Upcoming: Barbie #bornwithBarbie Twitter Chat

You can read through my past #BarbieProject posts and literally be taken back to my own childhood and my days of playing with Barbie. In fact, these times and moments of play are my most vivid memories growing up. It’s true that Barbie’s strong presence growing up, formed who I am today.

Now, as a Mother of 3 girls, I get to watch and play Barbies with them. It’s so nostalgic and heartwarming to watch two generations play with the same dolls – literally, they have my old ones as well as their own new ones.

I’m going to be hosting a casual Barbie chat on twitter using the hashtag #bornwithBarbie on Tuesday November 25th at 2pm ET – and I’d love for my readers to jump in on the conversation.

bornwithBarbie Twitter Chat

We’ll be talking about our past traditions, how they are passed down and where Barbie fits into it all. The #bornwithBarbie chat will be the sharing of stories, influences and the parenting that forms it all.

Chat with you then, friends!


I am apart of The Barbie Project and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation.
The opinions are, as always, my own. . .



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  1. I always wanted but never had a Barbie, so I’m absolutely sure we will have more than one soon as my daughter grows 🙂

  2. Sounds like a good chat. My daughter had many Barbie’s when she was growing up. I used to enjoy watching her play with them and listening to the imaginary scenarios that her Barbie dolls did.

  3. My girls love Barbie. I will try to come by and check out this chat. Sounds like it is going to be fun. Thanks for sharing with your readers.

  4. I will try to be there! My daughters love Barbie but they haven’t seen any of the movies yet. Hopefully they’ll be able to watch some real soon.

  5. I loved Barbie as a kid. My girls aren’t as into them as I was but they do enjoy playing with her and watching the movies.

  6. Oh what fun. I had so many barbies growing up and then when I got in my twenties I started collecting them.

  7. A few of my biggest memories growing up in the 70’s include Barbie! What a fun twitter chat. I will see you there!

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  9. I always read these too late and miss the party! I’m so going to make this one! I mean, come on. It’s Barbie!

  10. That should be interesting! My daughter just recently look a liking to Barbie when we got Netflix, now she is hooked!

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