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CanadaStays Celebrates the Summer of the Staycation

What are your summer plans?

Us, we always stick closer to home during the summer months, and take in local activities and attractions. We might visit other provinces within Canada, but we rarely leave the country.

After all, we Canadians have such a long and bitter winter, yet our summer weather is simply amazing. Many times over the season I’m reminded just how beautiful our country is, and one of my goals is to visit Canada in it’s entirety – coast to coast.

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Thing is, our own summer plans aren’t unlike the majority of Canadians.

Here are some recent survey facts from Leger Marketing:

  • 85 per cent of Canadians would like to explore Canada this summer, instead of travelling out of country.
  • The Atlantic Provinces (38 per cent), Ontario (36 per cent) and British Columbia (35 per cent) were the top preferred travel destinations this summer.
  • Four in 10 households with children under 18 are also more likely to choose a whole-home vacation rental property over a hotel (39 per cent vs. 31 per cent).
  • A third of Canadians (33 per cent) would prefer to stay in a whole-home vacation rental property when travelling with family or friends, rather than a hotel.
  • When selecting an ideal vacation accommodation, 40 per cent of women say that it should feel comfortable, like home.

Indeed it is the summer of the staycation and vacation rentals are on the rise.

CanadaStays is Canada’s largest vacation rental marketplace with whole-home vacation rental properties including cottages, cabins, chalets and condos. For property owners, they offer a simple and effective marketing solution that gets their property listings in front of millions of people. For travellers, they provide unique accommodation options in destinations where they travel to most.

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Yet now Canadian travellers have more choice!

CanadaStays has just announced a partnership with HomeAway, the world leader in vacation rentals. The deal allows CanadaStays to combine its 30,000 Canadian properties with HomeAway’s Canadian inventory to create an even richer marketplace for travellers looking to explore Canada.

In fact, travellers will now have the benefit of choosing from a combined total of 40,000 Canadian whole-home vacation rental properties.


The benefits of a whole-home vacation rental property:

  • With more space, comfort, amenities and privacy, plus access to areas of Canada that hotels don’t service, CanadaStays is the ideal solution for Canadians looking to staycation this summer.
  • For families or people travelling in groups of friends, a whole-home vacation rental provides exceptional value for the hard-earned dollar.
  •  CanadaStays has a quick and easy online booking system which makes planning a summer vacation – simple and worry-free. Travellers have access to honest user ratings and reviews prior to booking, promoting transparency within the rental community. 


Looking forward to a staycation this summer? Check out these popular choices: 


Before you rent for your summer staycation, here are the top tips:

  1. Research the owner – look them up on the internet
  2.  Talk to the owner – don’t do this over email/text message
  3.  Research the property – read reviews, check Google Maps
  4.  Get a rental agreement – sets expectations
  5. Pay by credit card – provides maximum protection


May you all have a fun staycation this summer!



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  1. I’d love to explore Canada, it looks like such a great country. Whenever we travel we stay in whole homes or cabins that are pet friendly. It’s the only way to go!

  2. Spring and Summer are my favourite seasons. The weather is beautiful, there are tons of events and festivals in the city, beautiful scenery outside the city. It’s a great time to explore.

  3. I can see why you want to stay close to home this summer. The photos you showed are simply breathtaking.

  4. I’ve always wanted to visit Canada. The vacation rentals look like a wonderful place to stay.

  5. Whole home rental is the way to go for sure. Being able to prep your own food instead of eating out all the time alone is a HUGE money saver. I haven’t been to Canada since 9/11 since I never seem to get around to getting a passport, but have a lot of fond memories of Windsor and London when I was a younger man.

  6. What a beautiful staycation idea. I feel like Rhode Island offers so much beauty that we should take advantage of it. I hope to have a beautiful staycation this summer!

  7. I also love staycations in the summer. Can’t beat a week at the cottage fishing, swimming and enjoying the great outdoors!

  8. We go away every summer and this sounds like a great place to stay. I would love to visit.

  9. We do a lot of staycations because our winters are brutal too and it’s no fun to do outdoor stuff in the cold! But I have always wanted to visit Canada! It’s just so gorgeous there!

  10. I can totally understand why you like to stay close to home… those are some beautiful views. We visited Canada when I was a wee one, but not since 🙂

  11. I have always wanted to go to Canada. I am hoping to plan a cross country camping trip next summer.

  12. I could use a staycation for sure! That looks like such a beautiful place for one too. Those photos are just so beautiful!

  13. I love doing stay cations in our area!! Canada would be an amazing country to get to explore and vacation in!

  14. I love vacation rentals. They just make sense with a family. Those all look so gorgeous.

  15. This is a great resource for planning a staycation. I will have to check out the web site and see what my options are.

  16. I think local things in the summer sound fun. It’s always great to get to know your hometown.

  17. I’ve never actually rented a house, it’s always been a hotel or something like that. I would much prefer a house!

  18. I love the idea of renting a home and doing a staycation in Canada. I am going to check out the houses for rent in Mont Tremblant. I’ve wanted to go there for a long time.

  19. There is beautiful scenery right outside your own door step. Why go into debt, or stress yourself out at an airport. Beauty and relaxation is only a few steps away.

  20. This is pretty cool and I need to look into it. We have friends we like to visit in Canada, but our family is way too big – I hate inconveniencing them to stay at their house

  21. Visiting Canada is on my bucket list of places to see with my family. I have never been even though we are not that far!

  22. We usually stay in town and swim. It’s too hot to do much else. I would love to visit Canada someday!

  23. We have an RV so we will be spending the summer using it, we have it parked on a seasonal lot so definitely a staycation for us.

  24. I’ve never been to Newfoundland, and would love to visit. It’s quite a ways from Northern Ontario, so not sure how much of a Staycation it would be. But I’d love to spend three weeks exploring the island.

  25. i agree that we should vacation near home, especially in Canada. We should spend our vacation money here because it will help our economy. We will be stay close to home for our holiday – thank you!

  26. I love staycations tooo…It is just so much more affordable and relaxing to vacation close to home…I live in British Columbia and rarely vacation outside of the province 🙂

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