Off the Grid

This last weekend we spent some time off the grid. We attended a wedding in British Columbia set at a gorgeous mountain resort, so it was a fine excuse to do some exploring in the area that we had been 13 years prior, on our honeymoon.


This is the view from my cabin porch one morning, I immensely enjoyed the peace and beauty of Kootenay National Park, over a cup of french pressed coffee.

More about our trip to come!


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  1. Oh goodness, so jealous!! My parents took my brother and I on the most amazing Canadian fishing trip in the middle of nowhere when I was younger and it’s by far one of my favorite vacations and family memories. Can’t wait to hear more about your trip!

  2. What a amazing view. I can just imagine what it would be like to wake up and see that everyday.

  3. How gorgeous I would love to get away from ‘it all’ for a few days. I bet the air there is amazing!

  4. What an amazing view! I would love to visit there one day and just soak up the peace and quiet, it would be a dream!

  5. This is absolutely breath taking! I am so excited because I think I finally found how we are going to fun a couple vacations for ourselves!

  6. Born and raised in BC! I split my time between Victoria (home) and Hope (work) – both places are incredible! I hope you had a great time, looking forward to hearing more about your trip! 🙂

  7. What an awesome visit! I can’t wait to visit British Columbia, my mother has been and a friend and some family live there!! It is definitely on my Bucket List! Thanks! 🙂

  8. We just got back from a week in B.C. as well! We had an ocean front room in Victoria and it was priceless!

  9. Beautiful view! I’ve never been to BC .. i’ve heard too the scenes are breathe-taking!

  10. I live in BC and have never been to the Kootenay’s. Thanks for reminding me of the beauty that I so take for granted!

  11. Living off the grid is getting more and more popular. It doesn’t mean living like you’re camping either – you can have power and internet and use the microwave. You can have all of the luxeries that we enjoy already, just powered by solar and wind power.

  12. This is gorgeous. We head west every 2 years to visit our friends in Alberta and get our “mountain fix”. This reminds me of it.

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