Grab a tissue: Fisher-Price ‘Poem to Your Child’ Video

Close your eyes and recall the best memories of when you were young.

I’m sure your recollections were of play, and times shared with loved ones. These moments which make a lasting impression even years later, is what drives my parenting today. My hope is that one day my girls will recall their happy play – and in those recollections, their Mom is right there playing with them as well.

Playing with my kids is something I have been focusing a lot on. It’s brought much joy to us all – laughs, complete silliness, and a chance to bond. I discover so much about them, and they’ve learned more about their Mom as well.

Playing with your kids brings joy to the now, and creates those comforting memories that last forever. Though life is busy, I make the time to collect these moments as much as possible.

Fisher-Price Poem to Your Child Video

Fisher-Price has released “Poem to Your Child“, a video about celebrating all the amazing moments in a child’s life, and encouraging play time between Mom and child. This video touches my heart like no other, I fully admit to crying the entire way through.

Grab a tissue – it’s totally worth pausing life for.


Parents, the time is now. Life passes far too quickly and opportunities don’t last forever. Make that time to play.

Canadians, come to the #FPMakeTimeToPlay Twitter Party with Fisher-Price and ParentsCanada on Thursday, January 29th at 1:00pm.

This heartwarming chat will be about playtime with our kids, and you’ll have the chance to WIN great Fisher-Price prizes at the chat – including one of three (3) $75 prize packs and one (1) $150 prize pack. No RSVP is required, simply follow the hashtag #FPMakeTimeToPlay on Twitter and share your favourite playtime memories!

fisher-price peom to my child fpmaketimetoplay


This is a sponsored post yet, as always, my opinions are 100% my own.


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  1. That video makes me even happier that I stayed home with the kids and completely focused on them. I didn’t even start blogging until they were in college.

    1. Wow! I’m happy to have had the opportunity to stay hom the last 6 years, though I did miss so much when my oldest was young. I worked the worst hours and missed so much.

  2. it does fly by Im going to be a grammy in May! I feel like my kids were just that size not long ago

  3. Time does definitely fly by. It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day, that we don’t always stop to appreciate it.

  4. Every day, my nephew gets a little taller, and every day I just wait with a stone in my stomach for the day when he finally leaves home…

  5. What a cute video. I should have done this with my son. It’s a little late now, though. He’s 14.

  6. This is a wonderful idea! I’ll have to start doing this with my kids. They’re all the perfect age for it.

  7. Aww, that video reminded me just how fast kids grow up. The time we have with them is so precious!

  8. Awe, how sweet. It is moments like that, that we will remember forever. Thanks for sharing, I needed this today

  9. You are soo right. So often we get caught up in the day to day, that we forget to take the time out and play with our little ones. Great message!

  10. Talk about a tear jerker. It is amazing how quickly they change and grow, things you think your could never forget change and slowly fade from your memory! It’s not fair!

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