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Lampe Berger Paris – Home Fragrance System

One of the things I don’t like about this season is the transition from open windows and fresh summer air – to the closed and stuffy seasons that are Fall and Winter. It’s already too chilly to keep any doors and windows open for very long. This means that soon, the air in my house will be stale and musty yet at the same time when I spend most of my time inside – welcome to the season of air fresheners and purifiers, since masking the smell is only doing half of the job.

Yet, this year, I’m changing things up a little thanks to Lampe Berger Paris. They make gorgeous glass canisters that hold scented home fragrance fuel. Their beautiful pieces work to purify the air in the home and also emit luscious fragrance. That’s a double whammy, or triple if you count how beautiful the lamps are as well.


Lampe Berger Paris sent me the limited edition Pomme gift-set + 180 ml home fragrance in the scent of Grapefruit Passion. The lacquered red colour is so warm and festive for this time of year yet something that really pops in my living room of neutral colours.


When you first use your system,take off the lids and wick, add the fuel fragrance to the lamp and wait 20 minutes with the metal cap on. Then, you light the lamp and blow it out, then put the diffuser on top.


The lamp removes unpleasant odours from heat conducted by the catalytic burner. It neutralizes odorous molecules in the air and prevents recombination of these molecules so that smells virtually disappear.

The burner then dispenses the home fragrance fuel, adding a wonderful fragrance to your home. So, the Lampe Berger technology guarantees an improvement of overall air quality in your home, not just a simple masking of the smell as other diffusers do. 

The results of having the Lampe Berger Paris Fragrance System in my home? Amazing.

Within just a few minutes I could smell the fruity aroma in the air, which is such a nice smell on a cold fall day.My house seems fresher and just more welcoming. Between uses, simply put the metal cap back on to prevent the fuel from evaporating. 


Plus, the Lampe Berger Paris Home Fragrance System is something that will last too. You’ll want to keep your lamp lit for a maximum of one minute per cubic metre, in other words 20 minutes’ use in a 20sqm. It’s said that you might have to get new fragrance once every 200 lightings, which could very well be once a year. 

Compared to other diffusers or home fragrances, Lampe Berger Paris offers such a visual masterpiece. It’s so functional yet very elegant too, making it something you’ll want to display whether lit or not. Plus, it just lasts such a long time, it’s a great frugal option when compared to alternatives for the home. 

I’m completely happy with my pomme style and can’t wait to get more lamps and scents for my home. I’d like to have one downstairs too, the mustiest part of our home. There’s also 50 fragrance fuels to choose from and I have my eye on Citrus Leaves, Winterwood and Cranberry! 

You can purchase Lampe Berger Paris online or at retailers across the country. I did a quick search in my own small Albertan city and see there’s 7 stockists right here in my city! I had no idea, but was very happy to see that it’s so readily available!

Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.



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  1. I think I would love any of the fruit scents, but I’m leaning closer to the grapefruit passion, mmmm, I can smell it now!!!

  2. Love Lampe Berger and have given them as a house warming gift before. I would love to have my own. And would love to try Fresh Linen scent.

  3. I would love to try the scent Lavender Fields!! thanks for the wesome chance.

  4. I can’t decide which fragrance I like best, either Citrus Leaves or Lemon Bubbles, they both sound really fresh.

  5. I’d like to try either Wild orchid or the Precious Jasmine. I would have loved to find Sandalwood but that doesn’t seem to be on offer

  6. My favorite color is blue so I love the bonbon frosted mint one! Fresh mint scent is also uplifting. Thanks for the chance to win, twitter fan@plumerea

  7. The Precious Jasmine is a fragrance I’d love to try….Jasmine is a personal favourite of mine!

  8. I’d love the Cristal de roche frosted lamp (it’s very pretty), and the Cotton Dream fragrance

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