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Spring Cleaning – Bring it On! #giveaway

Young woman breathing fresh air during the summer

March – the first signs of Spring are starting to appear. More sun, higher temps, melting snow and the kids playing in the yard again – for hours! Yet, this also means that the dead brown grass is tracked into the house, and the windows open means more dust all over everything.

This time of year is synonymous with spring cleaning, it’s one of the fresh starts that we look forward to after such a long winter. Even if you don’t set out to do spring cleaning, once you start packing away the bulky winter coats and gear, you’ll want to sort and purge those closets!

Since I like to have a clean and fresh home, and enjoy this wonderful season, I’ve come up with a few tips and tricks along the way. The biggest is that everything has a home, and items should be placed back into their home after use. Cluttered home or no home? It’s time to go through said items and toss or donate what you don’t truly need. It’s easy to let our things pile up, and excess often means chaos! Think simply and efficiently!

As well, I’m a big fan of keeping the home fresh and great smelling. This is especially needed after a long stale winter indoors. this means that after I do a clean with some dusting, surrounding myself in a great scent makes me happy. Perhaps I don’t live on a beach {yet!}, but that doesn’t mean that my house can’t smell like the ocean or tropical flowers. One can pretend, and that alone puts me in an extra great mood! 



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  1. I do a major declutter and clean each spring but I really find the best way to freshen is to open the windows and let the breeze blow through

  2. Scrub all the walls and windows…… wash all curtains with unstoppables tide and downy πŸ™‚ and then spray my whole house with febreze air effects ….thanks for the chance πŸ™‚

  3. All my windows get a thorough cleaning, inside and out. All drapes/curtains are cleaned/dusted to start….

  4. We do a major spring clean of all those places that you don’t normally clean. We normally do room to room starting with the livingroom windows

  5. I’m doing a full spring cleaning. And getting rid of a bunch of stuff- clothes, toys, etc. that we don’t need anymore.

  6. Opening up all the windows and let the fresh air in. Wash all the blankets. Also dusting and washing windows,

  7. I let in a lot of fresh air (except when it’s way toooooo cold!). I also use Febreze to add that little something.

  8. I spend an entire weekend scrubbing everything and throwing out things i don’t need anymore

  9. Open windows and I love when the lilacs bloom so I can bring some into our home for a fresh and wonderful scent!

  10. I do a thorough cleaning of our entrances to remove all traces of sand etc. that have come in our boots.

  11. We try to de-clutter and dust to clean for spring. We also keep the windows open a lot and give the yard a good go over.

  12. First thing I do is get the windows open to let the fresh air in the the stuffiness out ! There is nothing better than having nice sparkling windows so I clean them inside and out as soon as the weather permits too.

  13. I wash the windows and window treatments every spring! Makes me hopeful for summer πŸ™‚

  14. I am like a cleaning tornado. I love cleaning …. seriously. Before spring ….. I wash the walls and wipe down everything. Yap. πŸ™‚ In the spring, I clean the inside and outside of the windows. I steam clean the curtains… and let in the fresh air when possible.

  15. We steam clean all the furniture and floors, febreze everything and then open windows and doors for fresh air. I can’t wait.

  16. open and clean all the windows, wash all curtains, steam clean carpets and wash walls

  17. I open up the windows and clean everything like washing down the walls, giving the floor a good wash ect…

  18. I open all my windows on sunny days and I wash all my cushion covers and curtains and hang them outside to freshen them

  19. I have started Spring cleaning and I will change the covers of cushions to some bright colour

  20. I get anxious to clean the Windows once the snow starts to melt. So I get built and clean one room a day top to bottom then the hall closets. Then it is usually time for the Windows.

  21. Open up the Windows and air the place out! I always have my fabreze noticeables plugged in so with the fresh air comes a lovely scent. Thanks for the chance to win.

  22. I open the windows,,let the fresh air breeze through the house,,clean the windows,,walls,and everytihng else.

  23. Deep clean carpets, scrub floors, deodorize rooms (with Frebreze) and air out home by opening the windows.

  24. Open the doors and windows to get the fresh air flowing through the house, clean the doors and windows, burn some sweet-smelling candles, make sure carpets and floors are free of animal hair if you have pets.

  25. I do a complete cleaning of the whole house and open up the windows to let the fresh air in! Thanks!

  26. I like it when I can open the windows wide and let in the fresh air. I try to clean each room and wash down light fixtures to let those bulbs shine.

  27. I like to wash the curtains and hang them outside on the clothesline, then clean the windows. When the curtains get hung back up inside, the house just smells fresher.

  28. Open windows, clean the house and get in the yard and love to listen to the birds singing, we have so many different ones in our yard, makes me happy.

  29. I like opening all the windows when I clean so it smells so fresh and springlike afterwards

  30. It would be great to win a β€˜Refresh the Home Prize Pack’ from P&G.
    In response to your question of What do you do to freshen your home for spring?
    I wash my windows and walls and clean the carpets.
    Thank you for having this giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. I open all the windows( when it gets warm enough) and I change to light breezy curtains. Then comes the heavy cleaning.

  32. Throw open all the windows and give the house a good airing out. Wash and hang out to dry all curtains, sheers and bedding. Then do a thorough Spring cleaning.

  33. I open the windows as much as possible to let the fresh breeze blow in and wash all my linens.

  34. I dry to de-clutter and do some deep cleaning of areas that normally don’t get cleaned very often like curtains and carpets

  35. I like to do a deep clean.I wash all my walls with a fiber mop,wash the windows and hang my heavy washed blankets and bedding outside to dry…oh and yes I do love Febreeze scents.They are lovely to use especially when you have pets!

  36. To freshen my home for spring I do a top to bottom deep clean. That includes walls, windows, draperies, carpets ect. I love the feeling of a clean start to a beautiful season.

  37. WASH Down walls, open windows, clean all the bedding and put the heavier stuff away and bring out the lighter comforters or sheets (I do love my fleece sheets in the winter time)

  38. i love opening all the windows when spring comes, and letting a breeze blow through the house – nothing better!

  39. One of the simplest things I do is open the windows! πŸ™‚ Otherwise, some nice scented candles help

  40. Awww…. Springtime! I can’t wait! I love to shampoo the carpets to help get our home smelling good! Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  41. I cair the laundry outside, get some fans going with the windows open to get some fresh air circulating, and just do a really good clean. Looking forward to it!

  42. I open up all the windows and doors and finally let the breeze of spring flow through my home. πŸ™‚

  43. I open every window and door on the windy days and let the fresh air in. I also pull out all of my furniture and appliances and clean everything.

  44. I houseclean each room and wash windows and window coverings. I open the windows as soon as I can stand it.

  45. To freshen up my home in the spring I clean all the drapes blinds and linens and the couch covers too. I like to wash down my walls with Orange A Peel it is a natural orange cleaner that actaully smells like real oranges.

  46. I look forward to opening the doors and windows to freshen the air while spring cleaning.

  47. I love opening the windows and letting in the fresh spring air! get rid of all the dust and salt from the winter!

  48. I wash walls, my cupboards and do my inside windows and open them it’s warm enough

  49. Nothing freshens a house like fresh plants and flowers. Just love the natural scents.

  50. We do a spring clean by washing windows, cleaning the yard, going through things that haven’t been used in a year and opening up windows for fresh spring air!

  51. I can’t wait until the snow leaves so I can get in the mood for spring cleaning. Maybe if I won this prize, it would help.

  52. Shake out area rugs and decorative blankets outside, plus major dusting and vacuuming indoors.

  53. Open windows and air out the house , sprinkle baking soda on the carpets then vaccum it up

  54. We open all the windows & wash items that don’t get washed often like curtains comforters & cushion covers!

  55. I like to start with opening all the windows and just letting the wind remove all the stale air, then top to bottom for me

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