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Share your Child’s Art for Chewy For Charity


As the Thanksgiving holiday comes near, many of us are dreaming about that glorious dinner with all the trimmings. Yet, what about those that go without year after year?

My girls brought home a reminder slip to donate to Food Banks of Canada to prepare for the holiday season and beyond, and we have a bagfull of dry goods ready to be sent to the school for pickup. It’s a simple act that makes a big difference as close to 850,000 individuals are helped by a food bank each month, 1/3 of whom are children.

Food Banks Canada distributed over 17 millions lbs of food to its network of 500 food banks in 2013, and that may seem like enough. Yet it’s not. On average this offers only 3-5 days’ worth of food each month, the demand is just that high.


You can see that literally every bit helps.

I’m pleased to share an initiative launched by Quaker Canada called Chewy for Charity, it’s goal is to help Canadian families in need, get the nutrition they need. Donating to this cause it so very simple that anyone can do it – you just need to Share your Child’s Art!


Quaker Chewy is asking families across the country to create a Canadian-inspired piece of art, and then upload it at For every design submitted and approved, Quaker Canada will donate the equivalent of 10 pounds of food to Food Banks Canada

You can browse through all the lunch bag designs already submitted on as well, there’s some fine art there Canada! Parents can also choose to order a reusable canvas lunch bag with their child’s artwork printed on it, then shipped to their home.


My girls colour and create on a daily basis, yet I’ve never specifically asked them to do art based on a topic. So, they had questions first.


Once they learned about why I asked them to create a Canadian-themed art piece, they were so eager to dive in. They are familiar with Food Banks Canada since we drop off items many times a year.


My oldest knows firsthand that children can go without food, a kid in her second grade class usually came to school without a lunch. Long story short, I sent my oldest with two bagged lunches each day for a year, since I knew this child needed food. It was an eye opener for us, and for my daughter yet one blessing that came from the circumstance is that knows the true value and importance in giving back. 

chewy for charity art submission food banks of canada

We’ve uploaded our art pieces at Chewy for Charity, it’s such a simple way to donate.You might even have the art done and displayed right on your fridge – and that piece represents 10lbs of food that someone else needs. 

Easy, simple and important. I urge you to share your child’s art for Chewy For Charity today!

Proudly made with 100% whole grain Canadian oats, Quaker Chewy is the leading family granola bar in the country. The brand has been providing families wholesome, innovative and great-tasting products for kids’ lunches and snack-time rituals for the past 30 years and was the first in the industry to become peanut-free.


† To a maximum donation of $10,000, which Foods Banks Canada will use to acquire and share 80,000 lbs of food.
Quaker Canada will make an additional donation of $15,000.


Disclosure: This is a compensated post yet as always, opinions are my own.



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  1. I always take care onf my kids clothes to give them when they are too small . I truly think it’s essential to give back .

  2. I recently gave 150 free coffee coupons to this homeless organization so they can have free coffee during the cold winter. I also volunteer every Wednesday evening.

  3. I have gave a huge basket of food to the local food bank and donated my sons/husbands cloths to the needy

  4. it is easier to donate perishable food as we just buy a few extra of what we buy for the house.

  5. We participate in my fundraisers as well as clear the cupboards and donate to our local food bank

  6. We do a fall raid on clothes and toys here – donating what isn’t played with or fits/worn to charity. Also – if I can squeeze it I buy a little extra of items I can put in the food bin for others.


  7. I love this time of year when again give thanks for all we have. I’ve just recently donated 5 coats to the coats for kids. I hope I’ve helped keep some little bodies warm this winter 🙂

  8. I regularly volunteer for Homefront Cancer Services, I think I will start visiting some of our clients

  9. I am entering your giveaway.
    It would be great to win a $100 Chewy For Charity Prize Pack.
    In response to your question of How do you give back this time of year?
    I donate food and clothing to Homeless shelters and volunteer my time.
    Thank you for having this giveaway!!!!!!!!!

  10. Jack loves getting creative! What a great opportunely to win some awesome supplies and snacks for him to enjoy!

  11. I donate as much as I can and not only food but clothes as well, and when my Santa’s Choice comes in I usually have a box of food for the food bank

  12. We donate to the food bank. They always make a drive just before thanksgiving. We have 4 full bags to take to the boy’s school on Monday as part of their drive.

  13. We plan on volunteering more, and also making donations every time we go grocery shopping!

  14. We donate all year round to various local charities with the buik of the donations at Christmas!

  15. I like to donate to local needs, silent auctions for a good cause, christmas toy drives, food banks.

  16. We donate at school fundraisers, donate kids clothing and toys on regular basis, give at grocery stores when asked.

  17. We are getting prepared for the food drive at work and at my daughter’s daycare.

  18. We do lots of things – donations to causes at school, Angel Tree at church and of course the foodbank.

  19. I always buy extra schools supplies and drop them off at the school for those in need, and giving to the food bank also

  20. We donate to the food Bank and donate coats and winter hats to prepare for the cold!

  21. We just gave toys and clothes to our local homeless shelter and are also collecting warm coats, boots, hats, etc. to donate as well.

  22. My hubs is a volunteer soccer coach for 20 years now, I help with the team, and we also donate to the local food banks. Its important! 🙂

  23. Give extra to the food bank, start buying gifts for Christmas charities, we hand out clothes and food vouchers to homeless a few weeks before Christmas.

  24. We food to the food bank each week and clean out our closets twice a year to donate clothing to the homeless shelters in our city

  25. I give a lot of food and product to my niece that is at university ..that help her a lot 😉

  26. though we have little to spare, we try to observe the food banks posters, letting us know what they are most in need of (usually peanut butter, canned protiens etc) and make sure to donate these items in particular, or pick up an extra if we know there is a food drive coming up soon 🙂

  27. i buy a bag of pre-made food at the grocery store and they bring it to a charity

  28. My daughter’s school runs Coats for Kids program every fall & I always have coats to donate. I also use coupons & buy grocery staples so I can donate them to Winnipeg Harvest Food Bank.

  29. Donate their clothes and toys and always buy something to add to the donationbox at the grocery store

  30. I donate to our hospital fundraiser and also volunteer my time with the Alzheimer Society.

  31. I practice random acts of kindness throughout the year. Sometimes it is money and other times it is picking up an extra coffee at Tim Horton’s to give to the fellow standing outside in the cold with his cap out for spare change. At Christmas time, my family helps children and food banks. Buying for needy children is simply a joy!

  32. I do a lot of baking for people, I donate to the food bank and we usualy buy goat or wells for those who are in need in other countries.

  33. We give back by donating to our local food banks. As Christmas nears we will also help out by sponsoring a family at our local women’s shelter. This is such a great cause.

  34. I donate to our local food bank plus give monetary donations to several charities.

  35. We feel very good when donating gently used clothing and household times to place that help others.
    We also do the same for food during holidays.

  36. We have an awesome program at work that they started this year. The company have a set amount for each employee depending on how long you work there. This year I had $500 that would be donated by the company in my name. We have a temporary employee working with us and she had use the woman shelter in the past. She told me all the great thing they do. I donated to the woman shelter for that reason, so they could keep helping woman in need. I also donate. I also donate to various fund raiser we have at work for Central Aberta United way.

    At Christmas time I donate to the food bank and the Christmas Bureau.

  37. We always go through our kids clothes and toys and donate to the diabetes program. We also always give to the food bank,

  38. I always clean out my cupboards every fall and remove those foods which are still good that we didnt eat. I actually just went to the food bank oday and dropped off a box of chips and garlic bread bruschiettas

  39. I donate food to my local food bank and I participate in fundraisers/donations through my gym.

  40. We purge our closets & donate mismatched linens & towels & clothes we don’t wear. We wash old jackets & donate them as well if we are looking to buy new jackets too.

  41. We donate clothes and food to our local food bank ,we also donate to my daughters school

  42. I give back by hosting a thanksgiving dinner for people that have no place to go for dinner. We head down town and hand out dinners on paper plates until they are all gone

  43. I made 10 pumpkin pies from scratch and gave them away to random friends! 🙂

  44. I volunteer at my local second hand shop,I donate our clothing and we give canned goods to our church

  45. I give back all year long, not just this time of year! I donate to food banks and charities among other things such as paying it forward by purchasing coffee for the next people in line at Timmies etc.

  46. I give back by bringing pasta, spaghetti sauce, peanut butter and canned vegetables to the food bank. I donate clothes to diabetes foundation.

  47. Every year I clean out the closets and donate my lightly worn clothes to one of the local charities and make sure I fill a bag of non-perishables for the local food bank.

  48. We donate to our local food bank and help with fundraisers for our elementary school.

  49. We always add extra for our World Vision family for Christmas, as well as donate to local food bank

  50. We give back through handing out sweaters and blankets to the homeless as the weather starts to turn chillier.

  51. I donate items and money to our local food bank, hospital auxillary, and spca as well as to International Aid organizatins

  52. We recently dropped off some formula to our local food bank, as well as high value coupons for formula.

  53. Clean out last years winter clothing and donate it to Ex CLF’er Geroy Simon’s COATS FOR KIDS! It’s awesome program.

  54. we choose a family in need through our church and donate money to buy food and gifts for that family

  55. We volunteer with local charitable groups. We also help organize and collect items to send overseas. We send a container every other year. Its amazing how much can be sent!!

  56. We normally are giving to the food bank this time of year. As well we have gone through all summer items and donate what is no longer wanted or has gotten too small

  57. We donate our slightly used clothing to a kids group,also donated our hallowee costumes to them and we start preparing for our christmas family at the end of this month

  58. I take my young nieces to donate food at the foodbank so they start learning to give to others now.

  59. Be it a random act of kindness, I purchase a $15.00 Subway card and leave it on a Bus seat. Hope it finds someone who needs a nutritious meal. Small gesture, sometimes make the biggest difference.

  60. My father gave my daughter $20 she scoured all the flyers to find the best value, then made sure to meet all the food groups then we went to our local church and donated it. It was a great learning experience on many levels

  61. We give to the food bank, and also take advantage of the food bank donation coupons at the grocery store check out.

  62. We donate to the food bank, my sons school, heart and stroke and breast cancer!

  63. I help a couple of ministries when they need volunteers to help with their monthly newsletters.

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