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There’s More Good to Love at TimHortons – #BalancedLife Twitter Party

The change to 2015 is more than a flip of the calendar and trying not to write 2014 for months. The new year brings on that ‘you can do it’ attitude, and the motivation to make those positive changes to your life, with the intent on keeping those promises for the duration of the year.

Yet, we all know that total overhauls aren’t easily met, and that small attainable changes are more likely to be followed through. For many, improvements to diet and exercise is one such 2015 change that is desired. Considering I could be a candidate for sugar-addiction thanks to the holidays, I myself am trying to make some changes for the better this year. My small steps include drinking more water, since I’ve been absolutely horrible at at not drinking any some days. I’ve also fallen back into the bad habit of skipping breakfast, and am making an effort to add it back into my routine again. I’m also making smart switches like adding more veggies daily, swapping our cream for milk in my coffee {most of the time}, and just moving more in my day.

I’m realistic though and know that if I deny myself altogether, I’ll come cashing down, hard. So, I’m taking the balanced lifestyle approach and truly believe in ‘everything in moderation’. I won’t beat myself up over a calorie-ridden pasta meal, if I have made good choices all week.

Yet, that’s just me and my goals. What are yours?

Perhaps you want to cut calories, maybe you’re watching the sodium more than anything.

Fact: We all have different needs, wants and tastes for 2015.

That’s why I adore the new Nutrition Calculator on the Tim Hortons website. It’s always been a popular tool with consumers, yet it recently got a 2015 makeover – and it has some pretty great features in that it’s more ore customizable and comprehensive information. The new calendar inform guests about the wide range of balanced menu options available at its restaurants.

Nutrition Calculator on the Tim Hortons website

Guests can now use “My Tims Meal, a personalized meal builder, to customize some of their selections and see nutritional information change instantly. For instance, you can customize sandwich toppings, like sauces and vegetables, and see how making balanced choices when ordering their favourite Tim Hortons food and beverage items, can affect their daily nutrient intake. You can even alter your daily coffee at My Tims Meal!

tim hortons balanced menu options More Good to Love

In addition to standard information, Tim Hortons takes their calculator one step further and displays what allergens are present {like wheat, milk, soy for instance} as well as dietary considerations for each product {low fat}.

While we all love Tim Hortons donuts, the brand wants to share the spotlight with other menu items available at Tims, like the Homestyle Oatmeal with Mixed Berries which is a high source of fibre, the Harvest Vegetable Soup made with a full serving of vegetables, or the Wholegrain Muffins with no artificial flavours or colours. The site now highlights better-for-you menu items that can help contribute to living a balanced lifestyle.

balanced menu options tim hortons More Good to Love!

But hey, if you go there right now for a donut, that’s your choice. Yet, for those that want another options, they can go as well. It’s all about balance for 2015, and making those choices suited to you.

So whether you want to treat yourself, have a wholesome meal, or are looking for balanced menu options – Tim Hortons has something for everyone. There’s More Good to Love!

Join us in kicking off 2015 with a Twitter Party that you won’t want to miss!


We’ll be talking about a #BalancedLife with Tim Hortons, and telling you all about their new online resources for customers, and sharing all those delicious healthy options available at Tims restaurants. There will be some incredible prize packs up for grabs during the hour, ones to both inspire you to get moving yet also to treat yourself.

Here are the details:

  • Date: January 15, 2015 @ 8pm EST
  • Hashtag to use: #BalancedLife    
  • Hosts: @TimHortons & @MyChaos
  • Moderators:  @Gingermommy – @BigDaddyKreativ – @chancesmommy 
  • Prizing: 6 x Balanced Life Prize Packs: {4 x} $25 Tims Card, Tim Hortons Travel Mug, GoodLife Fitness Gym Bag, 1 month GoodLife Fitness membership | {1 x} $25 Tims Card, Tim Hortons Travel Mug, GoodLife Fitness Gym Bag, 3 month GoodLife Fitness membership | {1 x} Grand Prize: $25 Tims Card, Tim Hortons Travel Mug, GoodLife Fitness Gym Bag, 1 year membership to GoodLife Fitness

** Please note that while anyone is welcome to attend, prizes are available to Canadian residents only (excluding Quebec). Please read the official terms and conditions.


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  1. My hubby and I are HUGE Tim Hortons fans. We even buy the home brew kind! I have RSVP’d and will try my best to make the party! Thanks for letting us all know!

  2. The Tim Horton nutrition calculator sounds great! I am watching what I eat so the calculator will come in very handy for me. Thanks for the info on the Twitter party. I’ll be there!

  3. I love Tim Hortons! I am addicted to their coffee. I loved their sandwiches when I was able to eat them! They were so fresh and so tasty!

  4. LOVE Tim Horton’s!!! We miss going there ever since my daughter’s peanut allergy, but I’m loving seeing all of the new items they have on their menu lately! And the nutritional information is awesome!

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