghetti size or thick fettuccini size noodles. Everyone will want to come over for a tasty and healthy meal!


  • Chop Magic

Chopping the old-fashioned way is tough and can take forever. Chop MagicTM chopper is lightning fast and easy to use – it’s like having 12 knives in one! 



Frozen merchandise finally in stock

To take the stress out of shopping and find the perfect on-trend gift for your Mom, take a look at the home of the hottest trends and a great one-stop gift shopping destination – Showcase! Shop online and get FREE SHIPPING anywhere in Canada, or shop in one of the 101 stores across Canada! 

What kitchen product from Showcase would you love to have?


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  1. I would totally love the pressure cooker. I still don’t have one, and would really love it.

  2. I got myself a pressure cooker last year and it makes the best ribs!! I cure could use a good chopper though!

  3. I have always wanted a pressure cooker, my grandmother had one and loved it. This would help so much in the kitchen.

  4. Honestly the pressure cooker. I’ve wanted one for ages yet have not bought one. It would come in handy but with my small kitchen I don’t have the space.

  5. I have always wanted a pressure cooker… ha! This is a great list. Thanks so much for sharing.

  6. I have wanted a nice pressure cooker like that for ages now. I should probably just buy it for myself 😉

  7. The presser pro would be nice to have. I’d love to have that for myself! I think it would also make a great gift for anyone.

  8. Although I do cook, my husband is actually the Master Chef around our home. He has been asking for a pressure cooker for quite some time so that would make an amazing Father’s Day gift.

  9. I’d love that pressure cooker for Mother’s Day. Hey, I’m the proud mom to three fur babies. It counts!

  10. I’d love to add more veggies to my diet by using a Veggetti. It sounds like a really cool device!

  11. I would love to have all of these great products. I would love to try the Harvest Cookware Pressure Pro. There are so many great meals i could make with it.

  12. I just bought a vegetable spiralizer (love it), so I’d love to try to pressure cooker.

  13. This very interesting. To be honest, I have been scared of the pressure cookers, but I bet a lot of things changed since my childhood – gotta check it out

  14. We would make great use of a chop magic around here. We try to go heavy on fresh fruits and veggies and the prep can get time consuming.

  15. I would also love the pressure cooker. I have a very old one, but a new electric one would be nice.

  16. I love to cook so much so these would be great for me! I really could use the Chop Magic device!

  17. those are awesome gift ideas. I will have to check out that pressure cooker, my mom and also my step mom have been talking about them recently.

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