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Dyson Digital Slim DC72 Animal #CutTheCord

Too often we hear ‘it’s not made like it used to‘ when talking about products, even I’ve said it a few times. The first one that comes to mind is furniture. As a homeowner, I’ve struggled through the years to find solid, quality wooden furniture. This market is just too full of flimsy particle board now!

Yet, one brand that is an exception to this saying is Dyson. Between Mr. James Dyson himself and his brilliant engineers – man, they really set out to impress! Talk about getting better with age! 

There’s a new handheld cordless in the Dyson family – the Dyson Digital Slim DC72 Animal!

Since it’s a just-released model, I knew that it would have some updated features. Yet after unboxing and testing the DC72 Animal, I again wondered how the heck Dyson manages to continually exceed customer wants with each release? If only movie sequels worked this way, right?!

Dyson Digital Slim DC72 Animal

Now, aside from the sassy hot pink colour that makes me smile, what’s so great about the Dyson Digital Slim DC72 Animal?

The improved brush bar is larger, improved in design and gives that head-to-head clean which is great when trying to vacuum up messes that are against baseboards.

Dyson Digital Slim DC72 Animal brush bar

Also, the motor is stronger and faster, resulting in one powerful machine that weighs less than 5lbs. Actually, my husband remarked that ‘you can feel it sucking into the carpet’. I caught him on video the first time he used the DC72 Animal and his reaction was a string of, ‘Ohhh …. I like this…. Wow. This works so great … Wow …“.

Unfortunately, the kids flew onto the couch where I was sitting and I dropped my device, and hubby was moving down the stairs with the DC72 so it was dark and you couldn’t see him anyway … needless to say it’s a funny video and while you can clearly hear him praising in the background, it’s too chaotic! Real life, guys. Real life.

So I’ll stick with this Dyson DC72 Animal video that I made, instead, when the kids weren’t at home to tackle me and the video camera:


Getting better with age, here are the benefits of the DC72 Animal:

  • Direct Drive Cleaner Head: The direct-drive motor is housed inside the brush bar itself; this centralizes the weight distribution of the brush bar. A configuration of carbon fiber filaments and nylon bristle strips removes dust and dirt across all floor types. Reducing static to aid pick-up on hard floors, and driving the stiff nylon bristles deep into the carpet to remove ground-in dirt. DC72 Animal has 75% more brush bar power than DC62 Animal.
  • The Dyson Digital motor V6: Power-dense. Spins at 110,000rpm. This 350W motor has a higher wattage than its predecessor. Meaning that it draws more power from the battery source.
  • 2 Tier RadialTM Cyclone technology: an arrangement of 15 cyclones, working in parallel, across two tiers. Each cyclone has been re-engineered to increase airflow and generate high centrifugal forces, to capture fine dust.
  • Re-engineered nickel manganese cobalt battery: DC72 Animal uses a re-engineered nickel- manganese-cobalt (NMC) battery that has been engineered for high energy density, delivering constant fade-free power from beginning to end.
  • Easy access conical filter: The filter is positioned at the top of the cyclone pack. It can be easily pulled out when needed.

 Dyson Digital Slim DC72 Animal cordless handheld review stairs

It’s time to #CutTheCord with the DC72 Animal!

This Dyson model gives you the freedom of a cordless machine, you can go from car to house and everywhere in between – without being slowed down or stopped by cords. YET, this cordless freedom comes without being compromised on performance. 

DC72 Animal has more suction power than any other cordless machine in use and out-cleans most full size vacuums across hard floors and carpets. It has the highest number of air watts {100 AW in boost mode} of any cordless machine and uses Dyson’s latest core technologies – 2 Tier Radial cyclone technology and the Dyson digital motor V6. 

Dyson Digital Slim DC72 Animal cordless vacuum review

I really hope I didn’t lose you with spec talk, but it’s such important information to share. 

Since the purple DC45 {aka – ‘little dyson’ as the girls call it} arrived at our house – I happily used it for years. I really saw no issue whatsoever with the DC45 – I have no complaints.

Then, the New Dyson DC72 Animal arrived, and it’s amazing to see the comparison which I had to do in the video above … guys, I have twins! One handheld for each, it’s a cleaning challenge …. and go! Who wants that on video? 

Dyson Digital Slim DC72 Animal cordless handheld reviewReal life occurrences, told ya!

Joking aside, I really am impressed with the new Dyson Digital Slim DC72 Animal. Always improving and giving their customers the best that they can, Dyson out-does themselves time and again. Pretty soon they’ll release one that just goes ahead and does it for you! …. *sly grin*

So, as I sit in a world of particle board, I need to take a minute to say thank you to Dyson. I am a stay at home mom, who works from home, with three chaotic little children and I don’t have time to mess around with cleaning, especially those annoying cereal {or the million other} spills that happen 5 minutes before we have to run out the door. 

The Dyson Digital Slim DC72 Animal says, “It’s ok, I got this“.

Learn more about the DC72 Animal {arv $599.99 here in Canada}, and have your chance at winning 1 of 5 machines – don’t miss the Dyson #CutTheCord Twitter Party on Thursday, November 20th at 7pm ET. RSVP here.

 dyson logo


Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.



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    1. It certainly is, and even my hubby likes the colour – he says it matches the sass of the vacuum. Also, he pretends he has a lightsabre when using it. lol

  1. Oh how I want one of these. Cords are big problem in my house — dogs chew on them, my toddler pulls on them and they scratch up my wood trim and floors!

  2. Aw your little princess looks adorable cleaning! I wouldn’t mind having myself one of these LOL!

    1. Thanks! She’s always in costume – always. But she also love to use ‘little dyson’, so, it’s a funny combo! lol

  3. I love that your little girl puts on her princess dress to help!! Maybe I need to get me a Dyson and a princess of my own to come and help me πŸ™‚

    1. Hahahah, that’s her – well, them, always. Wait until you see her wash the floors in her get up. I love that the girls are able to use the DC72 everywhere in the house by themselves … while I sit back with a coffee. Hahahaha

  4. This looks very light and portable. I am looking for a new vacuum i will have to go look at this one in the store.

  5. Okay, that is an awesome vacuum. Very easy-to-use and does such a great job. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I so need this especially for quick clean ups these kids make! I am so tired of lugging out the big vacuum.

  7. I like that it compacts to do the stairs. Much easier than lugging bug vacuums around and trying to balance them.

  8. Is it bad t say I want to put on a princess dress and get one because I love the color and want to vacuum in a fancy dress? πŸ˜‰

  9. Oh wow. I need one of these. I love the Dyson brand. It is definitely the best brand of vacuum.

  10. I so need this. I have three dogs, and they’re all shedders. I need something lightweight, because there isn’t one part of my house that doesn’t get covered in dog hair.

  11. I have an older Dyson and absolutely love it, it is so easy to maneuver and does a way better job than any other vacuum I have ever owned!

  12. I love to own this vacuum. Dyson has such a good name. This looks very light and easy to use.

    1. Well, if lightweight is a big factor to you, I would very much suggest this or maybe a canister. Yet, this one is pretty handy everywhere, I must say!

  13. Do you think if I asked Santa he would leave one of those under the tree for me? Definitely would be a present worth getting excited about πŸ™‚

  14. Wow, that is a sassy vacuum! Looking so light too! I’d love to get one!

  15. sounds like an amazing Vacuum , i so want a Dyson , it’s on my Christmas wish list , i guess we will have to see πŸ™‚ thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  16. I love this vacuum and would love to own one! It is so beautiful and I know it’d get my home dust free!

  17. I have an older Dyson and I think it still works great. But it would be really handy to have one of these smaller and lighter vacuums.

  18. This vaccum, looks so much more userfriendly than the one I’m using! ….which is a handmedown., Even your princess has the hand-of-it! I will have to hire her to teach me! :))

  19. I would love to have one. Does it come with a princess outfit, because I would wear it.

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