Weekending Must-Haves #TargetPharmacy

This week I wanted to start with a bang by crossing off some items from my to-do list. We had gone camping the weekend before and were planning on going out again next weekend, so of course there was some things I needed to buy before then.

As a side note, for those that say camping is a frugal task – you are wrong. Outfitting the creek property has actually been more of an expense than we expected – much like outfitting a second home. Ouch – in both money and time spent shopping, organizing and such.

The girls had been asking to go to the mall this week, apparently the tooth fairy and allowance change was burning a hole in their pocket. So, I thought I would multitask, take the kids shopping for for lunch – and also stop at Target to get those must-haves for next weekend. 


After getting getting a spatula, a larger cutting board and some flashlight batteries – we made our way to the Pharmacy and Healthcare department of the store. Target Pharmacy is your local resource for health and wellness essentials to keep your family healthy all season long.

First stop, allergy meds! The pollen from the trees this week has been killing my sinuses slowly and being outdoors this much has been torturous. For my own comfort and sanity, I will be able to have my outdoors and be able to breathe – darn it!

target pharmacy

Speaking of, mosquitos! Poor Miss Sophia has really been puffing up from mosquito bites lately. They aren’t so bad when it’s her arms and legs but she got one on Sunday {on her forehead} that swelled so bad and was very uncomfortable for her. To have for ‘just in case’, allergy liquid for her too. 


Lip balm. Because, well, there’s 4 of us girls. Enough said.


Bandaids and Polysporin = 3 energetic kids means a few cuts and bruises each day. Mommy’s kisses need some Hello Kitty backup.


Done and done! I’d say we are ready to tackle another weekend! I’m sure I missed some items {as I always do}, but luckily our Target is relatively close to home. I really do appreciate one-stop shopping!

 To find your local Target Pharmacy and learn other important information to help you manage your health, visit target.ca/pharmacy


Disclosure: I received a GC to facilitate this post yet as always, opinions are my own.



  1. I love to shop here, they have everything I need and the staff have always been so helpful!

  2. Target Pharmacy looks a great spot to stock up! I threw away a bunch of expired medication when we moved. I need to re-stock my medicine chest. I’ll have to check out a store next time I’m in Ottawa.

  3. I love that Target is a one stop shop. I can get everything I need for the family for a quick day trip or a longer getaway. With small children you can never have enough supplies on hand

  4. Looks like some nice selection. It’s too bad that Target scrapped plans to take over all the Zellers locations in my city.

  5. Band Aids are such a must, aren’t they? Like, kids can’t even have a bump, bruise, or tiny scrape that looks red {it’s blooooooood!!!! – No, it’s just red, lol.} without NEEDING a band aid 🙂

  6. I was skeptical about Target at first but I have scored some amazing deals there recently!

  7. Camping can be expensive! Especially, when you want to be prepared and it seems everything you need to gather needs to be purchased. I will be refilling my first aid kit, including Benadryl ($20?), additional bug spray and hopefully something with a safe version of deet, after bite care, sunscreen, wipes and it goes on! I should be stopping by Target which is not too faraway!

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