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New Power Rangers Dino Charge

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by Lunchbox, but all opinions are my own

Do you remember Power Rangers from when you were a kid? Any child that grew up in the 90’s will recall these heroes, they were so popular! I just love it when toys that I grew up with, are still around for todays kids, fun for them and great nostalgia for us parents.

If you aren’t familiar with Power Rangers, they are kid-friendly heroes, set to defend Earth from the mighty intergalactic bounty hunter, Sledge. Through the power of teamwork, the Rangers will work together to eliminate Sledge and his Vivix to save Earth once again from those who plan to do us harm.

power rangers dino charge

My twins each got a new Power Ranger Dino Charge action hero, the red ranger and the pink ranger. Each figure has a cool Dino Charge style, as seen in the TV series, making it stand out from the rest of the pack.

power rangers dino charge walmart review

I like that every figure has multiple points of articulation, so that the girls could arrange them in any pose. As well, each came with two battle gear items to help in the fight against the villains!

As a Mom of twins, I love it when toys encourage teamwork and collaboration to play, the girls didn’t fight with each other with their Power Rangers Dino Charge figurines – yet instead worked together to do good things in the story.

power rangers dino charge review

Since they got their rangers, they want to add blue and green to their collection – as well as some of the other new Power Ranger Dino Charge toys. In particular, the girls would love the Deluxe Morpher and the Dino Charge Dino Cycle!

For all your Power Rangers Dino Charge needs, check out where you’ll find the Dino Charge Megazord, The Deluxe Dino Charge Morpher, Power Rangers Dino Charge Double Strike Action Figures and so much more!

Also on is a great Power Rangers Power Strike game which is free for kids! To play, simply choose your Power Ranger, then work together to save Earth through the power of teamwork by defeating the mighty intergalactic bounty hunter, Sledge, and his army of Vivix. The girls love playing online games like this that relate to their toys.

Want to meet the new cast? Visit Power Rangers on and you can read the Power Rangers bios and learn more about their unique powers!



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  1. My son loved the power rangers in the 90’s and I am glad they are still going strong to keep the world safe. You made a great point about toys that encourage collaboration and these heroes certainly do collaborate to act as one big fighting machine.

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