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Barbie Favourites Exclusive to Toys R Us!

Perhaps your child has said they want ‘Barbie’ for Christmas. Without the specifics on which kind of Barbie products they are interested in, you would most likely try and find ones they don’t have and perhaps choose from the most popular ones out right now. Am I speaking from experience? Yes!

Here’s a good question though – which store do you hit up first? Think any Barbie distributor would be the same? Nope!

Did you know that Toys R Us Has great exclusive products you can ONLY buy at Toys “R”Us? I recently discovered that stores carry certain products based on past consumer demand for the brand, which is why you’ll see a small section in one store and a bigger one, at others. Again, speaking from my own seek-and-find experience, when it comes to Barbie favourites – Toys R Us has the biggest selection PLUS carries lines that other stores won’t ever sell.

Hot and wanted Barbie products this holiday season?

My girls have the Barbie Dreamhouse, I think one of the hottest Barbie products of 2014. It’s a fantastic 3-storey house with kitchen, dining room, bathroom, bedroom, living room, balcony area and more.

Barbie-Dreamhouse toys r us

So easy to assemble {really!}, my girls love the elevator and her amazing closet – which is actually it’s own room. Best of all, the whole house is interactive with doorbell, luxe “stainless steel” appliances, blender {complete with sounds} and light-up oven.

barbie dreamhouse
It even has a flushing toilet, light-up mirror, and music so she can sing in the shower. Barbie Dreamhouse comes with lots of accessories like a canopy bed, trundle bed, and a television that “flips” channels.

It really is every girls dream house and I love that it’s so spacious that all 3 of my kids can play with it together, with plenty of room for all.


We did a ton of camping this Summer! Yet just because our real camper is stored for the winter, that doesn’t mean that the fun we had camping can’t last all year long.

Barbie Sisters Life in The Dreamhouse Camper

Barbie Sisters Life in The Dreamhouse Camper has a cab that detaches to transform into a pool, perfect for a pool party on the go!

The camper itself has a kitchen with lemonade dispenser, and the grill flips over to become a table for indoor or outdoor dining.

barbie favourites camper

There’s a full bathroom with a stylish shower curtain, and more beds than I thought it would have – the top even flips up to reveal a bunk. Just like our real camper!

barbie favourites dreamhouse camper

The Barbie Sisters Life in The Dreamhouse Camper even comes with two chairs, and a fire pit with cute little sticks to make s’mores. I love watching my kids react our summer adventures, making new memories after the season has passed. When not camping, they zoom around in the car that detaches and play ‘pool party’.

Check out the Barbie Favourites exclusive to Toys R Us and don’t forget that at Toys R Us you can order online and get it shipped to your local store! 

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As well, I’d love a comment to this post telling me which Barbie Favourites is YOUR favourite!

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This post is sponsored by Lunchbox with product provided by Mattel. All opinions are my own.


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  1. I think I know what my nieces are getting from me for Christmas this year! I used to love Barbies when I was a little girl.

  2. My daughter has always loved Barbie. In fact, she had the originals of these sets when she was little. I love that they have made them even cuter! I miss playing Barbies with her. She’s almost17 now.

  3. I remember wanting all the cute accessories for Barbie when I was younger. It is so refreshing to see options like being a teacher in the mix.

  4. Oh I love the teacher barbie! My daughter isn’t old enough yet, but I might have to get her one and save it for later.

  5. What a fun set of Barbie!! It always amazes me the different barbies they make and how creative they are! They were a favorite of mind growing up.

  6. oh shoot I just love that school teacher set! That is so cute! My daughter is crazy about Barbie even though she’s still a little too young for the dolls. She always asks for them. I can’t wait until she’s just a little older and cna handle the small pieces so I can get her a barbie doll!

  7. When my sister and I were younger we LOVED our Barbie toys. Truth be told I still think we have a few tubs filled with our old Barbie stuff. It’s good to see that Barbie has stood the test of time and is still popular with the new generations 🙂

  8. My daughter could not get enough barbies when she was younger. I love all the great accessories you can get for Barbie now.

  9. My daughter would have loved all of this when she were little! It was hard to get her to even put down a Barbie LOL!

  10. I always loved playing with Barbies when I was growing up. I love all the new things they are coming out with!

  11. These are some awesome deals for the barbie lovers. I don’t have any barbie girls really as much anymore, so I will have to look into these for my niece now!

  12. I love going down the Barbie isle at Toys R Us. There are so many great Barbie products. I really like the Teacher Barbie.

  13. My girls love Barbie! This doll house looks like it would be so much fun to play with.

  14. We have both the camper and the dream house. Not only is it a massive hit with our girls, but all the girls who are my youngest daughter’s age come to play with Barbies. So Barbie helped her make friends when we moved here. I love that!! Plus my niece (she is 3) with two brothers flips to see Barbie stuff when she comes here because normally it’s all blocks and cars and trucks and boy junk at her house. Guess what she is getting this year for Xmas?

  15. I still enjoy checking out all the barbie things they now have for them. loved barbie

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