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I think back to all the items I’ve reviewed here on My Organized Chaos {6 years worth!}, and wish I could easily do a follow up on those reviews. I think it’d be helpful for my readers to know which products stood the test of time, and which didn’t. This is information I’d love to know myself when searching online. Alas, that would literally take forever {but you can always send me an email if you do have any questions, some of you do!}.

Yet, here is one chance to do just that. And, I’ve very excited about it.

In April 2012, I first featured an Epiphanie bag – the beautiful blue ‘Ginger’ camera bag. At almost 2 years later, I am happy to report that this bag is still my 4th child, as I stated way back then. Literally, this bag goes everywhere with me. Everywhere. In fact, you could go back to my posts from the last 2 years and play a good game of ‘spot Ginger’, she’s got many stamps on her passport!

From day trips to voyages over the seas, my Ginger is my #1 go-to bag – I reach for it above all others that I own.

Why an Epiphanie bag? The leather is still soft, supple and looks just like the day it arrived {high quality here, folks!}. There hasn’t been one slip of a zipper, and I wouldn’t have one complaint about the quality of the bag. Plus, it’s just so versatile. When traveling far, I use it as my carry-on, mainly to have my camera and gear protected and with me at all times. Yet, it also holds my small money purse, a baggie of essentials like chapstick and earbuds. The side pockets hold tickets to passports. For small day trips – same thing.

So, to answer the question: would I use an Epiphanie bag for years? Absolutely.

While Ginger is my sidekick, and always will be – Epiphanie bags has so many styles to choose from. So many sizes, looks, colours – there is a bag for everyone. When choosing, I’d suggest thinking of your top needs to narrow down the styles. Think of how you like to wear your bag and what you’d need to put in there. Shopping at Epiphanie is fun!

Now, back to my sidekick Ginger. When traveling for work or extended vacations when I want my laptop closeby – I do bring another small carryon. I really don’t like having my laptop in checked bags. So, for the last couple of years, I’d actually tote two, yet the second was really only for a couple magazines and laptop.

Until now.

Thanks to Epiphanie, I have another baby to love and use for years – the gorgeous ‘Clover’ bag in a rich and dreamy teal colour.


When it arrived, I literally felt and took in that leather smell {yes I did}. So soft. Yet, this feature is actually functional, and you’d know if you ever used a bag made of stiff leather. It’s awkward and not easy to use – therefore having a bag with the softest leather does make it easier to get items in and out. 

The bonus to this bag is that it also has a large compartment to house a laptop. That’s right, I don’t need to bring two bags with me anymore when I need to bring the laptop along, the Clover will fit that and more and still fit under airplane seats. It’s the perfect sized camera + laptop bag!


 On this day I has my DSLR, external flash, battery charger, 2 extra lenses, laptop and laptop cord inside {with SD cards, lens cleaner and other misc items in the pocket}. Yet, there was still room to add my wallet, phone and keys before I headed out the door. In fact, the height of the items you see, only take up the first half of the depth of the bag. Yes, it’s so spacious!

The inside has the plush and soft divided compartments that you can move to suit your gear and needs, guaranteeing protection of your belongings. I actually have two lenses in one compartment, since one of the padded separators folds. So, I have two lenses stacked, yet still protected from each other. 


As stated on the site, the Clover will fit an iPad or 15″ laptop, camera + attached lens, 2-3 extra lenses, flash, battery pack, wallet, keys, cell phone, memory cards and more! The bigger size of the Clover also allows this bag to be the perfect day bag and I’ve been busy using it all summer long. It holds all my camera gear plus everything for a day at the beach. All I have to do is get the kids hold the towels. Heh.


Yet, Clover is pretty isn’t she? I just love the braided shoulder straps, giving it that stylish look. Yet, she also comes with a long shoulder strap. Remember when camera bags were boxy, black and boring?! Ha, not anymore!


Clover also has one zippered pocket and one reach-in pocket on the outside. The zippered pocket is smaller in size, but great for those tinier items like keys – which you really don’t want loose inside in case they jab at the gear anyway.


So, as a follow up to my review from 2012 – I adore my Ginger from Epiphanie and always will. Yet, use will be shared with Clover now, depending on which gear I need to bring with me on that day. Or maybe which sassy colour I want to show off. Let’s just consider them sisters. Life-long sisters.

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Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review post. Opinions are, as always, my own.



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  1. I love the Lola In Caramel. So many great choices but I would love to have a neutral bag that goes with everything i wear πŸ™‚

  2. Ooooohhhhhhh, those are beautiful!!!! (And I’ve wanted one forEVER). I tend to stick with a bag for a long time, so quality is a must. I could see myself becoming best friends with an Epiphanie bag. Here’s hoping that day comes sooner rather than later!!! (Thanks for the fun giveaway!)

    1. Ummm, I got so excited that I forgot to tell you which bag I love best….It has to be Ginger in Grey. Perfect!!!

  3. I love the SYDNEY – Turquoise because it can be used as an over the shoulder very practical and beautiful

  4. I Love the BELLE – Teal. I love the color, the size fits all my needs and it has the padded shoulder strap should I need it.

  5. I love both MADISON – Turquoise and LOLA – Red! I’ve been in love with these bags for forever!

  6. I really like the Grey Sydney bag because it is an over the shoulder bag with lots of pockets.

  7. I love the Clover in black. The braided handles are such a great design. These bags look amazing!

  8. would love the LONDON Backpack – Brown, because it’s so classy, it would go with anything I’m wearing, and it would hold everything I need to carry!

  9. I have always dreamed of owning a brown or black lyric .. I carry my camera in a green sobeys bag now .. and hope that one day .. i can carry my camera with some class and care it deserves.

  10. I love the Brooklyn Backpack in turquoise or mustard! I love the convertibility of the backpack to the messenger style.

  11. Love the Lola bag, and want it in red. I just love the looks of the bag, and think it would be great with the compartments for camera stuff.

  12. i would love the LOLA – Pink…anything pink and its mine, it also offers so much space love it.

  13. I would choose the Ginger bag. I can’t decide between Slate Blue and Grey.
    It is the most practical bag for me – lots of room, very functional and stylish.

  14. I would love the Brooklyn Backpack in Grey. I love the big buckles on the front, it looks easy to access and I also love the option to wear it as a backpack or messenger!

  15. I was so surprised to see and read all that the pretty Epiphanie bag can hold! What a gorgeous colour too. Thanks for the chance.

  16. Madison in fuchsia is ~*~perfection~*~ I would totally use it as an everyday bag! I hate putting things in order in my purse and the minute I pick it up, everything’s all jumbled again. To have separators in my purse would make me so happy!

  17. I would choose the Ginger in either caramel or grey, I am having such a hard time deciding!! I really need a nice grey back, but I really love the brown of the caramel… I think in the end I would pick the caramel, it is just too nice!! I love that this bag can also hold my ipad – that is the winning feature for me, on top of the fact that it has a retro look that I just love.

  18. Love Epiphanie bags – great selection! The Clover in Teal is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  19. I love the Clover Bag in Black. I love everything about this bag. It is chic and stylish and just a beautiful and useful bag.

  20. Thanks for this giveaway! These bags are gorgeous & I would absolutely LOVE one.
    So difficult to choose but my favourite is the Clover in teal. Big enough but still very stylish.

  21. I love Ginger in Caramel and Clover in Fuschia (I also love the backpacks!). If I win, I’ll try to make a decision πŸ˜‰
    My reason for liking any of the bags is because they are not only beautiful, but they’re also functional!

  22. I would choose the Madison in turquoise! I love that it can turn into a backpack, and turquoise is my favorite colour!

  23. I would choose Stella in Slate Blue since it would really go well with jeans and I live in my jeans when I travel.

  24. I love the Lola in pink! Because really, you can never go wrong with pink – and that bag is the perfect size πŸ™‚

  25. I LOVE Lola in red! It’s just a fantastic shade of red and the style is so fun!

  26. I’m torn between the BROOKLYN (grey, blush or cobalt) and the MADISON (turquoise). Love that both styles can be worn in two ways: crossbody bag (Brooklyn)/tote(Madison) or backpack. Convenient and versatile!

  27. I would LOVE the London in Black – it’s just so great that it’s a backpack, a crossbody, or something you can sling over your luggage handle, and it will carry EVERYTHING.

  28. I would choose the Stella bag in grey because I like the size and the braised handles.

  29. Lyric – Olive
    Why? Well, I naturally go to greys and blacks but just love this olive colour. Would be a great splash of color for me!

  30. The Bag is Beyond Gorgeous ….I would be Happy with any color they are all beautiful…Shared liked ….

  31. The Clover Bag in Teal has always been my favorite! I also like the clover bag in Fuscia.

  32. I’ve been in love with the London bag in brown for ages. I like that it’s a backpack, so easily toteable while remaining hands free, I like how classic it looks, and it puts dreams of travels in my head.

  33. MS.LOLA in kiwi is catching my blinking eyes with lots of style & amazing color for me !!!!!!!!!!!! TY

  34. I like the ginger bag but it seems to only be in boring colours right now–I ADORE the colour you chose but none of the bags avail. in that colour caught my eye. I am sure things change often with their availability

  35. After quite a while of going back and forth between a few bags, I decided on Sydney in Caramel. I tend to overload my bag if it’s really big just because I have the space, so it’s easier on my shoulders if I go with something smaller. Love the fact it can be worn as a backpack as well. And did I mention…it’s beautiful!!

  36. There are so many that I love but my favourite would have to be the STELLA in Olive -STL004GRN.

  37. MADISON – Black is more equal gender ownership. Really want one for hubby. Now for myself…. I would get the
    GINGER – Caramel because the colour will always go with anything…. all year long. πŸ™‚

  38. Beautiful bags. They are all classics I think. Especially love the CHARLOTTE – Cobalt for its simple design, cross-body design and pop of colour. Gorgeous!

  39. I would love the LOLA in Mustard. I like the size of the bag and it holds everything I need to take with me. It is a great way to take my camera with me everywhere without looking like one of “those” parents.

  40. would be the Clover in red. I like the braided straps and prefer a bag that has a large top opening and nuts about the colour

  41. The Ginger in Caramel would be my pick. I like the style and the size would be perfect. It would replace a favourite bag of mine that is looking a little worn on the straps.

  42. I would love the Sydney bag in Caramel…or the Mustard Lola….or the…..can I have one of each? LOL!! I need a prettier bag than what I have for our trip to Disney World in October. So pretty & stylish! πŸ™‚

  43. the london backpack is a nice style, so many great choices, i don’t know if i could choose.

  44. I would pick “GINGER – Grey” because it’s not too big and the colour would match well with anything at any season.

  45. I like the “CLOVER – Red”; the size is right and I’m trying to get away from my usual black or brown bags. A pop of colour like this would do the tricl.

  46. The Clover – Teal is perfect! I love the braiding on the strap and down the sides and the shape. The colour is the best feature though – different and quirky, yet not an eye-sore, and can match with many different outfits!

  47. I love the Clover in Red. I could fit my iPad or a laptop in it with a camera, phone, keys and all my other needed items and still have room.

  48. I’d love to have the Ginger camera bag in Caramel. It’s a nice neutral color that would match most of my clothing πŸ˜‰

  49. I would pick the London Backpack in black because both my husband and I go out and take photos so this way he would be good with carrying it around too.

  50. I would love to choose the Lyric in Black. I love the longer strap to go over my shoulder and love the color black.

  51. I’d love the London Backpack in Navy. What a good-looking and practical accessory!

  52. Ultimately my choice would be the Sydney – Caramel. Colour accessorizes any outfit – casual/dressy/flirty – love the braided handled. Attractive and compact. If you can’t be Down Under….Australia….then opt for celebrate the word “Sydney” – yes I know silly, but repeating my 10 year old’s reasoning. Bag is breathtaking, would love to sport this on my arm and replace the backpack that has seen many days. For the chance tyvm.

    Eva Mitton-Urban

  53. My favorite is the Brooklyn Backpack in Blush. I like that it can be carried like a purse and like a backpack. I also like that if needed, you can remove the inserts. I like the outside pockets for keys, some gum, and hair ties. The rest of the bag would be perfect for carrying my iPad, my camera, a few diapers and wipes, and a change of clothes for the little one. Thanks for the chance to win one of these gorgeous bags Tammi and Epiphanie!

  54. I would choose the madison in turquoise. Love the style and all the compartments.

  55. I absolutely love the various purses on the website but am especially fond of this teal Clover purse. The size, style and colour of the purse impress me.

  56. I just like the style of the purse and I like that it is a good size for all the junk I tote

  57. I would choose the Madison in Black. I need my handbag to accommodate my Kobo tablet, as well a discreet area to hold incontinence pads. The Madison will do it for me. I would choose the handbag in black, as I tend to wear alot of black, brown and dark blue. Thanks for sponsoring this amazing giveaway and for the opportunity to participate.

  58. I would choose Clover in black as I could use a new bag as the one I have is wearing out, and its the only one I have

  59. I would choose the Sydney bag in caramel. Love that it’s a cross-body bag but can be a shoulder bag and backpack too.

  60. Sporting a stylish bag that holds everything you need (laptop, camera, personal items) sounds divine! My picks would be the London or Brooklyn backpack. It would hard to decide since they are so nice and functional!

  61. If I won I would choose the Cobalt Charlotte bag from Epiphanie. It would be wonderful to have one bag that was roomy enough to hold all of my photo gear and I love the simple, elegant design.

  62. I really like the LONDON Backpack – Black, what a great statement piece! This one would be perfect for catting all my work items & look great at the same time!

  63. I really like the Madison in Black. The reason would be because it has a place to carry my laptop in which is a great feature.

  64. I love these bags. I wish they had a Lola in purple or turquoise though! I’d choose Lola in red. It’s such a vibrant colour and I love the detailing on the bag.

  65. I absolutely adore the MADISON – Turquoise! My daughter’s name is Madisen πŸ™‚ That’s such a gorgeous colour and I love that this bag can be used for my camera essentials, laptop and can even be converted into a backpack!!

  66. BROOKLYN Backpack – Grey
    I prefer backpack style purses and this one looks the best. it would be nice if it was in black but that wasn’t on the website and the other backpack style purse in black doesn’t look as nice.

    Our Price: $224.99

  67. I love the brooklyn backpack in caramel because of the versatile ways that you can carry the bag and the shape

  68. clover all the way – especially because i adore the little gal it was named after & idolize her mama Rachel πŸ˜‰

  69. I would choose the LONDON Backpack in Navy because it looks versatile and I like that you can wear it as a backpack or like a messenger bag.

  70. I loved the Clover bag in Fuchsia but it is sold out so if they aren’t making more of it I would go for the Clover in teal.

  71. I LOVE the Madison Black…it would go with every outfit and is big enough to hold all my camera equipment…plus it’s super stylish!

  72. I would love the Clover Bag. AS its not available in Caramel I would choose classic Black, second choice is the Ginger in Caramel.

  73. I would choose the MADISON in black. I don’t want anything fancy and I love the front pockets

  74. I would choose the London in Brown. I really like the Burnt Orange but it’s out of stock.

  75. I like the BROOKLYN Backpack – Turquoise for the laptop because I have a new laptop and I LOVE the look of this bag!

  76. It’s hard to choose just one, so many styles. I like the Ginger in caramel, I need a bag to accommodate my long range lens.

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  78. I love Epiphanie’s Madison Collection in burnt orange! Thanks for the great review and giveaway!

  79. I love this bag -MADISON – Teal {OUT OF STOCK} not only does it hold the camera, but the lap top as well, just perfect in my busy life!

  80. I have been wanting one of these gorgeous bags for so long. They are all so pretty. My top 3 are Stella in Olive, Lola in Mustard, and Brooklyn in Caramel.

  81. I love the BELLE in Fuchsia! It’s just so cute and I love the length of the short strap. Long enough to put over my shoulder but still control out of the way without it flopping all over the place.

  82. The Ginger in Slate Blue caught my eye immediately. The colour is fantastic but I like the shape and style most of all.

  83. I absolutely love the London Backpack in Brown. It is beautiful. A close second is the Austin in Black.
    I wouldn’t mind having either and if I ever have the money to spend I’ll probably see about getting one! πŸ˜€

  84. My first choose would of been the bag in your pot buy it is out of stock so my 2nd choice is LOLA – Caramel

  85. Brooklyn. Big trip to the mouse’s house next year and I would like something both my husband and I can carry.

  86. STELLA in pink is my choice because its so stylish and has lots of extra pockets which will come in real handy.

  87. I love the Stella in Plum, but it is out of stock, my favorite color is purple. I would really love to win, also, I have other favorite bags as well.

  88. Such a hard choice. I love the SYDNEY – Turquoise because it looks huge. I have 5 kids including a set of twins so I really love how big it is and that it can be carried as a back pack. Thank you. If it is out of stock at time of drawing and I win I also like the Lola bag in pink.

  89. Ginger camera bag -grey because the color would be versatile and i like the size is right.

  90. I would love the Ginger bag in Grey, from your review and the description on the website it’s just what I need as a mom of two and this would become my go-to bag for sure!

  91. I would choose the LYRIC – Black because it’s a nice basic bag that would go with a lot.

  92. I LOVE these bags. Right now I’m using an eye-sore of a book bag, beat up almost to the point of having to throw it out. My favorite is the Clover Red style. Having a bag like this would enable me to take my camera everywhere and still look fabulous/ be comfortable!

  93. I like the belle kiwi. This is the perfect size and my favorite color. This color goes with a lot of different colors, so would be ver versatile. The length of the strap is great too.

  94. Ooooo…I love them all!! I think I would really like the Sydney in either Caramel or Turquoise. I love that you can change the way you wear it!

  95. I love the Lyric bag in Slate Blue! Looks like the perfect size to hold all my equipment!

  96. I like the STELLA – Plum bag because it is so stylish and could fit my camera as well as my other essentials inside, I love Epiphanie Bags.

  97. I would choose the Lyric bag in brown. It looks like a good size that can hold all kinds of useful things.

  98. I want the Brooklyn Backpack in Cobalt. My ideal bag would be black, but all the black ones are out of stock, and the Brooklyn Backpack is cute and simple!

  99. Oh, this would be my dream bag!!!! I would choose the LONDON Backpack – Black for sure! Big bags with lots of pockets plus the option to be hands-free would be amazing! Beautiful bags πŸ™‚

  100. That teal color is absolutely the color of my choice too! I don’t have any bags in that color plus I’ve been trying to figure out a way how to look stylish with my baby’s black baby bag. With another one on the way this Christmas, that bag would make for a lovely early gift. Thank you so much for the chance to win an awesome bag and look stylish. Twitter fan@plumerea

  101. They are all so cute! I think I would choose the BROOKLYN Backpack – Grey. I think it would be the most practical for me. I would like to have my hands free.

  102. I really like the LOLA – Caramel color. They are all great bags and I see a lot is out of stock.

  103. I can’t decide between the Ginger in Grey or the Clover in Red. Both would be great and have lots of different pockets etc but aren’t too big.

  104. I love the LONDON Backpack – Brown. This would be perfect because my brothers often borrow my camera and I wouldn’t have to change bags when they do.

  105. I would choose Stella Plum. Love the colour and design it is such a great colour. Would love to have a purse in a colour to add a pop of colour to whatever I am wearing when I am out. I tend to stick to safe black or brown, but would love to be brave enough to carry a coloured bag.

  106. I’d pick a black or gray Clover. I want that bag so badly! I totally hate my current camera bag, it’s made by the camera brand. Not only is it ugly but it isn’t all that secure. I have wanted an Epiphanie bag since I got my first DSLR camera and have been saving up since. The Clover would not only for my camera and lenses but also my laptop, which would make it perfect for travel.

  107. So hard to chose, I love just about all of them but I’d be torn between Stella in Slate blue and Ginger in caramel

  108. I would choose the CHARLOTTE – Turquoise
    I love the color, the size is perfect to carry a small tablet and my wallet, that’s all I need.

  109. I would choose the london backpack burnt orange, it’s out of stock right now but hopefully they get it back soon, i love it.

  110. I would love to have the Lola Bag in Caramel. I love the style of this bag and that it is a smaller bag with all of the organization of a larger bag.


  111. I would love the Ginger bag.
    In Caramel is my pick.
    I love it b/c it’s color will go with anything,plus it’s super roomy.

  112. My favorite in stock purse is the SYDNEY style in Turquoise. It is a beautiful colored purse and I love the front pockets. I would use one of the front pockets for my cell phone and the other for my camera.

  113. I love the London Backpack in black. I love the style because it is smart and trendy looking and also convenient. Not too girlish.

  114. I would like the SYDNEY in Turquoise. I like the pockets on the outside for wallet and phone!

  115. I love the Lola! This is a great bag and I could really use the help staying organized.

  116. Well, it would probably be the Stella in Plum because I love all shades of purple, but it is out of stock (as are almost ALL of them) but if I should be so lucky to be picked, I’ll certainly be happy to pick another one!

  117. I love the Stella in Plum (but its out of stock) and the Belle in Teal. They are both super gorgeous! I love the color choices and how big they both are!

  118. I like the BROOKLYN Backpack – Turquoise… I always have a baby on my chest, so a backpack will be much easier to carry than other camera bags…and its super cute!

  119. I would like to have the GINGER – Slate Blue. I like the style and the color is so pretty. I do not have anything that color yet.

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