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Kitchen Clean-Up Challenge #TigerClean

Many years ago I started this blog to share deals, reviews and my own two-cents regarding all things household, lifestyle, parenting, and products. Countless times since, I’ve shared product reviews along with tips and tricks on how to get the biggest bang for the buck.

After all, it’s not about being cheap, but being smart and knowing value. Value isn’t strictly about money, of course. I’ve always thought that products that save you time, and, potentially, a little bit of sanity, are worthy of being thrown into your cart.

For instance, when I first became a homeowner, I purchased the cheapest no-name paper towels I could find. Why not spend the littlest possible? It was through this first (and last) test that I discovered that being cheap is so completely different than being frugal.

In this case the paper towel was thin and flimsy, meaning that I went through a whole roll when cleaning up just one mess. I guess got my money’s worth, but that isn’t saying much.

Fast forward to today and I’m a Canadian mom blogger with a diverse food and recipes section, as well as a stay at home mom of three girls. I spend a lot of time in my kitchen cooking, baking, preparing meals and packing lunches.

So, when I was recently challenged to do a kitchen clean-up with Royale® Tiger Towel™, it was game on.

tiger towels kitchen clean-up challenge

I was curious to test the claim that they’d allow me to clean a lot with a little. So, one morning, I grabbed just 3 sections and some household cleaner, and tackled the fingerprints and smudges left on the fridge. As I walked back toward the sink, I noticed more on the handle of the microwave, so I gave that a wipe as well.

I thought about the appliance handles and how often they needed to be wiped, and realized I hadn’t cleaned by cupboard knobs in a while. A long while. So, while I was at it, I wiped down those ones as well. All 28 of them.

I rinsed out the towels and re-used the same 3 pieces to wipe down the entire kitchen counters. Bye, toast crumbs from breakfast and whatever that was hiding behind the coffee maker! That’s when I noticed the jam splattered on the backsplash. Of course, right? I rinsed the toast crumbs and the mystery substance from the paper towel and squeezed out as much water as I could. Jam be-gone.

tiger towel challenge

Since the paper towel stayed intact so well during all that wiping, I rinsed it out thoroughly with some soap and left it by the sink for a later use. Experience has taught me that new messes crop up constantly.

As I was about to leave the kitchen, I remembered that I had intended to make crock pot ribs for dinner that night. So, I got the unthawed ribs out of the fridge, along with my slow cooker from the cupboard. After cutting the rack of ribs into sections on a cutting board and placing them in the crock pot, I put all the dishes into the dishwasher. Using an antibacterial spray and the same 3 towel sections – my counters were again cleaned from dinner prep.

royale tiger towel kitchen clean-up

Just 3Royale® Tiger Towel™ sections and all my kitchen clean-up was done, including the extra task of tackling the knobs. Thinking back to my cheapo days with other brands, I think the same clean-up would have polished off half a roll. Ouch!

Royale® Tiger Towel™ paper towels take on so much, and they do it like a boss. They are so versatile, absorbent, and strong that you don’t need to use very many in order to get the job done Bang for the buck – success!

Want to take the Royale® Tiger Towel™ challenge for yourself?

Download your trial coupon and don’t forget to enter the Spring Cleaning Promotion, you could win Tiger Towel products for a year!

Tackle anything life throws your way with Royale® Tiger Towel™, the only paper towel that is tiger strong – you’ll be amazed by how it stands up against your toughest messes.

Minor spills? That sounds like a job for a handy half-sheet, standard in all packs of Royale® Tiger Towel™ so you can use less.

Keep rolls handy throughout your home for fast and easy cleanups wherever they might happen. Learn more at


Disclosure: This post was brought to you by Royale® Tiger Towel™ via Mode Media Canada. The opinions expressed herein are those
of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Irving Consumer Products Ltd.

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  1. Hi Tammi, Yep using a great paper towel is so handy and when it’s strong you can keep cleaning (while your in the mode) – thank you for the coupon and the Spring Cleaning Promotion so we can try and the win Tiger Towel products for a year – that would be fun 🙂

  2. I’ve never heard of this brand before. I’ll have to keep an eye out for them. They look super tough.

  3. I’ve never heard of this brand before but if it’s tough and tackles household clean ups, that’s good for me. We typically buy Bounty which can be expensive.

  4. I wonder if they have Royale Tiger in the states. I’ve never seen it before, but I might have just missed it. I’ll have to keep my eyes open!

  5. Royale Tiger sounds great! I rarely use paper towels. Not because the don’t work, but because they’re so expensive. Thanks for sharing these!

  6. I can’t believe you cleaned all those surfaces with just 3 sections of Tiger paper towels! I don’t like using dish or counter cloths so we use a lot of paper towels. Having a durable brand on hand is a must!

  7. We go through paper towels like they are candy! We use them all the time. It would be nice to have a paper towel that can last through just one job! That would really help us save money.

  8. I would have a hard time with this challenge because I always grab for several sheets of paper towels! This brand seems to stand up to the challenge.

  9. These towels do sound really strong. They’d be so much more useful for cleaning than normal ones.

  10. I haven’t seen this brand of paper towels, but I will keep a look out just so I can try it. It’s nice that you were able to reuse and clean more than just one thing. Most paper towels barely last the first item to be cleaned.

  11. Between my 4 year old who likes to experiment in the kitchen and my boy who tracks everything in the house, we have a lot of cleanups in our house. I’ve never heard of this brand, but I will check them out!

  12. I need those in my kitchen! I will have to keep a look out for them next time I am in the store!

  13. Never heard of Tiger towels before. I’ll have to keep and eye for them and try them! Thanks!

  14. I don’t think I have ever seen this brand before. But thanks for the coupon I am going t have to see where they sell them near me

  15. I have to agree that they can tackle anything life throws your way. They are very thick and absorbent.

  16. Paper towels are a big deal in my home. We go through a lot so they have to be strong and thick like these.

  17. Cooking and baking all day makes for one heck of a mess, so clean-up is a big deal in my kitchen!

  18. There’s a few things I pop extra $$ for. paper towels, toilet paper and a great bottle of wine! Keeps mama happy, keeps the whole house happy!

  19. wow i didn’t realize a piece of paper towel could go a long way!!! thats awesome

  20. I think that is the cutest paper towel packaging, ever! I am guessing that is a Canadian brand, right? Yes, there are some things (like tp and paper towels) that I have learned not to scrimp on. I try to find a brand that I can trust.

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