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A Perfect Pre-Teen Bedroom – Complete with Powerful Inspiration

The last room in our house to get redecorated was my oldest daughters bedroom. A room that was once previously the toy room, my girl put up with alphabet and monkey wall decals for years, bless her.

So when it was time to truly make the room her on, she went bold, just like her own sassy self. Now, the room is painted lime green, perfect for her pre-teen personality. She got new bedding and bedroom accessories to compliment. 

While the room came together beautifully, the walls were still pretty bare. We waited on this final detail, to choose the perfect items and their arrangement. Just last month, I made her a beautiful OVERSIZED cork-board from an old wooden frame and some fabric I picked up to compliment the colours in her room.

Lime Green Perfect Pre-Teen Bedroom

Then, on the other feature wall, I had gotten a canvas piece that that is full of inspirational quotes. It’s brightly coloured and complimentary in hues as well. Yet, this canvas print rested on the ledge of her room for months, waiting to be hung once I got something else to go with it.

Then, while at a cheer competition in Kentucky last month, I captured a photo of my daughter that literally takes my breath away. During their routine, this photo of her truly represents her drive, passion, fierceness and determination. You can see it in her body language and in her eyes. This capture is simply perfect. 

It’s this photo that I had made into a 16 x 24 canvas print at Posterjack, the photo crisp and clear – the colours are vividly brilliant. Really, I could not love this canvas print more. Plus, it came ready to hang, even with rubber stoppers on the back corners so it can’t scratch the wall.

posterjack canvas print

Then I had an ‘issue’ – the word quotes canvas I had picked up months ago from a box store – wasn’t ready to hang. I laid the two canvas prints along side each other, and sighed that I’d still have to tackle putting on the hooks and wire onto the other. This meant I had to shop for the hardware, try to position it the same as the other and … oh, what a pain!

canvas prints comparison

I finally completed the work, but it again took days thanks to a busy schedule and little time to shop. They do look fantastic together don’t you think? 

posterjack canvas print pre-teen bedroom

While, I do love what I did with the feature wall in my daughters bedroom – I did learn something along the way:

Having a complete piece ready to hang is a wonderful, wonderful thing. With Posterjack, their canvas prints are no hassle, no fuss – delivered to your door with no extra work involved except hammering a nail into the wall. 

If I had predicted the inconvenience I’d go through, in trying to hang the quote canvas from the box store, I would have instead just created and ordered the same one from Posterjack – which I could have done. Plus, in comparison, Posterjack is way better quality in both the image and in how it’s attached to the frame. Huge lesson learned for next time!

Yet that being said, I am happy with my daughters feature wall. I hope she looks at this daily and gets that overwhelming ‘you can do this‘ attitude – because she totally can. 

12printsproject posterjack


Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.



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  1. Absolutely beautiful Tammi; can’t wait to see the real thing. Great inspiration in the wall hanging! You are so talented.!!

  2. Even though you had a few bumps along the way, your project turned out great! It looks wonderful.

  3. Love the OVERSIZED cork-board but most of all I love the photo of your daughter, what a fantastic shot. 🙂 I’m sure she loves the new look of her room, I think any young girl would.

  4. I am loving that canvas print. My oldest is getting his black belt in September and I want to make one of him getting it from the Sensei.

  5. I love your daughter’s bedroom and always wanted one like that! That cheering picture of her is so gorgeous too!

  6. Her room looks amazing. I love how the print turned out. I will have to make a few for my house.

  7. They say the color paint you choose for a room says a lot about the person. I would have guessed your daughter was sassy from that bright green!

  8. Now this is an awesome bedroom. I love, love, love the canvases. Super-cool. Thanks for sharing

  9. Love the canvas pictures of the quote and your daughter’s cheer picture. It all came out really nice. I have never heard of Posterjack, so I will be checking them out. I’ve been wanting to have more pictures made in canvas print for our family room.

  10. Looks perfect for a pre-teen! I can’t wait until my kids are that age and I can help them get a more grown-up looking room.

  11. I love that photo of your daughter! She is beautiful. I bet she adores her new room. Great job!

  12. I love how her room turned out. The canvas of her cheering is a great addition to the room and looks great.

  13. I love how the room turned out, especially the feature wall. That green is awesome, but I think I’d personally find it overwhelming with time. But YES, the gorgeous photo of your daughter, and the inspirational one beside it, looks fantastic with the green walls.

  14. I love the print of your daughter. I really like the print on the cork board. Beautiful job!

  15. My pre-teen chose the exact same colour of paint, it was very bright! Love the picture of your daughter.

  16. I love it! Any positive inspiration we can provide our children daily is going to be so beneficial. Plus it looks great!

  17. This is so great for a pre-teen! This would be awesome for my oldest granddaughter – thanks!

  18. Her room looks great. I have a few canvas prints in my home and really like them.
    I love the oversized corkboard idea in her room. My son has a ton of medals from sports and making a corkboard like the one you have (only with more manly pattern lol) would be perfect for showcasing them on his wall.

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