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The Goldbergs: The Complete First Season on DVD

The Goldbergs- The Complete First Season on DVD

A friend and I always chat about the latest on TV. Since we share the same tastes in shows, it’s nice to have someone to dish on the gossip, gab about the cliffhangers and laugh about the funny antics.

It was this friend that got me into The Goldbergs, an ABC show that chronicles the life of an 80s family. “We are true 80s girls Tammi, you just have to watch it!“, she said. So, of course I had too – and was hooked!

The Goldbergs- The Complete First Season DVD

Voiced by Patton Oswald, The Goldbergs follows a family of 5 as they live life in the 80s. The Mom is overprotective and has the best 80s attire, complete with coifed hair. The Dad is loud and often grumpy, and the Grandfather is the male in the family that loves to have all the fun.

The 3 kids are that of typical 80’s, and ones that could be you or your friends growing up. Thing is, perhaps this could be your very own family! Right down to the parents wondering how the heck to program the VCR!


Wouldn’t it be awesome to have video of life back then? That is what this show is about, since the youngest boy documents all the family’s antics. 

I love this show because of the feeling of nostalgia when I tune in. ‘I totally had that’ comes out of my mouth often. Each time I watch, I relive my childhood, and that is a very good thing. 

The Goldbergs: The Complete First Season is now on DVD. So, if you haven’t caught this series as yet, now is the time to pick this up and catch up. Or, if you are like me that loves the 80s and wishes I could go back in time to some of the best moments – this show is as close as it gets. Gold! 

The Goldbergs: The Complete First Season on DVD includes all 23 episodes in three discs. The laughs continue with many bonus features including commentaries, 80s revisited and costumes of the 80s which is my personal fave. I know for production purposes these are costumes, but hey, who would have thought legwarmers would ever be less than a staple!?

So, Have you watched The Goldbergs yet?


Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review. As always, all opinions are my own.


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  1. This sounds like a fun watch the other half and I would love. I was a child in the 80s, but still remember it fondly!

  2. I started watching it when it first aired, and then got busy and forgot about it. The episodes I watched were pretty funny though!

  3. It sounds cute. This is my very first time hearing of it, I think, but I’m usually way behind on these things. I catch up eventually. 🙂

  4. This show does remind me of the ’80s. I was an adult then so I can relate to the big hair, padded shoulders and sweaters. And I do really enjoy the show.

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