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Preserving Memories with

Last year I featured and here I am raving about them again. You now when a company goes above and beyond your expectations, when you immediately think of them when shopping.

You all know that I love my photos and capturing those precious yet chaotic moments of life. Well, I have a couple of photo goals as we move into the new year. Dear Santa, I’ve been so good in doing my Month in Photos series as promised {though some are a few weeks later than the 1st of the month, they are competed and that’s what counts}. 

I also want to finally finish my gallery wall, and thanks to, this goal will soon be completed. We had some beautiful family fall photos done this year and now it’s time to show them off! While all my photos cling like mad to my hard drive and some used online, the select few of my favourites will be adorned on my walls to gaze upon all the time. 

Preserving Memories

I had my feature framed photo ready and this time I chose some smaller framed photos to compliment and go along with the main large one. One will be of all of us, our lovely family of five. The other will be a photo of my three girls.

I decided the entire gallery wall photos will be similar yet different, since the photos on the wall in other rooms seem to have a theme of their own as well, like all our vacation photos displayed in my office. holiday review

I love that has so many options for photos, and framed photos is just one of many offerings to customers. From there, pick your style of frame {I go with wood}, and colour {classic black for me} and like a bazillion different styles and sizes.

Am I being vague? You’ll see what I mean when you head to and browse around – I promise you’ll be impressed with the customization. 

Preserving Memories with

Best of all, it’s delivered right to your door ready to hang, and packaged with care to protect those memories you hold dear. I’ve always gasped and smiled at my orders from, proving they’d make that great gift for someone you love – giving preserved memories to cherish. Perfection!

How do you like to preserve your memories?


Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.



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  1. I have a SD card full of photos that need to be printed and framed. I have no idea what I am waiting for, thanks for sharing 🙂 I am checking out Posterjack

  2. LOL – with 10 grown children, their spouses and 23 grand children, we’ve got memories coming out our ears. This sound like a great way to preserve some of them. Sadly, I’m in the US. I’ll have to see if they ship to the states.

  3. I was smiling when I was reading your post because you have no idea how many thousands of pictures I have…in my computer! Non of them is hanging on my walls and I think I need to reconsider that.

  4. This is a great reminder for us to showcase those precious memories and not just store them away in our computers or cameras. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I, too, have tons of photos – as in – thousands! I often do slideshows for the hockey teams at the end of the season but I have to be more diligent in getting my photos off the screen & up on the wall! I’m going to visit and get started! Thanks!

  6. My sister, Mom and I always do calendars filled with last years pics for ourselves, my fridge is loaded (should tip frontwards as there is soooooooooo many pics on it and all my wall space is taken by frame after frames of pictures or artwork. I keep everything they make and just cycle them through.


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