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Ever After High – New Dolls and a Sale Alert!

I was introduced to Ever After High dolls before they were spotted on store shelves. I still recall studying the doll boxes during that sneak peek before the release, and knowing with 100% certainty that my oldest would fall in love with first glance of these dolls.

Fast forward – I was totally right and since then my daughters Ever After High doll collection has grown, with a couple more on her Christmas wish-list this year.

So, it’s only a given that I want to stay on top of the Ever After High news, new products, and best deals. Yet I also want to share them with you, and I have all 3 for you today! So read on!

If you don’t know what makes Ever After High dolls unique {besides the fact that they are completely adorable and even I covet their clothing}, here’s a refresher: Ever After High™ is the high school where the teenage sons and daughters of the most famous fairytale characters confront their destinies. It is here where the young descendants learn to follow in the footsteps of their famous parents. Or do they?

The story of Ever After High dolls, their families and their lives – are all played out in the Ever After High show which my daughters love to watch. Yet, simply pay attention to your kids doll play parents, and you’ll catch onto the story as it’s played out – I guarantee!

Right now there’s hot news in the world of Ever After High – it’s the Thronecoming dance! This upcoming epic occasion is a chance for true fashionistas to shine.

Four Ever After High students have been nominated for the Thronecoming court and want to be queen – Apple White, Blondie Lockes, C.A. Cupid, Raven Queen with Briar Beauty acting as the host of the event.

So, there’s now new Thronecoming dolls for each on the shelves, in their new and captivating looks. Since Ever After High dolls are known for their exquisite clothing, this just steps it up a notch!

I have to admit that my current favourite is Apple White, she is just stunning and really takes after her mother. The Apple White Thronecoming doll comes with a new complete outfit, the attention to detail on these dolls and their fashion is amazing!

Yet, there’s also new students to join Ever After High! My oldest claims these characters have been on the show ‘for a while’ {yeah, I asked my in-house expert on this}, yet they are new dolls to collect and are now in stores.

Introducing Cedar Wood™ – Daughter of Pinocchio, Prince Charming™ – Son of Prince Charming, Poppy O’Hair™ and Holly O’Hair™ – Twin sisters and daughters of Rapunzel, and Lizzie Hearts™ – Daughter of the Queen of Hearts!

So, the takeaway is this: Ever After High dolls are on MANY wish-lists! For the holidays this year, your kid might want the new Ever After High students and/or new Thronecoming dolls which are out right now.

Shopping tip: US residents can now purchase select Ever After High™ dolls at their local Walmart and/or and get a $5 – $10 Walmart Gift Card back!

Don’t you just love it when the kids wish-list and a great deal collide!?

Dolls Eligible for Walmart eGift Card Promotion:

  • Thronecoming™ C.A. Cupid® Doll ($5 Walmart eGift Card)
  • Ever After High™ C.A. Cupid® Doll ($5 Walmart eGift Card)
  • Thronecoming™ Apple White™ Doll ($5 Walmart eGift Card)
  • Ever After High™Apple White™ Doll ($5 Walmart eGift Card)
  • Thronecoming™ Raven Queen™ Doll ($5 Walmart eGift Card)
  • Ever After High™ Raven Queen™ Doll ($5 Walmart eGift Card)
  • Thronecoming™ Blondie Lockes™ Doll ($5 Walmart eGift Card)
  • Thronecoming™ Briar Beauty™ Doll with Playset ($10 Walmart eGift Card)
  • Ever After High™ Briar Beauty™ Doll ($5 Walmart eGift Card)
  • Ever After High™ Ashlynn Ella and Hunter Huntsman Dolls ($5 Walmart eGift Card)
  • Ever After High™ Madeline Hatter Doll ($5 Walmart eGift Card)

Are Ever After High dolls on your kids wish-list this year? Do you know which ones they’d like?


This is a sponsored post yet, as always, my opinions are 100% my own.



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  1. These are so cute! My daughter would love these. They’re not as scary as some of the other dolls out there. I can definitely see her adding a couple of these to her Christmas wish list. Thanks for the Walmart tip too – I may need to go do a little early shopping. 😉

  2. These are cute. I’m sure my niece would want one of them…I may have to surprise her with one 🙂

  3. These are really cute dolls. My daughter would have loved these when she was younger. I bet these will be a big seller for Christmas.

  4. My girls have almost every single one on their holiday wish list. They are all just so beautiful and feminine… who wouldn’t want every single one of them?

  5. These are nothing like the dolls I had as a littler gal, but times are certainly changing and my daughter would have fun with these dolls. Love the funky clothes.

  6. The dolls nowadays are so much more elaborate than they were when we were kids. Heck even from when my 17 year old daughter played with dolls. I love their bright colored hair.

  7. My daughter is getting Raven Queen for Christmas this year. Wish I had known about the eGift Card promotion then! But C.A. Cupid will probably be for her birthday in Feb, so I will maybe take advantage of it for that purchase. Thanks!

  8. These dolls are really kind of intricate in their styling. I’d never paid much attention before.

  9. I love these dolls and their clothes. I know my granddaughters and great granddaughters would love them as well. I could not ;pick a favorite for them but I love Holly O’Hair! Thank you for telling us about these fabulous dolls.

  10. These are pretty neat little dolls! My daughter would have a lot of fun with these!

  11. These dolls are absolutely gorgeous. I got 2 of them for my little cousins.

  12. Thanks for filling me in on all these dollls. My neice loves these girls and now I know which one to get for her and where to find the savings! Thanks!

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