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It’s Time to #CutTheCord with Dyson!

Phones, monitors and all kinds of electronics have gone cordless and for a very good reason. With any product we use, we’d rather not be tied down with cords, am I right? Dyson #CutTheCord

This applies even to vacuums, cordless is huge right now because consumers would rather not have them. The outlet switching throughout the home has gotten tiresome, we can all agree to that. This is especially true when vacuuming my stairs, there isn’t a conveniently placed outlet to get the whole job done without going up and down many times and outlet-shuffling. To add to the chaos, what’s up with continually having to stop vacuuming to fix cord-knots and find out where the cord is stuck under? So annoying!

It’s time to #CutTheCord!

Yet, when facing the dilemma of going with a corded vacuum or a cordless one, many so opt to keep the cord despite the annoyances. Why? That cord is the secret to maximum power.

Well, this is very true, unless you are taking about the Dyson Digital Slim DC72 Animal.

Dyson DC72 Animal cutthecord twitter party

This new cordless vacuum from Dyson is phenomenal when it comes to features, yet the biggest perk is that it out-cleans most full-size vacuums across hard floors and carpets. Problem solved – you can #CutTheCord and have that superb clean.

Dyson Digital SlimTM DC72 Animal Twitter Party cutthecord

I’ll be sharing more about the Dyson Digital Slim DC72 Animal very soon in a feature article …. and with a epic Twitter Party that you WON’T want to miss.

In fact, there’s {5 x} Dyson Digital SlimTM DC72 Animal’s up for grabs at the party PLUS the opportunity to chat with those brilliant Dyson engineers that we hear so much about!


Come to the Dyson #CutTheCord Twitter Party! 

  • Date: Thursday November 20th at 7pm EST
  • Hashtag: #CutTheCord
  • Hosts: @MyChaos, @SimplyStacienet
  • Sponsor: @Dyson
  • Prizes: 5 x Dyson Digital Slim DC72 Animal vacuums, arv $599 each
  • Prize Eligibility: Canadians only
  • Official Rules:

**Please RSVP below with your Twitter name {@you} and Twitter URL {} and please RT the party announcement above.

Don’t forget to follow the sponsor and hosts and mark the party down in your calendar. You won’t want to miss the chance to hear all about the DC72 and have your chance at one being delivered to your door!

See you at the Dyson #CutTheCord party!


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  1. Eeek, that is so cool! I love the idea of being able to get around the whole house with ease.

  2. I have this vacuum, and never in my life would I have thought I could love a vac so much. But this vacuum rocks my world. We mounted it on the wall just outside the door in the garage, and it is soooo easy to grab and go. Plus I use it a ton as a small hand vac. Best vac ever!

  3. Thank you for Hosting another great Twitter Party…I will put the time in my phone so that I won’t forget!

  4. You have no idea how badly I NEED the cordless dyson!!!! too bad I don’t have or know this crazy phone technology 🙁

  5. K, I’m buying this. I’m done with my corded Dysons! Well, I’ll wait til after the Twitter party in case I win 😉

  6. OMDG I cannot believe there will be 5 Dysons up for grabs. I am so excited. I won’t get my dopes up like I did for that last Dyson you gave to someone else though, sniff…

      1. Hahahaha. See? the thought has you all flustered! 😉
        Everyone that tweets at the party has equal chance, think positively!

  7. I am not sure what this says about me that I am that excited about a vacuum, but I am :)) What a cool looking device – compact, powerful and adaptable!

  8. I have used cordless vacuums before and were disappointed with the lack of power. I bet Dyson does not have that problem!

  9. My husband is OBSESSED with Dyson vacuums. We don’t have one, but if we see one in a store, we have to stop and test them out. The only commercial he won’t fast forward through? Dyson! Looking forward to the twitter party!!

  10. I could so use a Dyson, with all the traffic in our home along with two hairy dogs and 1 hairy rabbit!! Sounds like a fun TP!! 🙂

  11. was hard to figure out how to get my name on the list but I did somehow. I hate when I don’t understand things like twitter party’s. I’ve only been on one before and it went so fast I never knew what happened. Now do I go to #CutTheCord on twitter when this party is supposed to be??

    1. Hi Linda, Yes. You have a twitter account? Just tweet on Thurs at 7pm EST using the hashtag. I’ll be asking q’s and you answer and chat during the hour – that’s your entry!

  12. well I’ve registered and hope to be able to make it. I have no idea what it entails but it should be fun. I hope so anyway 🙂

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  14. Not sure if i did that RSVP right don;t know why my name is up their and not my link please let me know if i did it right or not Thank you

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