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Tim Hortons Dark Roast Experience

I had the pleasure last month of being witness to someones first-ever taste of Tim Hortons coffee. Of course, it’s been a lot of years since my own first {and everyone else I know}, so it was an experience that made me smile.

Sip. “Oh …. Mmmm… wow, that’s really really good!” she said.

Thing is, I along with many, probably have a glimpse of that same look on my face with each {daily} first sip of my Tim’s. It’s almost like you can’t help but let the taste and smell take over. Like that blessed first sip of coffee in the morning. Ahhhh.

So perhaps we’re just so used to it now, we just don’t notice but it’s always there. Like we’re in the dark. 


Tim Hortons now serves dark roast!

Tim Hortons Dark Roast coffee is a premium blend made from 100 per cent Arabica beans that have been carefully roasted to bring out the full, rich flavour and aroma of a dark roast coffee, while ensuring a perfectly smooth finish. The Dark Roast will be available starting Friday, August 15, at Tim Hortons restaurants across Canada and the U.S. for the same price as Tim Hortons Original coffee blend.

The Tim Hortons Timfluencers were challenged to “go dark” for 60 minutes and truly savour the new dark roast blend. This made me think of my trips through drive thru and seeing many people sitting solo inside and enjoying their Tims.

I’ve never done this. I’ve never just sat still, alone and enjoyed my coffee.

Know what? I’m a little jealous of those that can slow down to a crawl like this. So, I decided to give it a try at home, and while the girls were outside playing, I forced myself to have a Dark Roast Experience.

I shut off my phone, turned off the TV and just sat on the couch with my coffee. I looked out the window, watched people walking dogs, listened to the clock ticking, read my Tims cup twice three times, counted the loom bands peeking out from under the table … man, this was hard!

tim hortons dark roast coffee

I lasted 20 minutes before I just had to get up and do something. I think I need to practice this more, for sure. 

Captured: First Time Dark Roast Experience … in the dark!

Tim Hortons took over a restaurant in Montreal and filmed the reactions of real guests as they tasted the new Dark Roast blend for the first time. The twist? The tastings were done in the dark so that the last of sight amplified their sense of taste.

You guys, this is hilarious, you just have to watch. 


Have you tried the new Dark Roast Coffee at Tim Hortons?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as part of the Timfluencer program. As always, opinions are my own.


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  1. I’ve heard so much about Tim Hortons from a friend that went to school in Canada. I can’t wait until the next time we take a trip there because a visit to Tim Hortons is on my wish list.

  2. I remember hearing about Tim Horton’s on How I Met Your Mother, but we don’t have them around here. I want to try it someday, though.

  3. Sounds like heaven in a class. Tim Horton’s needs to come just a little bit closer to me so I can have it more often!

  4. We don’t have a Tim Horton’s here but I’ve tried the Kcups and they are pretty good!

  5. I love that Timmies asked you to go dark for an hour. I would have a hard time as well. It is so easy to get distracted and forget how to have quiet time.

  6. MMMH, I like Tim’s coffee anyways. There’s just something about it, but a dark roast sounds even better.

  7. I actually had no idea Tims was rolling out a new dark roast until yesterday 🙂 I havent tried it yet (im a lighter roast gal as it is) but probably will just to see… Very smart move on their part to bring in the people who haven’t had the coffee as they prefer a darker blend

  8. Honestly we only drink Tim’s an buy their canned coffee as well and we didn’t think their was too much difference, had tyhe same great taste and maybe a tad bit stronger!, We are old so maybe our taste buds are not what they use to be!

  9. I’m not someone who can go for long “in the dark”, I’m not used to silence haha. I have tried the new dark roast. I’m not a big fan of Tim Horton’s coffee and I prefer McDonald’s coffee, but I did enjoy the new dark roast and have purchased it several times since it debuted.

  10. will have to give their dark roast a try, hit our local Timmies a few times a week!

  11. I totally understand where you’re coming from. I don’t think I could have lasted that long! I’m not really a “go dark” kind of girl. I get too antsy.

  12. I wasn’t a fan of tim hortons coffee until my coworker bought me a dark roast. Much better!

  13. Haven’t tried it yet but will be very soon. Love tim hortons coffee and I’m sure I’ll love this new dark roast coffee.

  14. We’ve not tried the dark roast at Timmies…..yet, but I’m sure we will very very soon!

  15. I have tried it but to me it seemed a little bitter but then I don’t like my coffee that strong. It would definitely be a surprise to walk into a Timmie’s that was in the dark!

  16. I don’t usually buy coffee..but when I do it’s usually from Tim’s. I use dark roast at home, so the next time I am buying a coffee, I’ll give this a try!

  17. I usually skip the ads that show up before a Youtube video but I was intrigued by this one so I watched it- I loved it. When they finally came out with the dark roast, I was like finally Timmies! Dark roast coffee is my fave drip coffee

  18. I have a friend who “lives” at Tim Horton’s, lol. I will have to tell her about Dark Roast, who am I kidding I’m sure she already knows!!

  19. I am not a fan of the dark roast, gave me the jitters almost lol too strong for my taste

  20. I love my Timmies coffee…black! I just tried the dark roast. I like a rich coffee and so it was fine to me but I’m not likely to order it over the original. I just feel why mess with perfection…lol.

  21. I don’t like my coffee too strong so I’m afraid I’ll find this taste too strong for me. And my daughter had her first taste of Tim Horton’s coffee not too long ago, and she’s now an addict.

  22. Super cute video! I love some of the creative ideas companies come up with to promote products these days. We tried it the other day and it was pretty delicious – we typically enjoy a darker roast as a whole.

  23. Dark Roast is a favorite of our coffees. I will have to look for this brand of dark roast coffee, Tim Horton’s.

  24. I do have to say, Tim Horton’s dark roast is a good cup of Joe.
    So happy they have popped up at least every few blocks across the country.


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