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We all Love to Connect – It’s the Cheerios Effect!

I think about the amazing advances in technology and come to the conclusion that we can truly make anything happen. In the world right now, people and families are oftentimes spread across great distances, yet there are many ways to connect that make that distance seem insignificant.

While I can text, message and talk to people without actually seeing them – it’s always special to have that face-to-face contact. Having a coffee with a friend, picking up my kids from school and talking – these are moments worth celebrating. They are times that we are able to learn, grow and be truly happy.

To help celebrate the happiness and joy that connections bring into our lives, Cheerios has launched its newest campaign, “the Cheerios Effect”.

What does cereal have to do with human connections?

Well, it’s obvious actually, we’ve all noticed it yet probably never put that much thought into it.


The Cheerios Effect is a real scientific principle that is nicknamed after the cereal, and it’s about the fact that if you drop two Cheerios into a bowl, they’ll always eventually float together and connect. Just like those two tiny, floaty little Os, we’re all drawn together, we’re hard-wired to connect with those around us.

In fact, nothing could be more natural.


And no matter who you are, where you live, or who you choose to share your life with, Cheerios believes that everyone is worthy of love and connection. This idea is summed up in the campaign tagline:We all love to connect. That’s the Cheerios Effect.

To celebrate this simple concept, Cheerios has created a series of advertisements that show real people telling their personal stories of connection. There’s one video in particular that moved me, no, brought me to tears. Get out the tissues, folks!


Andre and Jonathan’s story is one of true love, for each other and how they became fathers. The way they talk about holding their daughter for the first time, literally gave me chills. Oftentimes I find it so hard to describe parental love, yet they capture that beautifully. Souls coming together. 

To celebrate and share the love, Cheerios is encouraging Canadians to share their personal connection stories at, where each unique story will be brought to life with a personalized video of Cheerios connecting in a bowl. I made my own video here.

Everyone is worthy of love and connection – and everyone has stories that deserve to be told. We all love to connect. That’s the Cheerios Effect. #CheeriosEffect


Disclosure: I received product and was compensated for this post. All opinions are my own.


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  1. I think people need to make more effort to connect face to face (over a bowl of Cheerios!). Turn off the cell phone and take a break from the technology and chat with your kids, your spouse and your guests. Go for a walk and leave your cell behind for a refreshing change of pace. Look at the leaves and be in the moment. Those text messages will keep! Better yet, text your friend and get them to meet you, face to face!

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